Why Did I Receive a Text From 40404? (Twitter or Scam)

Receiving unsolicited text messages these days that touch on online accounts that we’ve created usually brings up many questions. In most cases, we always jump to the conclusion that we’ve been hacked or someone is trying to hack into our accounts. Given the nature of the account we operate, the conclusion might also be someone is trying to scam me and so on.

While this is usually the case more often than not, there are instances where receiving unsolicited texts comes with no malice. For instance, a company might choose to get in touch with its members or users using text messages.


Text From 40404 Twitter

It is this confusion that has resulted in many people falling victim to either scammers or hackers. As such it is always good to confirm before responding to an unsolicited text or ignoring it altogether. With this in mind, some people received text messages from 40404 and are wondering whether or not to respond. If this is you, keep on reading.

Text messages from this short SMS code, 40404, belong to Twitter. In other words, Twitter is the one sending messages using this SMS code.


Text From 40404

Before delving deep into why you are receiving text messages from 40404, let's first establish who this short SMS code belongs to, does it belong to hackers, scammers, or a legitimate company? This short SMS code belongs to Twitter. It normally uses this code to inform individuals with Twitter accounts regarding status, posts, comments, or any other thing that touches on their account.

It is good to note that the frequency in which you’ll receive text messages from 40404 comes down to the types of notifications you’ve set up to receive on your Twitter account. The more the notifications, the more texts you are likely to receive from 40404.  

Why Did I Receive a Text From 40404?

The reason why you are receiving text messages from 40404 is that you have an account with Twitter. To be more exact, you have an account with Twitter and you signed up for Twitter’s mobile SMS notification service. With this mobile service in place, Twitter sends account notifications to account holders via texts.


What Are Twitter’s SMS Notifications?

Twitter account holders who’ve signed up for Twitter’s Mobile SMS notification service receive text messages via 40404 every time their Twitter account has a new notification. This can be a new follower, comment, or post that they are mentioned in, or maybe a picture that you are tagged in. Some Twitter users set up Twitter’s mobile SMS service to receive notifications for certain specific phrases or words.

Can I Get Hacked From Replying To A Text From 40404?

Given that 40404 belongs to Twitter, there is no way you can get hacked when you respond to a message that they’ve sent you. In most cases, the response you make via text upon receiving a text message from 40404 usually ends up being a post on your Twitter account or a reply to a comment on Twitter.

How Do I Unsubscribe From 40404 Messages?

While it is ideal receiving text messages from Twitter via 40404, there are some instances where it can be annoying. Especially in situations where there is a bug that results in Twitter account holders receiving constant text messages from 40404.

It is with this that some consider unsubscribing. Unsubscribing from 40404 is very simple, simply;

  • Launch Twitter on Your Computer
  • Log-in Using Your Twitter Account Details
  • Click On Settings
  • Click On Mobile To Switch To Mobile Tab (This Will Allow You To Control Settings Related To Your Mobile Phone)
  • Remove The “Direct Messages” Check
  • Click On Save

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