Kindara App: How to Calculate the Ovulation Period

I've always struggled with irregular periods and pre-menstrual syndrome. Fortunately, the Kindara app has helped me monitor and manage my period so I can now understand when troublesome symptoms of my menstrual cycle may be on the way.

The Kindara app also provides a fertility and ovulation tracker app where I can understand my body, monitor my menstrual cycle, and manage my overall health. The app has everything I need to help me utilize the science behind female reproductive health.


If you're wondering what the Kindara app is all about, what it does, how it works, where you can download it, and more, check out my guide below.

  • Track Your Ovulation Window with the Help of Kindara
  • Record Your Fertility Signs
  • Sync Your Data with Apple Health and to Your Doctor
  • Connect with Other Women in the Community
  • Why the Kindara App Is Helpful for Pregnancy
Kindara App: How to Calculate the Ovulation Period
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Track Your Ovulation Window with the Help of Kindara

The Kindara app is a mobile application where I can track my menstrual cycle and understand my body through the different data that is presented to me.

Kindara App: How to Calculate the Ovulation Period
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It also helps me learn how calculate the ovulation period in case I want to get pregnant or avoid pregnancy. There are a lot of benefits to using the app but I'll be discussing them in detail below.


For now, Kindara lets me understand my reproductive health further by letting me know more about how my body works through comprehensive charts and detailed but straightforward information about my period.

Kindara is easy to use and lets me track my ovulation period, fertility, and more. It even makes it easy to present the data to my healthcare provider thus allowing me to make informed decisions that help me take care of my body.

Where and How You Can Download the App

You're probably excited to learn more about what the app is all about. Before that, I'm going to teach you how you can download the app for free. The Kindara app is available to download at the Google Play Store for Android devices.


Search for the name of the app on these platforms and tap “Install” or “Get” to begin downloading the app to your smartphone device. Wait until the app is fully installed before you tap “Open” to launch it.

The app will then ask for your credentials so go ahead and provide them with the information. You can then start tracking and monitoring your period every day now that you have the app on your phone.

Record Your Fertility Signs

Kindara offers a lot of features to its users but if there is one main feature that makes the app, it's being able to record all of the different signs and symptoms that I feel all year round.

Kindara App: How to Calculate the Ovulation Period
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I can easily record my fertility signs which include the onset of my period, the cramps that I feel, my body temperature, any test results that I have, and even the days when I had sexual intercourse.

There are no limits to what I can record on the app which gives me an idea of what my lifestyle is. I can then show it all to my healthcare provider and they can provide me with the necessary recommendations for my reproductive health.

Track All the Important Signs and Symptoms

Women's reproductive health differs from one individual to another. Many women suffer from irregular periods while others often have painful PMS symptoms. When it comes to overall reproductive health, it is always best to track all of the important signs and symptoms that I experience.

They can either be the usual painful cramps to a sudden increase in temperature during my period or the bloating that I feel. Whatever it is, it is best that I keep a record of it so I know what's important and what's unique to my own menstrual cycle.

There are also custom fields on the app where I can write down any other notes or necessary information that I consider relevant aside from the prompts provided in the app.

Sync Your Data with Apple Health and to Your Doctor

What's great about using the Kindara app apart from enabling me to take notes of all my experiences during my period is that I also get to share it with my doctor.

Kindara App: How to Calculate the Ovulation Period
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There is an option for iOS users out there to sync my data with Apple Health. This allows me to share the data with my doctors who can provide me with more recommendations on what to do.

This is helpful especially if you have some underlying issues with your reproductive health as a woman. As someone who experiences a lot of issues during my period, I always take down notes of all the things that have happened so I can relay them to my doctor and provide an accurate assessment of my experience.

For women who want to get pregnant, having these extensive insights into their menstrual cycle allows their doctor to be better informed about the status of their fertility and chances of getting pregnant.

Receive Data-Accurate Predictions from the App

Kindara is one of the greatest apps that helps me track my period. It allows me to input a lot of information and data about my cycle and symptoms.

The app then processes this data and provides data-driven predictions that will help me decide what to do next. The data shown on the app lets me be better prepared for upcoming PMS symptoms or fertility windows.

The app only uses the data or information that I have put within the app and does not follow any population averages so you'll know it is based on your experience only and not on other women.

Connect with Other Women in the Community

Undergoing our monthly cycles can be stressful and the symptoms that go along with a menstrual cycle can be very challenging for women.

Kindara App: How to Calculate the Ovulation Period
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Fortunately, Kindara offers a way for us women to connect with each other through a community within the app. I can check out various stories from women all over the world and how they can handle the stress that comes with the experience.

Users can also share their stories and even provide some health tips on how to handle having a period even better and in a much healthier way.

This community can be a very valuable place for women to come together and share their experiences with others and not feel alone in their struggles.

Share Your Chart with Your Partner

For those who want to involve their partners in this journey, Kindara now has the option to share the data you've put into the app with your partner. This allows you as a couple to move forward with your decision to either get pregnant or hold off on becoming parents.

Your partner can keep track of your ovulation period so you don't have to do it alone. All of the information that you add to the app can be shared so both of you are aware of the timeline of your fertility cycle. This helps bring couples even closer when planning your family together.

For couples who do not wish to get pregnant, cycle tracking and understanding when PMS symptoms may arise can be very helpful to both partners in avoiding pregnancy and understanding each other.

Why the Kindara App Is Helpful for Pregnancy

Today, pregnancy and starting a family is a choice women make. Many women want to get pregnant while others want to enjoy life without having kids.

Kindara App: How to Calculate the Ovulation Period
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For women who do not want to have children, it is just as important to keep track of your cycle and ovulation so that you can avoid pregnancy.

On the other side, being able to track ovulation and fertility windows is important for those who want to get pregnant. Women can use the Kindara app to be able to time your hopes of conception.

When you have an idea of when your ovulation window starts, you have a better idea of when you have a higher chance of getting pregnant. Couples who want to use this method are far more likely to get pregnant.

Benefits of Using Kindara

There are a lot of advantages to using Kindara. One of which is that it is very inexpensive to use. The app does not require any sort of payment to use most of its features.

It is safe to use and does not require a lot of attention. It is also simple to use and there is no complicated interfaces to deal with.


Reproductive health is a very important aspect of our lives. When you want to take control of your body, you want to have the Kindara app to help you.

With its data-driven recommendations, uplifting stories from the community, easy-to-access interface, and comprehensive data, you can easily understand what's going on in your body.