See How to Download the Photomath App

The Photomath app is one of the most used math learning apps out there. It has features and tools that help us solve tricky and difficult math questions in our worksheets by providing answers and solutions.

Check out how to turn your phone into a scanner that will solve different math problems by installing Photomath. 


Learn more about the other learning features of the Photomath app below.

  • Discovering Photomath - The Math Learning App
  • Downloading the Math App
  • Scanning Math Problems on Photomath
  • Solving Math Problems using a Calculator on Photomath
  • Learning Math Concepts on Photomath
  • Using Photomath as a Parent or Teacher
  • Subscribing to Photomath Plus
  • Customizing Visual Aids on Photomath
See How to Download the Photomath App
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Discovering Photomath - The Math Learning App

Since I was a kid, I have always had a math tutor because I needed constant help answering math problems

See How to Download the Photomath App
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Also, a math tutor helped me understand different math concepts and formulas better by giving me supplementary lessons and exercises.


However, this is not the case nowadays, as students can just rely on learning apps to aid their understanding and problem-solving. 

There is no need for parents to hire math tutors anymore because they only need to find a good math learning app for their kids.

Most Popular Math Learning Mobile App

One of the most popular math learning mobile app is Photomath. The Photomath app has dubbed itself the world’s most used math app, with over 220 million downloads across 200+ countries. It reaches a wide audience because Photomath is available in over 30 different languages.


Photomath started with the desire of a dad to help his kids with their math homework and make math concepts easily understandable by kids. 

With their mission to help users understand math one step at a time, they believe that everyone could be good at math if they have great tools.

Downloading the Math App

Aside from being popular, Photomath is also a top-rated app with excellent reviews from its users. It constantly lands in the Top Education apps on the Google Play Store.

See How to Download the Photomath App
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We can download the Photomath app for free from both the Google Play Store and the iOS App Store

Photomath is generally free to use, but there are some in-app purchases for specific features and tools. 

Moreover, there is a premium subscription for the app, which will let us access exclusive features for a better math learning experience.

Installing Photomath

Upon installing Photomath, we need to set up our account, starting with the language and age. In addition, the Photomath app provides us with an overview of its main features. 

It will also ask if we will use the app as a student, parent, or teacher. Lastly, it will ask for us to grant permission to access the phone’s camera. 

Scanning Math Problems on Photomath

Users love the Photomath app because of its user-friendliness and convenience. In its main feature, we can scan math problems for instant results on the app. 

See How to Download the Photomath App
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The Photomath app allows us to take a photo of the math problem to help solve it. This feature is why the app seeks permission to access our device’s camera

When scanning a math problem, the photo must be clear because if not, the app will not be able to properly read the problem that may lead to failing to give a solution

Viewfinder and Flashlight Tool

We can easily adjust our phones to put the math problem in the center with the help of the viewfinder. For long math problems, it is also possible to adjust the viewfinder size to capture the entire problem. 

The Photomath app can read and process even our handwritten math problems. There is a flashlight tool, like a camera’s flash, on the app that can ensure our math problem is well-lit in order to be captured. 

To capture the math problem, we just need to click the red button at the center of the screen. Then, we have to wait for a few moments for Photomath to provide the result and solution to the problem. 

Solving Math Problems using a Calculator on Photomath

The Photomath app offers two main ways in how it can help us solve math problems. The first one is by scanning the math problem, and the second one is manually solving them using a calculator. 

See How to Download the Photomath App
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The app has a built-in multi-functional scientific calculator. We do not need an expensive scientific calculator anymore because Photomath can serve as one. 

It has a comprehensive list of functions like a scientific calculator. Thus, I can manually compute for square root, functions, limits, permutation, logarithm, and many more.

The Scientific Calculator Tool

The calculator tool will ask us to type in the math problem. Photomath provides blank boxes for functions that need to be filled so we will not miss out on details. 

For example, there are four boxes for the upper limit, lower limit, start point, and formula for the terms in summation notation.

Learning Math Concepts on Photomath

Another selling point of the Photomath app is that it provides answers to math problems and explains them comprehensively. 

See How to Download the Photomath App
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This feature is beneficial because the step-by-step solutions can help us understand the different math concepts better. 

The process of solving a math problem matters more because I can learn it and eventually apply the said process to other problems. 

True to its claim that it is a math learning app, it allows us to understand a specific problem and what approach we can use to solve it.

Covered Math Topics

Photomath covers a wide range of math topics, so we can solve math problems on these topics and learn about them. For basic math, there is arithmetic, fractions, decimals, powers, roots, and factors. 

We can solve linear equations, inequalities, quadratic equations, logarithms, matrices, graphing, and polynomials in algebra. The app also covers college math like trigonometry, which covers the topics of identities, vectors, conic sections, series and sequences, and logarithmic functions. 

There are also limits, derivatives, integrals, and curve sketching for calculus. Lastly, we can solve combinations and factorials under statistics.

Using Photomath as a Parent or Teacher

When setting up an account on the app, we are asked whether we are a student, parent, or teacher. The team understands that the app is not only for students because parents and teachers can utilize the app’s features.

See How to Download the Photomath App
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For parents, Photomath, Inc. mentioned that they could save the day and their wallets. This is because parents do not need to monitor and assist their children anymore, as Photomath is a trusted learning app. 

Also, the cost of the premium version is less than hiring a math tutor.

How Math Teachers Can Benefit from Photomath

Math teachers can enjoy the app as well, getting some free printable worksheets and activities for students. 

Moreover, the team provides a list of ways on how teachers can incorporate Photomath into their classrooms.

Subscribing to Photomath Plus

The free version of the Photomath app provides a wide range of features. However, we can have a better learning experience on the app through its premium version - Photomath Plus. A premium account will require us to register an email address to the app.

See How to Download the Photomath App
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Photomath Plus costs $9.99/month for a one-month subscription or $4.99/month for a one-year subscription.

The Photomath app offers a one-week free trial for Photomath Plus, wherein users can enjoy its three main additional features. 

These include customized visual aids, extra “how” and “why” tips, and deep-dive solutions from hundreds of textbooks.

Free vs Premium Features

The free version of the app is limited to a camera scanner, a multi-functional scientific calculator, and step-by-step explanations. 

However, Photomath Plus will provide us with more possible solutions from different textbooks. Thus, we can cross-check and find the solution process that we deem easy to follow.

Customizing Visual Aids on Photomath

Since Photomath is a learning app, it has exclusive how-to animations wherein we can learn the solving process of different math concepts. 

See How to Download the Photomath App
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In Photomath Plus, we can customize these animations and visual aids depending on how we think can absorb the topic more. 

In addition, there are more visual aids on the app, like graphs of functions. Photomath Plus allows us to understand math problem solutions with the interactive graph feature

Other Photomath Plus Perks

Photomath Plus provides extra visuals on “how” we can solve math problems in different topics and explains “why” a particular problem must be solved in a specific solution process

These visuals on Photomath add fun in solving and learning math.


The Photomath helps us improve our math learning and skills by providing us explanations of different math concepts in an easily digestible manner. 

We can get the answers to our math problems by scanning the question or manually typing the equation on the multi-functional scientific calculator. Moreover, we can learn about math concepts as Photomath provides a step-by-step solution to these math problems.