Picsy App - See How to Download

As a memory hoarder, I fear that my photo collection on my devices may be deleted accidentally. That is why I searched for a way to always keep my memories around, and that’s when I found the Picsy app

In an era when digital photos flood our phone galleries and social media feeds, Picsy gives me the ability to touch and hold my memories with my hands. Also, it’s quite exciting to see my photos reproduced in stunning prints!


Continue reading to learn how I preserved my memories with a customized photo set through the Picsy app. These pictures also make great gifts for loved ones! 

  • Preserve Your Memories Forever with Picsy
  • Getting Started with the Picsy App
  • Picsy’s Photo Products Overview
  • Easy Steps to Create Photo Products
  • Sharing Albums with Friends

Picsy App - See How to Download

Preserve Your Memories Forever with Picsy

I can preserve my happy memories and moments for a lifetime through Picsy, a user-friendly mobile app that lets me create high-quality printed photo products. Making photo products is more convenient and simple through this app.

Picsy App - See How to Download
Image Source: Apple App Store

A group of passionate technology and creative professionals developed this app in 2016 so users can ditch the hassle of personally going to local album makers and photo studios to have their photos printed. 

From the comfort of my home, I can make photo products whenever I want and personalize them myself for free. Picsy also offers a wide range of theme-based photo products for special events like anniversaries, holidays, vacations, birthdays, and more.

Start Immortalizing Your Memories

If you want to start printing your favorite photos and have them delivered to your address, wherever you are in the world, download the Picsy app. You can do this through the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store for free.


With over 1,000 verified reviews, the app has a 4.6-star rating on the Apple App Store and a 3.5-star rating on the Google Play Store. Picsy is popular among customers for creating long-lasting photo books, calendars, photo prints, and canvas prints.

Getting Started with the Picsy App

To fully experience Picsy’s offered services, I signed in using my Google account. However, a user can also sign in through Facebook or by creating an account within the app itself. 

Picsy App - See How to Download
Image Source: Apple App Store

There’s no need to sign up and manually input my first name, last name, phone number, and email ID and create a password by simply signing in using Google. I read the app’s Privacy Policy and Terms of Service before allowing it to access my Google account.

After creating an account, the app led me to the app’s homepage. It shows its wide range of personalized photo products, including photo books, photo calendars, photo prints, and canvas prints.

Below, it displays its five main tabs – Gift Card, My Designs, My Orders, Shared Albums, and Earn Rewards. When I tap the three stacked lines on the top-left corner of the screen, it shows me the available photo products and the Shared Album, Earn Rewards, Account, Contact, Settings, and Logout options.

Available Photo Products

Under the Products tab are hard photo books, soft photo books, calendars, photo prints, and canvas prints. Once you click a product type, it will show an About page that discusses its details and pricing

Moreover, it enumerates the available ready-to-use themes depending on the occasion and nature of the photos you want to be printed. Themes include Birthday, Special, Kids, Family, Travel, Love, Wedding, Classic, Friends, and Portfolio for the Photo Books and Calendars. 

Meanwhile, it also displays the five sizes available for photo prints – 8 x 6 in, 6 x 6 in, 6 x 4 in, 4 x 4 in, and 2.4 x 2.4 in. For the canvas prints, I need to tap the tab first to know the available sizes which are 20 x 30 in, 18 x 24 in, 20 x 20 in, 15 x 20 in, and 12 x 16 in.

Picsy’s Photo Products Overview

Photo books have two main styles – the hardcover and a softcover. Hardcover photo books have the fastest creation time but do not compromise quality with their super-strong binding. I can also choose between a glossy and matte finish. 

Picsy App - See How to Download
Image Source: Apple App Store

Meanwhile, the softcover style has a matte finish lamination. The softcover and hardcover can accommodate up to 450 photos and 80 pages. 

On the other hand, calendars are great options if you want to create something more personalized yet useful at the same time. I love giving out photo calendars to my friends, and doing so is a lot easier with Picsy. 

I can choose between a matte or glossy finish. Picsy delivers premium quality calendars that take five to seven working days to be delivered to my doorstep. 

Photo Prints and Canvas Prints

As I mentioned, photo and canvas prints come in different sizes. To create photo or canvas prints, I choose my preferred size. For canvas prints, I choose between the image, black, white, and mirror wrap styles. 

I particularly like creating canvas prints because I can hang them on my wall like decorative paintings. The canvas is one inch thick and is made of long-lasting canvas materials, so I do not have to worry about the photos fading or getting ruined over time. 

Canvas prints can also be configured in landscape, portrait, or square orientations. Picsy usually takes 10 to 12 working days for canvas prints, while the number of days for photo prints depends on the number of photos in a set.  

Easy Steps to Create Photo Products

Creating photo books and calendars generally entails the same process. First, I choose a theme among the many available options. Once I have found my preferred theme, I click “Create.” 

Picsy App - See How to Download

Then, I give the project a name so that I do not confuse it with other designs that I am working on. Other settings such as size and paper finish are also found here. I click “Create Now” to proceed to the next step. 

I choose the photos I want to add to my photo book or calendar and adjust them as I prefer. The “Size and Style” icon found on the lower leftmost portion of my screen is a helpful tool in modifying the size. 

I can also choose among the many layout options and filters. If I want to change a photo, I tap “Change Photo” on the lower rightmost corner of my screen and tap “Save” to apply the changes. I do this for every page until I am happy with all the contents. 

Preview and Order

It is important to have a final product preview before ordering to ensure that all pictures are correctly framed. I flip through the preview to see if I need to edit anything. 

Once I am happy with everything, I click “Order Now” and fill in the needed details for checkout. I tick the “I Agree to Terms of Use” option and add the design to my cart. The total amount I have to pay is also shown on the Order Summary. 

I fill in details such as shipping and billing addresses, shipping method, and mode of payment. Currently, international customers only have the option to pay with PayPal, while customers in the US can pay with their credit or debit cards. 

Sharing Albums with Friends

I can even invite my friends to add photos to my album. I love how the Picsy app has a feature where I can share my album via a shareable link so others can contribute to the album as well. 

Picsy App - See How to Download

What’s more, others do not need to install the app to contribute to my album. All they have to do is click on the link and follow the instructions on that link to start adding photos. 

Once my friends have contributed, I am given 15 days to review and approve photos. Otherwise, they will expire. I click on “Invite Friends” and choose the “Share Link” or “Copy Link” option to share my album’s link. 

My friends and I have a lot of fun sharing albums and building photo books and other memorabilia that we can create to serve as a reminder of our friendship and memories. 

Saving My Designs for Later

I often create photo products only to be interrupted to create calendars, albums, or photo prints. Whenever this happens, I save my designs to get back to them later. 

To do so, I click the “Save” button instead of the “Order” button. I can find my saved designs under the My Designs tab and browse under the four types of photo products my design falls under.


While the digital world is certainly a great place to store precious memories, nothing beats holding copies of photos and mementos to look at from time to time. Picsy’s photo products are also great ways to show my creativity and thoughtfulness to my family and friends. 

Picsy uses technology to bring back the tradition of photo books, calendars, and photo printouts and add a personal touch. Thanks to Picsy, I can create tons of timeless photo memorabilia that never go out of style.