Long Tail Pro Review: Can You Become SUCCESSFUL With This Tool?

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The internet over the past few years has turned into a massive hub for the exchange of communication and information over multiple channels. Almost anything can be searched for on the internet and it’ll show results and answers for it all. This proves to be extremely convenient for many people as they can be informed about things that they otherwise wouldn’t have been. Did you know?


"93% of online experiences begin with a search engine."

Shopping for new things becomes much easier once you have tons of reviews on those products by experts and customers. However, these articles are written and distributed in various ways to make sure they reach the audience in an effective way.

You see, the reviews we read, and anything informative on the internet, be it news or just casual content, is written by people who’ve been hired by companies.

These content writers need to spend hours on making sure the articles are optimized to drive maximum traffic to their websites, so they can get a decent paycheck for themselves. These blog-writers usually make use of an application or software for what’s known as Search Engine Optimization, and one such app that helps is Long Tail Pro.


Introduction: LongTailPro

Before talking about what LongTailPro is and how it helps writers to generate more traffic towards their websites and blogs, it’s important to understand what Search Engine Optimization or SEO means, and how it affects traffic over the internet.

Search Engine Optimization & Keyword Research

SEO sounds pretty self-explanatory and it is. This term basically means how you can optimize your websites and blogs well enough so that you can increase the quantity and the quality of users that end up on them. If you manage to do a good job on SEO for your blogs, then they are likely to be shown much higher on search engines like Google and will result in more traffic for you.

The main way all this is done by planning the right keywords to use in your articles and blogs. But, how can you do that?


This is done by keyword research.

long tail pro keyword research

Keyword researching basically means finding out the statistics behind what words are people searching for and are spending the most money on, and by using these figures you can make most of your articles by using those specific keywords as well.

These research tools can help you generate a lot more money and traffic compared to if you just post your content without putting in any work. LongTailPro helps you in exactly that, with its highly effective and efficient features.

Long Tail Pro: Features Review

LTP is not just legit but it’s easily one of the best keyword research tools on the market, period. The software has helped hundreds of its customers that use the platform to generate thousands of dollars over specific periods of time.

People have reported a 70% increase in traffic after implementing LTP in their research before writing an article. However, the software isn’t just a keyword tool, and it packs a lot more features so you can make the most out of your research.long tail pro review

Keeps Your Work Organized

One factor that sets LongTailPro apart from its competition is the ease of use it provides and how clean the overall user interface is. You don’t need to be an expert in the field of SEO to be able to operate LTP properly, due to the well-designed interface that makes it easy for anyone to guide their own way around the application.

Moreover, if you want to add a more professional approach to your work, then you can have all your important keywords exported to Microsoft Excel, where your work will be in a proper laid out format. You can even use the application to import keywords from other sources as well.

Powerful Key Word Finder

This is easily one of the highlights of this application. LTP allows its users to find all the right words for their articles thanks to its powerful and efficient tools. You won’t have to worry about how to find long-tail keywords that also have a high Cost-Per-Click (CPC) ratio, because using the built-on long tail keyword finder, you can easily do that. Just enter a few keywords into the finder so your article’s topic becomes evident, and then let it do its job.

It’ll help you find those long-tail keywords that are going to make you tons of money over AdSense revenue.

long tail pro keyword research

Ranks Your Keywords

Apart from telling you what keywords you should use to maximize the result of your content, Long Tail Pro also helps by ranking your own keywords against others to let you know how effective your article is going to be.

It scans all major search engines to evaluate how well your keywords are doing in the topic you’ve mentioned and will let you know about how much revenue you will be able to generate from them if any at all.

long tail pro keyword research

It will also tell you how much competition you’re going to have to face regarding certain keywords, so you can target the ones which are less congested.

long tail pro review
Long Tail Pro Review Article

Long Tail Pro: Click to see the product.


LongTailPro charges users a hefty fee at $47 a month, which at first glance seems a lot. However, considering the fact that the tool, if used rightly, has the ability to bring your blog hundreds of dollars over time, it seems like a steal.

You also have the option to try the first 10 days of the application at just $1 to get a feel for it. But we do suggest buying the full version, so you can make use of all of its nifty features to improve your website’s following and revenue generation.


The bottom line, if you own a blog or are a freelance content writer, then owning Long Tail Pro is highly recommended for you, considering the features it packs in itself. If you’re a starter then $47 a month may sound a lot to you, but maybe it’s the stepping stone you needed to take you to the next level!

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