Strava App - Learn How To Use And Download

Some people like to keep track of their activities, whether a simple record on notes or a digital version on their phones. With this, several mobile apps cater to the needs of these people, which cover a wide range of activities.

One of the most popular is the Strava app that runners, cyclists, and swimmers usually use. The app relies on GPS to note the users’ activities whether they run, ride, or swim. They can track their distance and record routes for future reference.


The app also offers comprehensive analytics of the users’ records of activities that may help them improve their wellness, training, or fitness. Learn more about what the Strava app can do to help the users. Also, check below some of its exciting features and perks.

  • Activity-Tracker App For Runners, Riders, And Swimmers
  • App For Any Kind Of Sport And Activity
  • Guide For A Better Experience On Strava
  • The Ultimate Real-Time Experience On Strava
Strava App - Learn How To Use And Download
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Activity-Tracker App For Runners, Riders, And Swimmers

Nowadays, people tend to keep records of their activities to find valuable data in the future. Some people just run or ride for leisure and want to keep track of their routes and distance for a sense of self-accomplishment. Regardless of their reason, they needed something to record their activities.

Strava App - Learn How To Use And Download
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Professional athletes who do running, cycling, or swimming have separate devices that will track specific aspects of their run, ride, or swim. But, leisure or hobbyists do not need these devices as they can rely on their phones alone. Yes, there are available mobile apps for them.


These mobile apps vary depending on the particular aspect that users wish to measure or record. Also, some are free, and some are not. But, there is a popular activity-tracker mobile app called Strava, which has great reviews and millions of active users.

It is a consistent top application for health and fitness in Google Play Store. Strava Inc. launched the app in 2011 to help these runners, cyclists, and swimmers track their distance and record their routes with the help of GPS technology in their respective mobile phones.

Strava Mobile App 

The users leave excellent reviews about the app as they claim it is a great companion for their activities. Strava offers numerous features to its users regardless of whether they use the free version or pay for a subscription. The Strava app uses the freemium model so its users can enjoy most of its features for free.


Moreover, Strava is free to download on the Google Play Store and iOS App Store. Then, users can sign up for an account by using their Facebook account, Google account, or other email addresses.

Before proceeding with the setup, Strava ensures that the users agree on their Terms of Service and understand their Privacy Policy. The app will then requires the users to provide their name, birthday, and gender. Strava will first ask to allow device location access so that the users can enjoy its features.

App For Any Kind Of Sport And Activity

Upon setting up the account, the app asks the users what kind of sport they intend to use Strava for. The options include run, walk, cycle, swim, surf, skate, row, ski, snowboard, kayak, stand-up paddle, and many more. These options show how the app can be used in different sports and activities. 

Strava App - Learn How To Use And Download
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It is noticeable that choices are outdoor activities or sports that require moving from one place to the other. As mentioned, Strava utilizes the GPS of the phones to measure the distance reached by the users during an activity. Thus, any indoor or stationary activities are limited in the app.

To get started with the app, users may choose any of the options to maximize the use of Strava. The users can connect a GPS watch or computer for convenience and accessibility. Though they will connect their respective watches, users must start recording using the app and wait to locate the initial location.

Upon installation, Strava shows and claims that it is the number one app for runners and cyclists. It is not surprising as it has comprehensive features that can help runners and cyclists. Aside from distance, it has other recorded things to help the users improve over time.

Distance, Maps, And Other Information

For runners and cyclists, the app records the speed and elevation. The same goes for the swimmers because they can check their swim pace through Strava. Moreover, the app also offers information on the number of calories burned during their activity.

One of the main features of Strava is that it provides a map to the users. There are available routes with descriptions so that users will know what type of track they face. For example, if unsure who should run this particular route, Strava will inform them whether it will be hilly or flat and paved or dirt. 

Moreover, the map is intuitive, which means that users can easily zoom in when looking for details on the app. Users can also find segments made by other users in case the user wishes to try new tracks. But, the users can also save their routes on Strava so that they quickly follow the path because of familiarity, ease, and convenience.

Guide For A Better Experience On Strava

Strava offers other features that help users to have a better experience on the app and better experience in their activity. They can personalize some features so that it fits their needs and preferences. These customization tools can be found on the Settings button on the Record tab.

Strava App - Learn How To Use And Download
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The first feature is the auto-pause of recording available for both running and cycling. Since the app uses GPS to detect movement, it can sense abrupt forces and sudden stops, so it is not recommended for walking or hiking. It can be helpful to generate more accurate data and report after the activity.

Audio cues are also available on the app. It can provide a notification for start, stop, pause, and other live segment notifications. Users may also opt to turn on the audio cues when running to be notified of the distance. The app can give a heads up every half kilometer or every kilometer reached.

It is also possible to personalize the screen display of the app. Users may choose to keep the screen on to prevent the display from turning off during activity. Moreover, users can turn on lock screen controls to access Strava during activities without unlocking their phones.

Live, Sensors, And Map Settings On Strava

Another key feature of the Strava app is that sensors can be connected to the app. It means that other devices measuring running cadence, step rate, heart rate, and others can be connected to Strava using Bluetooth. Thus, the information will be centralized on the app.

The Live Segments allows users to receive notifications when they start and finish popular segments. It means that they can track whether they followed a highly used track or route and utilize the audio cues simultaneously for direction and other information.

Lastly, Strava offers different kid of map types so that users can have a comprehensive look at their route and destination. Users may choose among the standard map, satellite map, and hybrid map. A global heatmap can be added as well to add layers on the selected map type.

The Ultimate Real-Time Experience On Strava

As mentioned, Starva already offers the majority of its features for free to its users. However, it also has a subscription plan for a better experience and more features for the users. There is a 30-day free trial for the subscription wherein users can cancel anytime to explore the app first. 

Strava App - Learn How To Use And Download
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They say that the users will have the ultimate real-time experience when they subscribe to Starva for these three main reasons: Safety Tracking, Crush Your Goals and Gain Insights. Users can avail of the subscription plan for $5 per month or $59.99 per year.

The first reason people choose to subscribe to the premium plan for Starva is because of safety tracking. The app offers additional features to enjoy in terms of tracking distance and finding routes. Users can unlock the segment feature wherein they can check the routes made by other users.

The segment efforts can also be compared to the other users, which can be seen on the leaderboard - you can get a little competitive on this one. Also, you can draw your route on the map on Starva, and the app will immediately guide you by providing directions and descriptions.

Crushing Goals And Gaining Insights

The next main feature of the subscription includes challenges wherein users can see leaderboards. Users can check how they fare in the daily, weekly, or monthly challenges. This feature gives a little motivation and pushes us to accomplish activities.

More comprehensive and complete analytics will be provided when users subscribe. They can check their training load, rest periods, power curve, weighted average power, and many more. This information can improve the users in the respective sport or activity.

Starva has a little bonus to its users for their safety. The Strava Beacon feature allows users to send automatic text messages to three contacts to inform them that they are safe and well during the run or ride.


Strava tries to prove its claim to be the best app for runners and cyclists because of its comprehensive features in tracking distance and finding routes. The premium subscription entails more comprehensive analytics, safety features, and goals.