How To Make $4,730 With Quora Partner Program Earnings!

Quora Partner Program: How You Can Make Money Online

I'm sure you've heard of the famous Quora that's recognized as the question and answer platform but have you ever heard of the Quora Partner Program? It's even on my list of (200+) ways to make money online. Be sure to subscribe to this blog for various ways to make money online!

You might want to read up on this opportunity if you're interested in earning money from simply asking questions.


If you're a creative person and love asking simple or sophisticated questions whether they're smart or moronic, the Quora Partner Program is definitely for you.

Grab your snacks, an ice-cold beer (or a non-alcoholic cold beverage), and enjoy this article.

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What is the Quora Partner Program?


The Quora Partner Program was released as an experiment to reward users for asking various questions. Depending on how high the demand is for a certain question, users are paid by the advertisements that are placed by Quora next to the question asked. Your rewards are based on how successful the question is so that it's usually best to ask questions that are currently trending in a topic or haven't been asked yet.

When users are viewing your questions, you will get rewarded when they engage with the advertisement next to what you asked on Quora. You're also paid by the number of views and whoever writes the answer to your questions. Different profiles have different authority.


There have been several case studies of people turning this into a full-time job where they're making thousands every month. Can you imagine living your best life and being able to support yourself from simply asking questions for cash as payment?

How about laying on your couch relaxing and be able to ask questions for money on your mobile phone?

How To Join The Quora Partner Program?

Ever since the thrilling news about the Quora Partner Program, many people became attentive in the idea of making money from asking questions. But before they can even make a single penny off of this constant growing platform, they have to first become a partner.

So how do you become a member of their partner program?

Users are left wondering about how and where to join this prestigious program every day. Even the forums are filled with people asking on how to get invited to the Quora Partner Program.

The truth is...

This is an invitation-only program. Quora moderators invite random users from around the world to test out their new experiment for content creation.

While many people believed that you have to a veteran (long-term active user) on Quora, there have been cases of new users getting the invitation via email. It's not really about who deserves to be invited but rather a random invitation a the pile of millions of users. You would just have to be the lucky winner. It's all randomized.

Due to the high in demand for this recent money-earning method experiment, there is even a marketplace for only Quora Partner Program accounts. They can go up as high as $300 per verified account.

In my opinion, if you can make a full-time income from your creativity asking questions, $300 shouldn't even be a problem if it's profitable.

If you've been a member for Quora, make sure to constantly check your email once in a while. Quora randomly sends out a random email invitation to users to join their partner program. People have received these invitations throughout the year. You might be one of the lucky few.

Quora Partner Program Pay

When you're enrolled in the Quora Partner Program, pay can be within of the two options- in Stripe or PayPal. You must earn at least a minimum of $10 before you can withdraw. At least it's an achievable number!

With your creativity, you can surely make way more than $10!

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Quora Partner Program Case Studies

Case Study 1

Posted by u/cirippo on Reddit. Cirippo claims to be making $4,000 every month from spending at least an hour a day asking questions. In the Reddit thread, users asked him questions regarding his success. With the minimum wage in where I live, people make around $2,000-$2,500 working a full-time job. $4,000 a month is one hell of a reward for working an hour a day.

How many of your questions are just slight variations on each other?

"2 or 3 out of 100. I write about 25 questions per day, taking inspiration from daily news or things that happen to me in life.

I try my best to ask questions that other people can be interested in and find help in their answers."

I also want to know this now that I know the Quora Partner Program exists. Is it still based on pure randomness if you use the site?

"You don't have to be an active user to be selected. Most top writers didn't receive the partnership; oh the other side I have been selected despite I never interacted with Quora before."

$4,000 is an enormous sum of money for something so simple. Can you imagine what that can buy you? Definitely 800 Little Caesar's pizzas.

If you want to earn a full-time income from Quora Partner Program, you have to be creative with engaging contents.

Case Study 1

Answered on Quora from Alan MacFarlane.

Alan, one of the members for Quora Partner Program, earned $10 from this question: What's the most disgusting thing you have found in your hotel room?

His earnings reported being $10.09 with a total of 24 answers. His question was viewed over 200,000 times with a total of 36,000 ad impressions. What if he was able to create 100 questions that could achieve the same stats? That's potentially $1,000 in earnings for 100 questions. His question was engaging, creates curiosity, and people love reading these types of questions. For $10 from a single question, that's truly impressive.

quora partner program top earners
Quora Partner Program, Top Earners

What People Have To Say About The Partner Program

Since this platform can only survive with questions that need answering, they had to come up with a way to keep the questions flowing. - Philip Pillari, B.A. Political Science & Philosophy, Ramapo College of New Jersey (2021)

My first reaction when I read of it was simply: “Why reward the questions and not the answers? Good answers take more time to write!”. I then realised that asking good question is very difficult- Felicita Ratti, Younger GenX/Xennial, ambivert, trilingual.
I think good questions are a lot harder to write than good answers, and questions are what prompt people to write answers. So I think I can understand why Quora wants to motivate people to ask more questions- Heather Jedrus, actively using Quora since 2015.

Quora Partner Program Review

Overall, I believe that this is a brilliant way for Quora to generate new content on their platform. I think it's also a great opportunity for people who are struggling with money or short on cash. I'm going to test out an experiment with the Quora Partner Program and will write an article on it once I'm invited.

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