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Are you thinking of making money online through Twitter and Facebook? Although it has become quite common these days, not everyone knows the right tips and tricks. If you are looking for a reliable source to get to know the proper steps to your destination, then you can consider checking the by Annie Jones.

About The Program

Annie Jones started the program to help people overcome their financial issues without needing a degree or experience. She is a single mother who has been through critical financial situations and wants to help others in similar conditions.


The lady knows exactly how hard it is for some people, especially single parents like her, to look after their families and work together. And that is what sets the core of this program.

With this training program, Annie wants to show people a way to earn from home while taking care of their families.

Annie herself has worked as a social media manager for twelve months before starting this program. During those twelve months, she learned many tips and tricks, which a social media worker uses to make money with Twitter and Facebook accounts, and she has included them all in her training program.

According to the lady, her work included logging on to different social media websites like Facebook and Twitter, replying to some comments, and uploading posts. Anyone who has even a little idea about these social media sites must know that these tasks include just a few clicks. So, is it that easy to make money with Twitter and Facebook? Let’s find out by looking at the module and the content outline of the program.



This training program is divided into four modules. Each module provides an in-depth knowledge of social media and is designed to help you boost your confidence. Here is what each module includes:

Module One:

  • Why should you become a social media manager?
  • The roles and responsibilities of a social media manager

Module Two:

  • Importance of social media in the business industry today
  • Why do you need to have a blog or website

Module Three:

  • The type of business that requires a social media manager
  • Examples of companies that make the most out of their social media

Module Four:

  • What are Facebook marketing strategies
  • Tools used for Facebook marketing
  • Scheduling Facebook statuses
  • Ways to increase Facebook likes
  • Marketing strategies for Twitter and some other social media platforms

In this module, Annie also provides an e-book named Unstoppable FB traffic for free, which discusses practical Facebook marketing strategies.

How To Get Started?

Once you are done with the training program, what’s next? How to get a job? Many companies require people to manage their social media.

Since it is considered to be an easy task, which can be done from home, these companies prefer to hire freelancers who can work from home and charge fairly little amounts.

As mentioned, Annie will show you hundreds of social media jobs that you’d be able to start right away after her training program. She also provides some ways to have business give you their products for testing as a part of your social media job, that too at $0. Pros

  • Money-Back Guarantee - Annie gives you the option to get all your money back if you are not satisfied with her training program. There is no time limit to this policy. You can even get a refund after completing the entire course.
  • Detailed Guidelines - Annie provides her students with practical guidelines to get ahead of their competitors. Her training program helps people turn their short-term projects into long-term business associations.
  • Reliable and Easy - There are many other similar training programs, but they may or may not be effective. Annie offers a practical, reliable, and easy-to-follow training program.
  • Job List - The people who sign up for this course get a free list of available jobs that they can start right away. This relieves you from the worry of searching for a job after the period. Cons

  • Tough Competition - Although Annie offers straightforward ways to get ahead of the competition, they are not as lucrative and effective. These days, the competition in the field is super tough, and this training program does not meet the needs. It requires tons of hard work, especially for newbies.
  • Why Even Set a Cost? - Many of the training’s content is available free on many other internet sites these days and is no more a hidden secret. So why would you want to spend any money on something you can for free?
  • Earning: Is It Even True? - According to Annie Jones, you can easily make up to $700 after her training program. In reality, social media jobs salary depends upon the candidates’ skills and experience. There are a large number of social media managers with incomparable knowledge and skills. Why would any company want to hire an inexperienced candidate when it can have a better candidate?
  • Outdated Training Course - Social media platforms are being updated every other day. They bring in new features and tools along with new algorithms and policies, which this course fails to address. It makes the course a little outdated.
  • Limited Social Media Platforms Discussed In The Training Program - Although Facebook is an essential social media platform for businesses, other essential sites, such as Twitter and Instagram. Sadly, this program does not offer much detail about Twitter, and Instagram has been entirely left out.

It is a bonus to make money with Twitter and Facebook, but it is not a cup of tea for everyone. Social media work requires a lot of effort, dedication, and skills, which you’ll hardly find in this training program. This course is elementary and a little outdated too, which might be suitable for beginners only.

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