Why Did I Receive A Text From 28777? (USPS or Scam)

Receiving a text from 28777 is very common in the United States. You are likely going to bump into someone by simply walking down the street in your neighborhood who at some point has received a text message from 28777. Despite this fact, however, there are some people that are yet to receive a text message(s) from 28777 and as such, they usually end up concerned as to why they received such a text when they actually do so.

If this is you, then you are going to find this post extremely useful as it gets to highlight this short SMS code 28777. Below you’ll find details like who this short SMS code belongs to, why they are sending you text messages using this code, and how to stop them from sending you text messages using 28777 if you don't want to.


Text From 28777

This short SMS code 28777 belongs to the United States Postal Service or USPS. Text messages sent by USPS through this code are usually updated on the status of a certain package(s) being delivered.

Who Does 28777 Code Belong To?

First things first, this short SMS code belongs to USPS or United States Postal Service in full. Back in 2014, USPS introduced text tracking as a way of informing their customers where their package or packages are when they are being delivered to them. To get in touch with their customers, USPS needed a short SMS code and that's how they ended up with 28777.  


Can USPS Text Me On My Phone?

Yes, USPS can text you on your phone to inform you of the whereabouts of your package in the event that you’ve given them the job of delivering it to you. Worth pointing out here is that you’ll first need to give them (USPS) permission to text you. This you can do by simply signing up for the USPS text tracking service.  

Why Will USPS Text Me Using 28777?

As already pointed out, those who receive text messages via 28777 from USPS do so with regards to the package. That said, USPS only texts its customers using this short SMS code 28777 to inform them of where their package is. Remember, there is an option to receive periodic updates after a short period of time and this is bound to see you receive lots of text messages from USPS using this short SMS code.

Are Text Messages From 28777 Free?

Yes, the text messages that you receive from USPS with regards to where your package(s) is are completely free. However, if you opt to respond to the text messages that they’ve sent you either by phoning them up or sending their support a message; you’ll be charged by your carrier the normal charge rates.


How Can I Sign Up For USPS Text Tracking service?

To give USPS permission to text you or simply put, to sign up for USPS text tracking service, simply go to USPS.com, select “Sign Up For Free”, input your address and check to see whether or not your location allows for informed delivery (USPS text tracking service). If your location allows informed delivery, proceed to create an account with the informed delivery option in place by following the on-screen prompts.

How Much Does USPS Text Tracking Cost?

Now that you know you can sign up for the USPS text tracking service, the next logical question is how much does it cost to sign up for the USPS text tracking service. That said, you can purchase this service at the Post Office for a small fee of $0.90. Keep in mind that this is the price for a First-Class Package Service and included in this price is the text tracking service.

Conclusion For "Text From 28777"

If you are receiving text messages from 28777, chances are you signed up for this service knowing or unknowingly. Either way, the text messages are from USPS and are usually updates on where your package is during delivery. There is always an option of opting out for those that don’t want to receive such texts simply get in touch with a USPS and they’ll guide you through.  

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