Radish Fiction App - See How to Download

I believe that there is an infinite number of stories to share with the world, and everyone can narrate unique stories worthy of being read. This is why I support novice and budding writers by being more interested in their published stories and writings.

In the age of digital publishing, it has been a little easier for these writers as there are more platforms to publish their stories. So, it is also beneficial to us readers because we can access these amazing stories easier. Most of the platforms are available as mobile applications.


One mobile app that piqued my interest is Radish Fiction because its exciting features help me discover fantastic, well-known, and budding writers. Learn more about the features of Radish Fiction below. 

  • Discovering the Radish Fiction App for Writers and Readers
  • Exploring the Content of Radish Fiction
  • Reading Stories on Radish Fiction
  • Unlocking Stories on Radish Fiction
Radish Fiction App - See How to Download
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Discovering the Radish Fiction App for Writers and Readers

I have been interested in reading books since I was young. I wanted to explore more authors and their writings by looking for their physical books as I grew up. However, there are limits to only reading physical books.

Radish Fiction App - See How to Download
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Some published books are only available in big publishing stores or libraries, not accessible to everyone. Fortunately, technology helped us bridge the accessibility gap by turning physical books into digital ones. With this, anyone can have a copy of the book anywhere.


Aside from the advantage of books being digital, there are now mobile apps that compile these stories wherein well-known and novice writers can publish them. The Radish Fiction app aims to be both user and author-friendly while providing diverse serial fiction works to the world.

Radish Fiction is known to have a collection of premium and original stories from New York Times best-selling authors and writers who are starting to establish their names. All the stories on the app are serialized as the team wanted to make them binge-able by making these stories in bite-sized installments.

The Radish Fiction App 

Since its release in 2016, Radish Media Inc. has recorded over 1 million active users of Radish Fiction. The mobile fiction platform promises that every reader will find a story that will fit their interests or preferred genres.


I can attest that there are many great stories on the app as I have been using it for a few years already. When I first heard about it, I immediately thought that Radish Fiction was exactly what I have been looking for because it gives me access to a more diverse pool of writers.

People can get the Radish Fiction app for free on both the Google Play Store and the iOS App Store. Although the app uses the freemium model, there is a premium subscription on the app as well as in-app purchases. Some premium content are only available when bought or unlocked. 

Exploring the Content of Radish Fiction

Radish Fiction lets everyone create an account by providing the preferred username and password. Then, the app will send email verification to set up the account. I liked Radish Fiction from the get-go as it wants all readers to have a personalized reading experience. 

Radish Fiction App - See How to Download
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The app asked me whether I wanted to filter the stories that I could access. Those under 18 years old should choose the “filter mature content” option. Then, the Radish Fiction app will further ask more questions about my preferences.

I appreciate how the app wants to make sure that I would have a personalized reading experience by asking what I like. For example, it asked what kind of romance I was looking for, and it provided options like Billionaire, Forbidden, Alphas, Enemies to Lovers, etc. 

Once I choose one, the app will immediately show the recommended stories that may pique my interest. It highlights the crowd’s favorite story, the bestselling one, and the story with high heat. All these stories are provided with a short sentence summary and their genres.

Themes and Genres of Stories 

With the thousands of available stories on the app, it can be overwhelming to explore and decide which stories I should start reading. Radish Fiction has stories across genres like romance, horror, adventure, fantasy, supernatural, and many more.

Readers will not have a hard time looking for what to read as there are many interesting stories from excellent writers. Thus, the app helped me find these stories by providing a list of “Reader’s Choice” stories and works that Radish wishes to spotlight for new readers. 

The app also curates all the trending stories so that I can check them out easily. It also has a search function to filter stories according to title, authors, or themes. 

Reading Stories on Radish Fiction

One thing I immediately like about the Radish Fiction app is its user-friendliness and user interface. It has a sleek and simple design that works best for reading the stories. The minimal tabs on the home screen make it easier to navigate. 

Radish Fiction App - See How to Download
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The reading experience on the app is great as it automatically saves my reading progress. It displays all the stories I have been reading in the “Library” tab. In the “Current Reads” list, all the stories I started reading are there so that it will be easier for me to pick-up where I left off. 

There are times that I have already finished all the chapters of an ongoing story. This means I will be waiting for the next update from the authors. I can tick the notification bell to allow Radish Fiction to send me an alert or notification once the author uploads the next part of the story.

When the list of stories in the Current Reads is quite long, I can sort them according to the last one I viewed or read. I can also arrange them alphabetically based on their title. This helped me save time finding the stories that I wish to read at the moment.

Saving More Stories on the Library

The Radish Fiction app allows me to save more stories in the library since I love browsing the works. 

I can add them to the “Read Later” list to easily access them whenever I am free or looking for a new story to read. 

Also, there is an “Archived” list that stores all my finished stories. As proof of its user-friendliness, the archive feature lets me retrieve the stories that I have already read at any time. 

Unlocking Stories on Radish Fiction

When searching for the story to be read, the app tells whether the story requires coupons or coins to be unlocked or is entirely free. However, most of the stories on the app are available for free, which means that I can read them as long as I want. 

Radish Fiction App - See How to Download
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The coupons and coins are the in-app currency that readers can use to unlock premium stories and chapters. There are times where the first chapters of a story are free, but the succeeding ones require coins or coupons. I can either buy these coins or get them through several special features of the app. 

In the “Gift Box” tab, I can check my current amount of coins and coupons. The app provides ways to collect coins for free using the following features: Lucky Draw, Video Ads, Invite Friends, and Ad Offers. The number of coins and coupons differs daily, so it is recommended to check regularly. 

As I mentioned, I can buy coins from the Coins Store. There is a one-time purchase option wherein I can get six coins for $0.99, 25 coins for $3.99, 100 coins for $9.99, etc. However, there is also a subscribe and save option where I will be billed monthly for $9.99 for 200 coins.

Coins to Support Authors

People might wonder why there are no free stories and require coins or in-app purchases to unlock. Well, the team wanted to help the authors financially. Aside from providing a platform where they can get published, Radish Fiction helped them earn money through their stories with the world.

In monetizing their readership, Radish Fiction acknowledges the efforts and rights of the authors to their works. They help their writers to succeed by giving them analytics on how to improve their content and strategy in posting parts and chapters. 

Top writers can earn as much as $40,000 per quarter. Thus, the team has a stringent process of selecting the authors and works to be published to ensure quality. At present, there are over 2,00 active published authors on the app.


The Radish Fiction app gives a platform for authors to publish their works online and share them with the world. With this, the readers will have access to a vast pool of interesting stories that they can read anytime. 

The app has so much to offer in terms of content, but in a serialized way to make it all binge-able and bite-sized.