Everything You Need To Know About Robert Kiyosaki in 2023!

If you haven't heard of Robert Kiyosaki, then you must know him by his bestselling book, "Rich Dad, Poor Dad."

Introduction: Robert Kiyosaki

2020 has arrived, and as we enter this decade, we witness huge amounts of wealth just being thrown around in the hands of the powerful. It's now or never if you want to launch a company and make millions. There are people in the industry to help you evade taxes to further accumulate wealth by exploiting the weak system. This is also the reason why more than half of the world's wealth is owned by the top 1% of earners.


One such man who belongs in this conversation is Robert Kiyosaki. Even though he might be lacking the ethical approach to earning money, like a lot of businessmen, there is no doubt that he is a clever person. Robert Kiyosaki knows his way around money, and that's a major reason why he has been able to amass such a large amount of capital in his lifetime.

In this eye-opening interview, Robert Kiyosaki explained his perspective on money.

"You're taught to go to school, get a job, and get a paycheck. You're not taught to how to get rich." - Robert Kiyosaki Quotes

Robert Kiyosaki's Background

Robert was born in Hilo, Hawaii in the year 1947, just two years after the conclusion of the second world war. He continued to reside there to complete his high school by the support of his father, who himself was a teacher. He soon was nominated to attend the Marine Academy in the U.S., and he decided to enroll himself there in New York and graduated as a deck-worker.


His work soon followed, which allowed him to board ships as a deck officer, and travel the world as a job responsibility. This played a huge part in his learning stages, exposing him to different cultures and traditions, and also meeting people of all sorts. The fact that most people boarding these ships were rich themselves, also helped Robert to develop that mindset of having financial freedom and to not be enslaved under corporate employment.

Shortly after this, Robert was given the task of manning a gunship helicopter during the devastating Vietnam war that took place in 1972. His brave valor was rewarded by an Air Medal by the U.S forces. From one extreme to the other, Kiyosaki took the tame job of a salesman after the war, selling Xerox copying machines for a living. However, after not being satisfied with the results, he decided to leave it behind. He had a couple more failed businesses that he launched, including a retail shop for clothing that declared bankruptcy not too far from launch.

Kiyosaki shortly realized that launching a business wasn’t his forte. He moved his skills towards the marketing department and soon reaped the rewards for it as well. Robert decided to write books about financial independence and to inform others about it. All these books were published under his own company named Rich Dad LLC. The book that gave him the breakthrough was ‘Rich Dad, Poor Dad’, which became an international best-seller in under 3 years.


How Did Robert Kiyosaki Become Rich And How Rich Did He Become?

Robert Kiyosaki’s net worth is considered to be around 80 million dollars. That’s a lot of money, and it’s mostly due to the marketing skills that he has managed to gain that much wealth in his career. He co-authored most of his books with his friend Sharon Lechter, and so was the case with his world-renowned Rich Dad, Poor Dad. Robert begins to describe a story that’s said to be filled with great lessons, where along with his biological father who was poor, he had another father figure in his life who wasn’t, and how he had learned a lot of values from him.

Robert’s beliefs have gotten him a lot of criticism. He has mentioned how going to college should not be an option, and criticized people who pursue degrees, even saying that Ph.D. qualified individuals are “desperate and poor”, as his own father was a Ph.D. degree holder, and was jobless around the end of his career. He even wrote a book all about if you want to be rich, then do not go to college. However, even with all his controversial beliefs and sayings, he has the money to show for it, and that’s usually the only thing that matters.

Robert has dedicated most of his earnings to the seminars he attends under his Rich Dad Network, all of which are promoted and marketed by his very own books. He also has several webinars and online classes which he sells for high prices as well to people who want to learn about financial success. Robert also encourages his audience to invest in real estate opportunities and has been an adamant believer in the business model throughout his career. He believes in letting the money work for you, instead of you working for the money, and that’s a life tip that he himself has lived by and continues to do so.


Even though not being the most morally sound person, Robert Kiyosaki still has his wealth to speak for him. This allows his teachings and principles to be, to some degree, a verified method to get wealthy. If you want to follow the same path, then you’ll need to construct various streams of constant income that’ll support you for your entire life without you having to work a 9-to-5 for it. This is what Robert has preached with his suggestion on acquiring real estate to make money out of it. So work hard, make multiple flows of income, and relax. Because if you work for your employer, they control your money, but if you let your money work for you, you have all the freedom to tweak it however you want to. When you are truly independent of all these corporate schemes that try to pull you in their hole, you’re free to act and live stress-free about tomorrow. Here’s to you becoming a millionaire.

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