SEOClerks Review & Signup: How I Earned $1,472 Sitting At Home

What is SEOClerks? ($5 Bonus SEOClerks Coupon Code in This Article)

If you already know about this SEO marketplace platform SEOClerks, the signup option is available at this link provided for you.

This is coming from a long term user (3 years to be exact).


So what is SEOClerks, you asked? SEOClerks is basically a marketplace for users selling or buying social media services (if you want to cheat Instagram), SEO services, and even virtual assistants. While there are thousands of services in the SEO service marketplace, you can become a seller and add your own service to provide to the community. You can find sellers of various social media services such as:

  • Social media followers
  • Social media views
  • Website traffic
  • Backlinks
  • Article providers
  • Softwares

How Beneficial Is This SEO Marketplace?

There are many benefits. Thousands of people use SEOClerks every day. You can turn this into a full-time income job and make money if your service is high of quality and unique. There are sellers in the SEO marketplace that are making hundreds of thousands every year.


Most customers are looking for online marketing suppliers that can provide

  • Quality service
  • Great customer service
  • Quick with replies

When you're starting off as a seller, sales are usually slow. But as you deliver more sales, there will be more momentum to your business and sales should increase.

One of my favorite thing about SEOClerks is that this marketplace is worldwide. Unlike some alternatives, they are focused only on a few countries. This means that on SEOClerks, you can purchase and sell services to people all over the world. 


I found that the majority of sellers are from India.

Except for the countries with social media censorship, of course, like North Korea.

You have a variety of services from content writing, YouTube views, SEO ranking services, and even virtual assistants. If you're planning on selling, I have to let you know that this marketplace is highly competitive. For a competitive marketplace, this is great for you if you're a buyer.

Everything here is cheap but cheap doesn't always mean quality so be cautious when you're buying from a provider.

So what are the benefits of this SEO marketplace?

  1. You can provide your services.
  2. You can buy services.
  3. This SEO marketplace is worldwide.
  4. Network with clients and providers for custom orders.
  5. You can promote their gigs with an affiliate link to earn a commission.

How Freelancers Can Find Clients + Financial Freedom on SEOClerks

Let's Get Started: SEOClerks Signup ($5 Coupon Code Only Works If You Signup Through My Link On This Article)

The first thing you want to do is head to Once you get there, your page should look like this:

SEOClerks SignUp

Next, click on 'Join' on the top right of the page.

No Account?

The website should redirect you to the login and register section like this (of course you're here for SEOClerks signup, not login, so I'll cut and copy the register section):

SEOClerks Signup

Now SEOClerks will ask for your email, unique username, password, skills, and full name.

Email- Make sure that your email is an email you can use to confirm that it's your account.

Username- Your username will be displayed in public for people to contact and message you in regards to services.

Password- Make sure that your password is difficult. I recommend using numbers and capital letters because there have been cases of people being hacked. You have to use

Skills- Type in what you're good at. For example Writing, SEO, Marketing, Social Media, etc.

Full Name- You will have to type in your full name before being able to proceed. You can use a fake name generator if you want but I wouldn't recommend it.

Now read and learn about their policies, check the boxes you want, and complete the "I'm not a robot" captcha. 

Congratulations! You're Now a Member of SEOClerks! Let's Add Some Funds:

Untitled 3

On the top right of your screen after your SEOClerks signup, you will see a fidget spinner looking thing. A list of categories should appear. Before I get to that, let's click on 'Add Funds!'

It will redirect you to your billing information. Your screen should look like this:

SEOClerks Billing Information

Here's a $5 Bonus Code For You To Spend:

After you completed your SEOClerks signup through my link (it has to be my link on this article or it won't work), you can use my code to receive a bonus $5 for you to spend! Isn't that amazing? All you have to do is go to scroll to Buyer, look at the categories for Shopping, and then click on Redeem Coupon! Simple as that!

Once you're on the page, they will ask you to input a code. Here's your lucky day! The code is: "MYSOCIALGOD1"

Congratulations! After you're email and phone number verified, you should be receiving your free $5 to spend!

SEOClerks Payment Methods

Now you got several payment methods. You can add funds or pay on the spot when you find your desired service. You can add funds with your debit/credit card, PayPal checkout, or you can pay using cryptocurrency (Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum).

Remember that you don't have to add funds to buy services. You can purchase on the spot and it'll deduct from your card balance.

SEOClerks Main Categories

On the SEO service marketplace, you have 5 categories on top of the home page. These are Home, Community, Buyer, Seller, and Inbox. I will go over with you on each of the categories to give you an idea.

Home- When you're on the home page, you can search for your services and filter them out. You can filter by sellers' level, price, and ratings of a service. There are many ways you can filter it out but these are the basics.

Community- When you slide your cursor or tap (if on phone) to the community section, you will get 4 sub-categories. They are Community Discussion, Blog, Freelancers, and How it Works!

Buyer- On the buyer category, you have 6 sub-categories which are Shopping, Hire/Trade, Manage, How it Works, Add Funds to Your Balance, and Favorites.

Seller- On the seller category, you have 5 sub-categories which are Sell, Manage, Other, Withdraw, and How It Works.

Inbox- In your Inbox, you will have alerts to notify you when you receive a message from another person. You will also have your history of messages saved on there. You can cheat Instagram but don't cheat the SEOClerks system and policies. The moderators of the website can track what you're saying through your messages. You can get a ban for sharing personal information which is against their policy.

How Much Do SEO Services Usually Cost?

The answer to this question is, it depends. But the minimum you can purchase a service for is $1. SEOClerks will charge you around $0.55 fee for every time you purchase a service no matter how big or small.

I've seen services that go for $379 with tons of sales and likes. That's because of the quality of the provider which is praised by many of the customers. You have to read the reviews and test out to see if their quality is good or not.

SEOClerks Review:

Years ago after completing my SEOClerks signup, I was curious about how the marketplace would work for SEO services. I found that many of the services are affordable and I realized why. There are many countries that are getting paid way less than where I live (US) when it comes to minimum wage. So these services that are cheap on SEOClerks are people working for a living. It may be inexpensive to me where I live, but it can provide for families in other countries. So I advise you to be respectable to all merchants because after all, we're all human beings trying to survive.

In the last couple of years, I had a great experience with SEOClerks and I will continue to use it. I had bad experiences and I had good ones. Everyone's seller is different in their own ways, so eventually, along the way, you'll have to deal with some bad customer services from the seller.

This SEO Marketplace is valuable, take advantage of it.

Overall, SEOClerks has made a difference in the marketing world for me. If you skimmed through the post without reading, don't forget to click on this link to sign up for SEOClerks and use my SEOClerks coupon code!

SEOClerks Coupon Code: "MYSOCIALGOD"

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