Musixmatch - How To Download

I find joy in creating playlists for different occasions, emotions, or moods since I have been exposed to different genres of music across decades. Through time, my playlists expand as I discover more songs on various online music streaming platforms. 

Alongside exploring new songs from different artists, genres, and countries of origin, I love learning the lyrics of these songs, especially non-English ones. I have the perfect mobile app companion for this pastime - it is the Musixmatch app. 


Musixmatch offers lyrics to the songs regardless of language, and in some cases, it provides translations, which I love because I can understand the songs entirely. There are more exciting features that Musixmatch offers, so check them out below.

  • Lyrics-Providing App
  • Music Streaming Apps On Musixmatch
  • Features To Love About The Musixmatch Premium
  • More Features To Enjoy On Musixmatch
Musixmatch - How To Download
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Lyrics-Providing App

Listening to music entails getting swayed by the beauty of the melody, instruments, or beat and understanding the message of the songs. I focus on the lyrics because that is the time when I can understand what the artist wishes to convey to their listeners.

Musixmatch - How To Download
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More often than not, these lyrics have fascinating stories that need to be heard and comprehend with clarity and depth. Before I claim that I love a particular song, I must learn about the stories behind them. This led me to explore different mobile apps to help me know the lyrics and provide translations if necessary.


I discovered Musixmatch through my friend’s recommendation, and I immediately fell in love with the app. Even though Musixmatch was in its early versions when I learned about it, the app has the things I look for in a music-related app. Musixmatch is considered a lyrics app as it primarily provides lyrics to the users.

In June 2011, the company with the same name released Musixmatch with the vision of helping music lovers enjoy listening to music with the addition of learning the lyrics. People immediately noticed the app, which led to several recognitions for Musixmatch, including the Best App selection on the Google Play Store for two years and the Android Excellence Apps Award in 2018.

Musixmatch App

Musixmatch dubbed itself as the world’s most extensive song lyrics collection used by over 50 million people globally. The app provides the lyrics as the music plays from the phone to enjoy listening to music while singing along. I love how Musixmatch improved through time by making it connectable to other apps.


Moreover, the app now offers a feature wherein I can play music from other external apps, and the lyrics will still be provided. With this development, more people have been attracted to the app with this development, which led them to get Musixmatch on either Google Play Store or iOS App Store.

People may find the app by searching for Musixmatch - Lyrics Finder. Users may either sign in if they have an existing account using their linked Facebook or Google account, but they need to register if they don't have an account. The app required me to sign up using my email address and create a profile by proving my name and password.

Music Streaming Apps On Musixmatch

Since Musixmatch is considered a lyrics app, it asked me to grant permission to access different music-related apps. Musixmatch aims to know the music I am listening to so that they can show the lyrics. However, the app ensures that my privacy will be protected if I allow access.

Musixmatch - How To Download
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Besides access to the music apps, Musixmatch will ask to enable sending notifications, but it will read other notifications posted by the system or other apps. Once settled, I will be asked to connect my accounts of different online music platforms like Youtube Music, Spotify, iTunes, etc. 

This is the update that I loved the most because I can sync listening to music from other apps while reading the lyrics from Musixmatch. I can recall that in the earlier version of Musixmatch, I can only play music through the app to provide the lyrics. Thus, it required me to save music on my phone’s storage. 

Although I can connect the other apps now, it still requires a little of my time because I need to sign in through Musixmatch in every other app I wish to link. Also, Musixmatch will ask again if I would agree to view my account data, activity, and action on the other music apps. 

Lyrics On The Musixmatch

Once the external music app was successfully linked, Musixmatch now lets the users enjoy its main feature - providing lyrics. One thing remarkable about the app is that the interface adapts the linked external app’s user interface. So, it will feel like I am playing a song from Spotify, for example.

The song will be played with the lyrics and other information about the music. Musixmatch provides the parts of the song like what is the verse, chorus, intro, hook, etc. The lyrics are synced with the song, which feels like karaoke because it shows the current lyrics with a color and a preview of the following line.

Moreover, I can change the display of lyrics as another feature of Musixmatch. I can choose whether I want the lyrics to be flashed word by word or not. The font size can also be changed depending on my preference. 

Features To Love About The Musixmatch Premium

Even though Musixmatch follows the freemium model, it has provided a premium subscription plan for the users for a better experience. I have to pay $5 per year to get the subscription, which is pretty fair given that I can enjoy numerous perks. I would also suggest checking the app’s official website because they offer subscription sales from time to time.

Musixmatch - How To Download
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In the premium subscription, I can have access to unlimited lyrics translations available in over 60 languages. Since I love songs from different countries, I find this very helpful to enjoy the songs regardless of language. Moreover, the translations will also be synced with the lyrics.

In this case, I can sing along to any song word for word with the translations at the side. It helped me understand the song better because I can know the meaning behind each part of the song. For example, I will see why the bridge emphasizes a specific word, and the translation will do its magic.

The word-for-word feature also entails changing the speed of the lyrics and music in certain parts of the song. This works best when I cannot fully understand the pronunciation of the artist on a specific part of the song. I can easily adjust it to make it slow down for my convenience. 

A Better Listening Experience Through The App

One of the most irritating parts of using the free version of Musixmatch is the intrusive ads. It affects my listening experience as I have to wait for them to be finished before starting a song, or worse, the music will be paused. The momentum of enjoying the music will be interrupted.

Fortunately, the premium subscription on Musixmatch removes these ads. So, I can enjoy listening to music without any interruption. Moreover, the app will provide the Boost Speed feature wherein I can have a dedicated and faster service to load lyrics instantly.

There will be times that my music library will be cluttered with the number of songs I listened to or the lyrics I read. The Musixmatch app solves my problem as it offers a single-tap feature to declutter my files. 

More Features To Enjoy On Musixmatch 

If the features mentioned above do not convince you to pay for the subscription, do not worry because Musixmatch has more to offer. The app wants us to have the best experience listening to music and reading the lyrics.

Musixmatch - How To Download
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Even though the font size modification feature is available on the free version, I can further enhance the lyrics display. The app will unlock the animated backgrounds feature so that I can enjoy reading the lyrics. These movements of the backgrounds are usually in sync with the music’s speed.

The app requires an internet connection to be able to provide lyrics to the users. I do not need to worry about it with the premium subscription because I can save the lyrics offline. So, I can have access to the songs and their lyrics anytime and anywhere.

Moreover, the app records all the songs I played, which helps me have an extensive library saved on my phone. The disadvantage of this one is filling my phone’s storage, especially when I listen to thousands of songs in a week or month. 

Accessing The Favorite Lyrics Through These Features

There are two more features that Musixmatch offers that let me enjoy the experience. The first one is the Floating Lyrics widget, wherein I can read the lyrics of the songs being played even if I am on my home screen or not in the Musixmatch app. 

I like how the app can help me find the song stuck in my head even if I remember a line from the song. The search feature will scan all the lyrics of the songs that best fit my query. I do not have to use a search engine, and the app can immediately play the song for me.

There is also a smart seek feature wherein I can find my favorite lyrics by quickly skipping through a song. I can do this using the provided progress bar. 


I like the Musixmatch app as it provides lyrics to the songs that I like and the translations. Moreover, I can personalize the lyrics display by changing the font size and animating the background

The app offers exciting features so that users can sing along with their favorite music.