Can You Use PayPal in Argentina? (5 Alternatives + Details)

For a number of PayPal users in the US, being able to use their PayPal account in the country they chose to visit or travel to is very important and thus the interest in whether or not PayPal works in different countries worldwide. PayPal account holders in the US who use PayPal on a regular basis and are planning to visit Argentina are always not sure on whether or not they can use their PayPal account to the fullest while there and for good reason.

PayPal in Argentina


PayPal on a number of occasions has banned certain PayPal services or features in Argentina. For example, back in 2012, PayPal banned PayPal users in Argentina from sending money to friends or family members with PayPal accounts. With this in mind PayPal users planning on traveling there wonder if the ban is still in place and whether it'll affect them thus the question; can you use PayPal in Argentina. 

Yes. Despite a number of bans or restrictions in Argentina when it comes to how users can use PayPal, users traveling to Australia with valid PayPal accounts can send or receive money using their accounts. They can as well shop and make payments using money in their PayPal account.

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What Is PayPal And How Is It Used?

What Is PayPal And How Is It Used

Going by information shared by PayPal on their official site, PayPal is an online payment system that makes it possible for users to send and receive money online. The transfer of money can either be between friends, family members, or even loved ones.

A plus with PayPal especially when compared to a number of peer-to-peer payment apps in the US is that it allows for international transfers. This simply means that users can send money to another PayPal account holder in a different country.


PayPal also allows for easy payments to merchants worldwide when shopping online. And with many physical stores embracing PayPal worldwide as a means of payment, users can shop for what they want at a number of stores offline and make payments using their PayPal account.

How Does PayPal Work In Argentina?

How Does PayPal Work In Argentina

PayPal as already pointed out is a payment system that allows users to make payments to businesses or stores both online and offline. PayPal works in the same said lines in Argentina. PayPal users who are travelling to Argentina can use their PayPal accounts to make payments when shopping for goods or services at a number of stores both online stores and physical stores provided that they accept payment through PayPal.

Users can as well use their PayPal account to send or receive money. PayPal's plus as already pointed out is the fact that it is international and as such PayPal users using their PayPal accounts in Argentina can accept money from someone sending it to them from outside Argentina or from within given that they are not residents (Latin Americans). Even better, users can as well send money to other PayPal users in Argentina and those based or located out of Argentina.

Where Can I Use PayPal In Argentina?

Where Can I Use PayPal In Argentina

PayPal users who are in Argentina have a variety of places where they can use their PayPal accounts to make payments. For starters, there are a number of hotels and restaurants in Argentina that accept payments through PayPal. And it’s not just hotels and restaurants, PayPal users can use their accounts when shopping at various stores in Australia regardless of what they are shopping for.

Stores in Australia that accept payment through PayPal include;

  • Deal extreme (For Lovers of all things electronics)
  • MiniInTheBox
  • com
  • JomaShop (For Lovers of All Things Fashion)
  • Forever 21
  • Carters
  • Steam (For Lovers of All Things Gaming)
  • com
  • StubHub

If a PayPal user wants to feel more at home while shopping in Argentina, they can choose to go for international based brands or online stores such as Asos, Wish, and eBay. Worth noting, when shopping at these international online stores, the item purchased will be delivered to an address you’ve specified in Argentina.

Is PayPal Free In Argentina?

Is PayPal Free In Argentina

Well, PayPal is sought off free. If a user uses PayPal to send and receive money, be it to or from a friend or family member or even a loved one using the balance on their PayPal account or bank account then the transactions are completely free. This is also the case when using PayPal to make payments for purchases of goods and services.

If a PayPal user receives money as payment for goods or services they offer, let's say from their online site, there is a transaction fee that PayPal charges. And this is more so the case when payment is made using a credit or debit card for the said payment. PayPal also charges a small fee when users use their platform to send money outside Argentina as payment.

While these are the common PayPal fees you are likely to incur when using their services, we suggest login-in to your PayPal account and click on fees to learn more and get a more precise answer(s).

How Do I Get A PayPal Account In Argentina?

How Do I Get A PayPal Account In Argentina

If you are travelling to Argentina and wondering whether you can sign up for an account there you’ll be happy to note that it is possible. Worth noting, however, is that PayPal will treat your account as a Latin America-based account and this comes with limitations as such, we suggest highly creating an account in the US before making the trip.

To create a PayPal account in Argentina imply visit;

  • Visit
  • Select “Sign Up”
  • Select Create “PayPal Account” & Fill In The Form As Prompted
  • Confirm Email Address Associated With The PayPal Account Created
  • Get Verified By Linking Your Debit or Credit Card With The PayPal Account Created

What Are PayPal Alternatives In Argentina?

PayPal Alternatives

While in Argentina you might want to make use of an alternative mobile transfer platform given certain PayPal restrictions. If this is the case, it’s best to go with a PayPal alternative that’s local-based. Luckily, there are a number of PayPal local alternatives. Here are some of the best the country has to offer;

1. Pago Fácil (Easy Payment)

In addition to making it possible for users to receive and manage their collections online, Pago Fácil or Easy Payment is an online payment platform that makes it possible for users in Argentina to send and receive money online. It boasts a very easy to use interface and a reliable customer support team.

2. Rapipago

This is an Argentine prepaid payment platform that makes it possible for users to make payments after making online purchases. With Rapipago, the payment process involves a voucher being generated that’s paid offline at one of Rapipago’s 6,000 plus outlets.

3. Transferwise

A popular choice for those in Argentina and looking to send money out of the country but don’t want to be charged high transaction fees. Transferwise boasts very low transaction fees making it a go-to choice for anyone thinking of sending money out of Argentina.  

4. MercadoPago

This is an online payment platform in Argentina that makes it possible for users to send and receive online payments with ease. A plus with this particular platform is that it supports a variety of payment methods.

5. Stripe

This is an ideal PayPal alternative in just about every country worldwide. It offers all the services PayPal offers with a little more including lower fees on a number of transactions.

Conclusion For "PayPal in Argentina"

While it is possible to use PayPal in Argentina, there are some limitations that affect just how much Argentines can do with PayPal thus limiting your usage. This however doesn’t mean that you cannot use it to do the normal things like making payments using your PayPal account or even sending and receiving money.

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