MediBang App - Learn How to Download

As a graphics designer who also has some side projects drawing comic book art, I always make it a point to have the best software. One of the criteria that I require, aside from a complete set of tools, is the ability to carry my work with me everywhere I go. 

This is where the MediBang app excels the most in my opinion. MediBang is a lightweight digital painting and art app that lets me draw different art forms and create designs. The app offers a lot of features which I will be talking about below.


Learn more about the MediBang app and how awesome it is. In addition, learn how to download the app, details about the app's main features, and more with my guide down below.

  • Unlock Your Creativity with the MediBang App
  • How to Use the MediBang App
  • Get Access to Tons of Different Resources
  • Editing Your Work Becomes Easy
  • Work Together with Other Artists and the Rest of the World
MediBang App - Learn How to Download
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Unlock Your Creativity with the MediBang App

The MediBang app is the complete package when it comes to providing all the features needed for graphic artists and designers who are always on the go. 

With different features suited for artists, this is the only app that matters. The app also uses a cloud storage feature so I can switch between different devices while working without any interruptions in between. 


There are still so many creative tools waiting to be unlocked within the app and I'm going to tell you more about them. For now, the MediBang app is an app where you can paint, create comics, and design artwork anywhere with your smartphone.

How to Download the App

MediBang is available on different platforms to download such as Windows, Mac OS X, Android, and iOS. For those who want to download the app on their mobile devices, it is available from the Google Play Store for Android users and the Apple App Store for iOS users. 

It's very easy to download the app and you can do it just by tapping Install or Download and waiting until the app is fully installed. Don't forget to tap Open to launch the app once it is done installing. 


Make sure to only download the app on these platforms to ensure the security and safety of your account.

How to Use the MediBang App

Once I've installed the app, I can just launch and start using the app. What I first noticed with MediBang is that there are no ads that plague many other free mobile apps. 

MediBang App - Learn How to Download
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This is what I liked about the app when I first tried it. The app does require me to register and log in to an account and after that, I'm greeted with a set of options and tools for me to work on. 

The interface is very simple and clear for me to use so I can immediately get to work once I log in. There are a lot of tools to work with which is very nice. While many might think that screen space could be a problem, I find working on my mobile phone with the app to be quite pleasant. 

There are shortcuts to specific tools so it doesn't clutter the entire screen. Working with the MediBang app is that easy.

The Perfect Tools for the Right Job

Speaking of tools, there are a lot of tools available to use with the MediBang app. The amount of available tools is quite impressive for an app that I even think rivals many other desktop applications that I've used before. 

There are painting tools with a wide selection of options such as Airbrush, Pencil, Turnip Pen, Drawing Pen, Acrylic, and more. Then, there are also options such as Force Fade In and Out which makes your lines sharper. 

Users also get free access to different palettes so you'll always have the right color for the right situation. There are also layers that I can easily add and manipulate within the app giving me more control of the art that I want to make.

Get Access to Tons of Different Resources

The problem with using mobile apps for art is always going to be the availability of resources. When it comes to resources, I rather have a lot of them. I was totally surprised when the MediBang app has tons of resources available. 

MediBang App - Learn How to Download
Image Source: Malavida

Users can get access to over 850 tones and textures. This alone makes the output even sharper and high-quality. Background templates are also available for use which includes city scenes, vehicles, and many more. 

You can choose from a wide variety of templates that will suit the art that you want to produce. These backgrounds can be dragged and dropped or rotated and scaled depending on what you like. 

I also want to remind you that with this much access to different tools and resources, one would think that there is a caveat. However, everything that I just mentioned comes for free.

Create Your Comic Book Fast and Easy

For comic book artists, this is also one of those apps that I highly suggest that you download and use. The MediBang app has all the different fonts that can be used for different scenarios on each of your comic book panels. The number of choices that you have will allow you to use every font for every situation. 

Get the right font for the right scenes and never worry about the lack of choices anymore. This makes working on your comic book fast and easy. Creating comic book panels is also very tedious if you do it manually. 

Fortunately, MediBang has a feature that lets you create comic panels with ease. You can also divide the panels into smaller ones for each scene in your comic. You'll never look back on your old app once you've tried MediBang.

Editing Your Work Becomes Easy

For many comic book and graphic artists, editing our work is one of the most difficult parts of the job. 

MediBang App - Learn How to Download
Image Source: APKFab

There are a lot of instances when specific modifications need layers. MediBang offers different layers which allow us to draw different things in each layer, thus modifying or improving the results. 

Whether I'm trying to draw a different hairstyle or a different outfit for the character, having the MediBang app allows me to edit my work easily.

Add Dialogue to Your Work

We all know how working on comic books can be very daunting and painstakingly difficult to do. I've always wanted to have an application that allows me to work without having to deal with difficulties such as typing in the text for each conversation. 

This is why the MediBang app has a speech-to-text feature that allows me to add dialogue to my characters in the comics without having to type them. 

Of course, I can still type the conversations with my keyboard, but why do so if I can do it through this feature?

Work Together with Other Artists and the Rest of the World

If you're into collaborating with many other artists for your project, the MediBang app also has a feature that allows you to share your files with the rest of the team. 

MediBang App - Learn How to Download
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This is a very convenient feature that makes working on a project with several other people easier. Now, you can work on projects much faster and deliver all of your output on time. 

Speaking of sharing your art with the rest of the team, I've also discovered that the MediBang app allows me to share my comics with the rest of the world. 

With just one tap of a button, I can share my work on my social media pages for the world to see.

Learn More About MediBang Premium

The basic features of the MediBang app are already enough for any graphic artist and comic book creator to work with. For those who want to unlock even more features, there is the MediBang Premium subscription which gives you all the materials that you need. 

The best part about it is that the premium subscription is free to use for the first 60 days. With the subscription, users can have unlimited use of 200 more brushes and many other tools within the app. 

Features such as filter function, folder function, and custom expert function are available through the premium subscription. I can also add an unlimited number of members to my team to work on the project as well as have more cloud storage capacity.


The MediBang app is an excellent creative app that provides me with all the tools that I need to create the best output that I can. With all the tools, it's not that hard to work on my projects knowing that many of them are already available within the app. 

Those who want to try the premium subscription will have more features available but the basic features are already enough.