Why Did I Receive a Text From 24719? (T-Mobile or Scam)

If you were to look up this short SMS code 24719 on Google, you are bound to receive lots of hits. One of the reasons why this is so is the fact that many people have and are continuing to receive text messages from 24719. Given the number of people affected, there have been lots of speculations as to who is behind the texts sent through 24719, why they are texting people, and whether or not they are hackers.

This post seeks to put all claims to bed regarding texts from 24719 as it gives a clear answer as to who this code belongs to, why they are texting people, and whether they are scammers or hackers.


Tmobile 24719

Text messages sent via 24719 are not scams nor someone is trying to hack you. These texts are from T-Mobile, Totalwireless, or TracFone (it’s good to note that these are all the same company).  

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I Received A Text From 24719: Is It A Hacker?

Online, a common assumption many have and want to push on to others with regards to texts from 24719 is that it is that the texts are from hackers and that if you receive such text you’ve been hacked.

But is this really true? Well, the answer is no. Text messages as much as they touch on tech do not mean that you’ve been hacked. Furthermore, the texts are not usually from a hacker.

Who Sends Me A Text Using 24719?

Given the fact that a hacker is not the one who is sending you a message using this code. This will require knowing who owns this short SMS code. This 24719 SMS shortcode belongs to T-Mobile, Totalwireless, or TracFone.


Worth noting is that all these companies are the same. So if you’ve received a text from 24719 then chances are one of these companies is the one who is sending you the text messages.  

Text Message From 24719

If you’ve received a text message from 24719 chances are you’d love to know whether other people are receiving the same text with the same message. It is with this that’s important to look at what a text from 24719 says.

Everyone who receives a text from 24719 is usually instructed to update their phone. In other words, a text from 24719 (regardless of the person receiving it) says or tells them to update their phone.

Why Did I Receive a Text From 24719?

There is no clear reason as to why you are receiving a text message from 24719. It is worth noting, however, that you’ll only receive a text message from 24719 if you are with any of the following three phone companies;

  • T-Mobile
  • Totalwireless
  • TracFone

I Received A Text From 24719: What Should I Do?

Knowing what you know now given that you are almost finishing reading this post, many of you are probably wondering what they should do when or if they’ve received such a text and the answer is very simple.

There are two options here, one, you can actually do what the text says which is basically updating your phone, or two, you can neglect altogether. In fact, you can even go on and delete the text.

If you choose to update your phone, make sure you know what you are doing. If you don’t know it is best to despise the message to avoid any issues that might arise from updating your phone.

Can I Stop 24719 From Sending Me Texts?

At the moment there is no way of stopping any of these companies from sending you texts using 24719. You can however get in touch with the relevant company and complain and see whether or not you can stop receiving such texts from time to time. You could also block the number on both Android or iPhone.

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