Why Did I Receive a Text From 32858? (American Express or Scam)

Text messages from 32858 are very common in the U.S. In fact, you are bound to find someone online who’s received a text message from 32858 without having to search that hard. At the same time, there are many speculations as to who these texts are from and who owns 32858.

That said this post seeks to provide you with definite answers regarding texts from 32858. These include answers to questions such as who owns this 32858 short SMS code, why you are receiving texts from this shortcode, and whether or not a text from 32858 means you’ve been hacked.


Text From 32858 American Express

Text messages from 32858 are messages from American Express. They usually alert or update their customers via messages through this code.

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SMS Short Code 32858

Top on the list of questions many people have once they’ve received a text from 32858 is who this SMS short code belongs to and thus the need to address this first. This short SMS code belongs to American Express, a multinational financial services corporation based in the U.S.

It usually uses this SMS code to get in touch with its customers to update them on a number of their services or for them to confirm certain activities online that affect their account like let’s say a password change.

Text From 32858

Text messages from 32858 or American Express can say many things given the fact that they (American Express) do send such texts to its customers for several reasons.


For example, if you requested a password change for your Personal Savings account online they’ll send you a one-time code on your phone via 32858 so as for you to confirm the action.

You are also bound to receive a text from them through this short SMS code 32858 if a withdrawal is made from your account given you’ve activated this feature.

How Do I Find Out Who Owns This 32858 Short Code?

For this particular code, there are two ways you can go about finding out who owns it. The first one is simply doing an online search on Google. Doing so will see you receive a bunch of results one of which will be American Express. You’ll find a link to American Express’s website indicating how and when they actually use this 32858 SMS code.

You can as well find out who owns this 32858 code by getting in touch with your network provider. Given the nature of the text, they should be able to share with you details of who is sending you text messages using this code, and in this case, who is sending you messages using it is American Express.    

Hackers or Not

The answer to this question is not as direct as some of you might want it to be. There are instances where if you receive a text from 32858 then chances are it’s a possible hack. At the same time, there are instances where receiving a text from 32858 doesn’t mean that there is a hack.

There is a possible hack if you receive a 6-digit code text message from 32858 with regards to changing the password and you never initiated such a request. In such instances, chances are high that someone is trying to change the password of your Personal Savings account with American Express online.

What Should I Do If I Receive A Text From 32858?

Well, it all depends on what the message says. There are some instances where you will be required to respond to text messages from 32858 while in some you don’t have to do anything at all.

For instance, if you’ve initiated a password change, you’ll need to key in the 6-digit code you received through 32858 as instructed. If you’ve received a text from 32858 informing you of a certain withdrawal you’ve made then you don’t have to do anything.   

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