Can You Use PayPal in Venezuela? (5 Best Alternatives)

PayPal is without a doubt one of the world’s most popular online money transfer platforms. In fact, it boasts a very high number of active users in just about every country worldwide. While there are several reasons for this, one might argue that many are attracted to PayPal since it makes accessing money as well as using it whether online or offline very easy.

With PayPal, users can easily send and receive money digitally as long as they have a steady internet connection. Furthermore, users can shop online and make payments with a simple click of a button.


PayPal in Venezuela

Unfortunately, PayPal despite being international is not fully available in all countries worldwide due to certain laws or even bans for that matter. In some countries like Argentina, PayPal does work but it's limited. With this in mind, many who are thinking about traveling outside the US and love using PayPal to make all sought of payments always ask if it is possible to use PayPal where I am going.

This particular post will seek to answer those traveling to Venezuela and are wondering whether they can use PayPal.


Yes, US residents with valid PayPal accounts can use them to make purchases or send and receive money while in Venezuela.

Is PayPal Available In Venezuela?

Is PayPal Available In Venezuela

PayPal is an online payment platform that makes it possible for users to send and receive money online regardless of where they are. While this is what PayPal is mainly known for, PayPal can also be used to make payments to different merchants when shopping online or at many physical stores worldwide.


Given that PayPal is international, those with PayPal accounts can send or receive money worldwide. One of the countries where users can send or receive money is Venezuela. Simply put, PayPal is available in Venezuela. With this in mind, those traveling to Venezuela and who want to use their PayPal account(s) to send or receive money can do so while there.  

Can I Purchase Goods & Pay Using PayPal In Venezuela?

Can I Purchase Goods & Pay Using PayPal In Venezuela

One of the many benefits of having a PayPal account is being able to purchase goods or services without necessarily having to carry or use physical money. If traveling to another country, let’s say Venezuela, being able to make a purchase using the balance in a PayPal account is very convenient as it eliminates some hassles such as changing or converting cash into Venezuelan currency.

In case it wasn’t clear by now, yes, PayPal account holders who want to shop or make purchases while in Venezuela can do so with the balance in their PayPal account. In fact, they can do more than the shop. They can also book tickets for certain entertainment spots like movie theatres, make reservations, and payments at hotels and restaurants.

Worth pointing out however is that the physical stores where one can make purchases using PayPal are limited. The same also applies to restaurants and hotels.

Can I Use PayPal To Send Money From The U.S. To Venezuela?

Can I Use PayPal To Send Money From The U.S. To Venezuela

Yes, PayPal account holders in the US can use their PayPal accounts to send money to someone in Venezuela. Users in Venezuela can as well send money to the US using their PayPal accounts. When doing so, it is important to keep in mind that sending money from one country to the other using PayPal does attract a small fee.

Furthermore, PayPal factors in the currency of each country and this usually ends up affecting the amount the person you are sending money to will receive whether they are in the US or Venezuela.  

Is It Illegal To Send Money To Venezuela Using PayPal?

Is It Illegal To Send Money To Venezuela Using PayPal

No, it is not illegal to send money to Venezuela using PayPal. Many people (not just those with PayPal accounts) are usually under the impression that sending money from the US to Venezuela is illegal given the numerous strict government regulations put in place in Venezuela. In fact, it is actually slightly easier compared to using other methods let’s say using a physical provider.

For those who are curious about which countries they cannot send money to using their PayPal accounts, do visit this PayPal Country/Region of Residence and Available Services page.  

Is Using PayPal Free In Venezuela?

Is Using PayPal Free In Venezuela

If you are receiving money in Venezuela and the money received is not payment for any service or goods that you’ve offered then it is free. It is also free to use PayPal to send money to friends, family members, or loved ones provided you are using the balance in your PayPal account or balance in the bank account that’s linked to your PayPal account.

PayPal account holders in Venezuela who are using a credit card or debit card to either make a payment after making a purchase or send money to another PayPal account holder will be charged a small fee. In other words, PayPal is not free if you use a credit or debit card.

How Do I Get A PayPal Account In Venezuela?

How Do I Get A PayPal Account In Venezuela

Getting a PayPal account for those who don’t have one already and happen to be in Venezuela is very easy. To do so (sign up for a PayPal account in Venezuela) Simply;

  • Visit
  • Select “Sign Up”
  • Select Create “PayPal Account” & Fill In The Form As Prompted
  • Confirm Email Address Associated With The PayPal Account Created
  • Get Verified By Linking Your Debit or Credit Card With The PayPal Account Created

What Are PayPal Alternatives In Venezuela?

Despite offering great services, there are some that are not convinced with PayPal. As such, they would prefer an alternative when in Venezuela or when thinking about sending money to Venezuela let’s say from the US. If this sounds like something you’ve given some thought to then below are a few alternatives that should do the trick.

1. Zelle


Top on the list of PayPal alternatives while in Venezuela is Zelle. Zelle is a very popular money transferring app that allows users to send and receive money for a small fee. Worth noting with Zelle as well as with other money transferring apps based in Venezuela is that it is widely accepted. Zelle can be used to make purchases, pay for taxi rides and even pay for a car wash.

Zelle Details:

2. Vippo


Another Venezuelan money transfer app that is not only popular but also widely used in Venezuela is Vippo. Like any other money transferring app, Vippo makes it possible for users to make payments digitally using their phones. They can as well send and receive money to or from other Vippo users in Venezuela.  

Vippo Details:

3. Tpago

Tpago is another popular money transferring app in Venezuela. With Tpago users have the ability to make payments for goods and services in many stores throughout Venezuela. Orth noting however with these Venezuelan money apps is that it is not possible to use them to send money outside Venezuela.

Tpago Details:

4. Stripe


If you are after an alternative in Venezuela that’ll allow you to send money internationally then Stripe is perfect for you. With it, you get all the benefits that come with using PayPal and then some. Worth pointing out with Stripe is the fact that it has very low fees compared to PayPal making it ideal for anyone looking to save a few dollars.

Stripe Details:

5. Transferwise


Another PayPal alternative that’s ideal in Venezuela is Transferwise. This is more so the case when you want to send money to the US from Venezuela and vice-versa. With Transferwise, users get friendly rates as well very low fees when using it to send money.

Transferwise Details:

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