4 Things You Need To Know About SERPed.net: Review And Pricing

The emergence of blogging has been quite significant due to the massive influx of social media content consumers all over the world.

There is more demand now than ever for articles and blogs for various websites to cater to these masses and deliver any type of content depending on the website.


The whole industry has turned into a business where writers have even started to work individually being freelancers, and doing gigs for companies. This is suitable for both sides of the party, as writers get more work sitting at home, and businesses don’t have to rent out physical spaces for their blogs.

However, if you’re a freelancer, or a blogger, and have a website of your own, then you’ll know that it isn’t easy to engage and direct traffic to your content. Due to the sheer number of people with blogs and articles on the internet, your blog is likely to end up near the bottom of the pile. But there are ways you can edge ahead from your competition, and that’s by using SEO tools. To keep track of all the operations going on regarding your website, you’ll need various applications, and it will be hard to find cheap SEO tools for that matter. Or, you could go the other route and try out SERPed.net instead.

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What Are SEO Tools?

Well, SEO tools are all those applications and software that are designed to improve your SEO experience and help you maximize your reach. SEO or Search Engine Optimization is basically making use of various statistics and figures of the search trends by people to improve the traffic and audience on your own website. These tools give you information about search results, and you can change the words you use and a lot more to make your own website rise through the ranks.

tools for SEO

If you don’t have a website domain yet, then SEO tools can help you find one that’ll result in the most clicks as well. All in all, they are a must-have for a professional business that has their whole model set up on content writing and blogs. However, you will need to download a separate application for each purpose in the SEO category, and that can become quite expensive and inconvenient as well. That’s what SERPed.net helps to eliminate, by providing all of these tools, 42 to be exact, under one roof and application!


SERPed.net Features

To give you an overview of the application before going in-depth, SERPed is easily one of the best applications in the market for all your SEO needs. It has everything you can imagine needing for your blog, and then some.

  • Keyword Research Tool
  • Domain Research
  • Site Analytics
  • Pricing

Let’s dive into its main features that you’ll be using the most because it’s honestly impossible to talk about ALL of them in one review.

Keyword Research Tool ✍️

The basics of driving more traffic to your website or blog don’t get much simpler than this. To have your site visited by a lot of people, you need to have specific keywords within your articles that are searched by a lot of people. You can check this out with the keyword research tool present within the SERPed.net app. You can find which words are being searched for the most in your topic, and which ones have the highest CPC, or cost per click. Using this powerful method of writing your articles efficiently, you can certainly expect a massive improvement in the number of people that visit your website.

  • You will have the advantage of knowing which word is easy to rank for.
  • Find the right keywords will help increase sales and growth for your business.
Domain Research

If you want to find a domain name for your website, then SERPed.net has got you covered there as well! Oftentimes it gets difficult to search for a suitable name that will drive thousands of clicks on your blogs and to find one at a decent price as well. Well, with SERPed, you get updates on domains within your search parameters that are expiring so you can get the best deal possible. Moreover, you’ll also get information about how much all of the domain’s previous rankings and scores. This will allow you to get great domains at even greater prices without having to work for it!

Site Analytics

SERPed.net even helps you with your website after you’ve done your marketing part. It can help you keep track of metrics like page visits in a day, and the bounce rate of users. This way, you can track everything regarding your site, so you can make changes accordingly. It lets you know about the goals you’ve set, and how far from the mark you currently are. Moreover, you can even check your overall cash inflow on the website, with how much money you’ve spent and how much is coming in. You’ll have the hang of everything with the help of this superb application.


This is one aspect of SERPed that is looked down upon amongst everything else. The company charges $79 per month for their subscription, which can be brought down to $59 if you opt for the yearly plan. This seems a little expensive for an SEO supporting application, but in our opinion, it can be justified. Having all your major SEO tools in one place, and not having to keep track of them all is extremely convenient for the professionals in the business. Furthermore, $79 doesn’t seem like much if the tools (if used correctly) bring you a massive increase in site traffic and revenue generated.

serped.net pricing


Overall, SERPed.net is a brilliant app for website operations, and if you’re in that field, then this is a must-buy situation for you. If you can get the hang of all the nifty features in the app, then you’ll find your site swarmed with traffic in no time, and a $79 dollar monthly trade-off isn’t half-bad for that deal!

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