Why Did I Receive a Text From 24376? (Ahern Rentals or Scam)

With digital marketing quickly picking up the pace throughout the country combined with the fact that many companies are now embracing text-based alert systems to their customers, the number of texts we receive randomly daily has increased drastically over years.

With so many texts being sent around, it’s very hard to tell whether or not they are genuine. Simply put, it is hard to know for sure if someone is trying to scam you or has hacked you. This is why many people are very skeptical of unsolicited texts from random numbers.


Ahern Rentals

One such random number that’s been sending texts of late to many people randomly is 24376. As such many want to know whether or not it’s a scam, whether they’ve been hacked, and most importantly why did they receive a text from this code.

This post seeks to answer all these questions as it looks at who owns this short SMS code 24376 and why they are sending messages using it.


24376 is a short SMS code that belongs to Ahern Rentals, a U.S. based family-owned company that specializes in renting out high reach equipment.

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Which Company Is Behind 24376?

This short SMS code 24376 belongs to Ahern Rentals. For those who are wondering, Ahern Rentals is a U.S-based company in Las Vegas Nevada. It rents out much high-reach equipment to the masses. They boast of having ideal equipment for rent for just about any project.


What Is A Text From 24376?

A text message from 24376 is basically an alert or an update from Ahern Rentals. The alert or updates are usually on matters of Ahern Rental equipment. If you were to request to rent out any of their equipment or you are currently renting out their equipment or you’ve once rented out their equipment and opted in the text alert system then you’ll receive a text to the effect.

Are 24376 Texts A Scam?

Unsolicited text messages in some cases are usually the beginning of scams and as such, many are skeptical when they receive a text from an unknown number or SMS code. This is usually the case with those that receive texts from 24376. The answer to this question is no, texts from 24376 are not scams.

It is good however to always be mindful of the information you share with strangers and not just with 24376. Never share personal or sensitive information online or with people you are not familiar with.   

Can Texts From 24376 Be Trusted?

Yes, the text messages you receive from this short SMS code 24376 can be trusted. These texts are usually from Ahern Rental updating their customers on many details regarding their equipment.   

Why Did I Receive a Text From 24376?

Chances are you received a text message from 24376 because you’ve once been in business with Ahern Rentals. If this is the case then they are sending you a message to update you or alert you either about the contract the two of you have or about their equipment.

It is worth pointing out, however, that in some rare cases, individuals who haven’t been in business with Ahern Rental end up receiving a text from 24376. If this is the case, there is no need to panic, simply ignore the text and unsubscribe (see below on how to stop receiving messages from this SMS code). 

Can You Get Hacked By Responding To A Text From 24376?

No, there is no way that you can be hacked by simply responding to a text from 24376. Furthermore, this number doesn’t belong to hackers. It's owned by Ahern Rentals.

Is It Possible To Stop 24376 From Sending Me Texts?

A plus with Ahern Rentals and their text alert system is that they made it very easy to stop them from sending you texts via 24376. To stop receiving texts from 24376 send the word “STOP” OR “STOP ALL” to 24376. This should prevent Ahern Rentals from sending you texts using this short SMS code.

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