Why Did I Receive A Text From 21525? (Walgreens or Scam)

Many people of late have been receiving text messages from 21525. While this hasn’t come as a surprise to a small number of them, it has too many people and this has resulted in them having lots of questions with regards to the text messages they’ve received from 21525.

While the questions are many, there are two that are really common, and these two are whether or not they are being scammed or they’ve been hacked. This post will get to answer both these questions and also shed more light on this particular short SMS code, more so on who owns it.


Text From 21525 Walgreens

Text messages from 21525 are from Walgreens. You are receiving them because you subscribed to Walgreens text message alerts.  

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Who Owns This Short SMS Code 21525?

Top on the list of questions many have immediately they receive a text message from 21525 is who is this message from or better yet what is a 21525 text message? Well, this SMS short code 21525 belongs to Walgreens. For those who are not familiar with it, Walgreens is an American store that mainly specializes in offering grocery products.

Walgreens has in place many systems designed to make sure that their customers not only feel at home but are also up to date on matters Walgreens when it comes to things like promotions, sales as well as when a certain item is back in stock. One such system is the use of an SMS short code, 21525.   

Why Did I Receive a Text From 21525?

There are many reasons why you’ve received a text message(s) from 21525. But before even getting into the details let's point out why you’ll receive text messages from Walgreens via 21525 in the first place.


Anyone shopping at Walgreens always has the option of signing up for or subscribing to receive updates from Walgreens in form of text messages. These messages can be about promotions, sales among other things.

To when you’ll start receiving texts from 21525, do note that you’ll only start if you’ve signed up to receive updates from Walgreens. As to why Walgreen is texting you using 21525, well, there can be several reasons - maybe they have new stock and such are sending you a text to inform you or maybe they are running a promotion or sale that they believe you’ll be interested in and a such the reason why they’ve decided to text you using 215252.    

Can I Be Scammed By Answering A Text Message From 21525?

No, there is no way that you can be scammed by replying to or following what a text message from 21525 instructs. In most cases, Walgreens usually uses this short SMS code 21525 to communicate with its customers to inform them of promotions, sales, or if they have new stocks they believe they’ll like among other things.

However, be careful when interacting with 21525, rule of thumb given the times we are living in is to never share sensitive or personal information with someone that you don’t know. Furthermore, Walgreens will ask for such information more so using this short SMS code 21525.

How Can I Stop Text Messages From 21525?

If you are receiving text messages from Walgreens using 215252 and for some reason, you would like them to stop sending you such texts then you do so by simply sending the word “STOP” to the said short SMS code. This will unsubscribe you from Walgreens text message alerts.

How Do I Get Text Alerts From 21525?

What if you haven’t subscribed to Walgreens text alerts and would love to do so? Well, the process just like unsubscribing is very simple. With signing up, however, it is best to visit Walgreen in person and share with them your personal phone number (doesn’t have to necessarily be personal as long you can access it). They’ll take you through the sign-up process and within no time you’ll start receiving text messages from 21525.

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