Is There A Cash App For Kids?

Can I open a Cash App personal account if I am a minor? Better yet, is there a Cash App for kids?

In terms of popularity when it comes to mobile peer-to-peer payment service systems, Cash App is up there with the likes of Venmo and Trasferwise. Despite being relatively new in the industry, Cash App has managed to attract a number of would-be users who’ve actually gone and created Cash App accounts.


One of the reasons why this is so is the ease at which one can send, receive, and request money online. That said, there is a group of would-be Cash App users who are curious about whether or not they can be able to open Cash App accounts.

Who are they, you ask? Well, minors or simply put kids thus the reason behind this particular post, are there Cash App for kids?

Why Would Kids Need Cash App Account?

Before even answering whether or not there is Cash App for kids, it’s good to look into why kids would need a Cash App account in the first place. Cash App as already mentioned makes just about any transaction online that involves the movement of money from one party to another easy, hassle-free, and convenient.


If you are a parent with a kid in school who’s in need of money to either buy something for school or go shopping, chances are you would like to send them money using a method that is not only convenient but also very fast and this is exactly what Cash App offers.

For this to happen however you and your kid(s) need to have valid working Cash App accounts. It is with this that many wonder whether or not there are Cash App accounts for kids.

Is There A Cash App For Kids?

Now to the reason why you actually clicked on this particular post, are there Cash App for kids? Well no. Cash App currently does not offer its services to kids. In fact, you cannot be able to have a working Cash App if you are not above 18 years.


While just about anyone residing in the US or the UK can create a Cash App account you’ll need to prove that you are over 18 in order for you to use it. What this basically means is that you cannot send, use, or even withdraw money in your Cash App account if you are under 18 years.

So let’s say you created a Cash App account despite not being over 18 years and you’ve received money on your account. You will not be able to remove that money from the said account till you prove you are above 18 years something you cannot do. In other words, you’ll not be able to use, withdraw, or send that money to anyone till you can prove that you are older than 18.

What You Can Do

While there are no Cash App accounts for kids, it is worth noting that there is a solution for parents who wanted to create a Cash App account for their kids with the purpose of sending them money.

Simply create a Cash App account, verify it, and request for a Cash App Credit Card. Once you do this, you can hand over the Cash App Credit Card to your card together with the security PIN and they’ll be able to use money that you load up in the account. In other words, you’ll basically create a Cash App account on behalf of your kid.


It is clear by now that there is no Cash App for kids, while this is so, some still try creating Cash App accounts despite not being over 18 years and as such end with an account that doesn’t operate.

If it’s a must you use Cash App for reasons you know best and you happen to be below 18 years old, consider having an adult share with you their Cash App account, and if they don’t have one they can create one on your behalf?