Why Did I Receive a Text From 51789? (Microsoft or Scam)

Those who receive a text message(s) from 51789 are usually very curious as to who might be sending them such texts. In fact, depending on the context of the message sent using this SMS code 51789, some go as far as claiming that they’ve been hacked or better yet someone is trying to scam them.

While all these are all logical possibilities, it is not the case with texts received from 51789. To prove this, this post will get to highlight everything there is to know about this short SMS code 51789. This includes information on who this code belongs to and why they are actually sending you a text using this code.


Text From 51789 Microsoft

51789 is a short SMS code that belongs to Microsoft. The company uses this code to get in touch with people who use Microsoft products and services to update them or alert them. 

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How Do You Check Who Owns 51789?

The first thing many want to find out or know is who is sending them texts using 51789. In other words, who owns 51789? While there are many ways you can go about finding who owns 51789, there is one sure way of doing so and that is getting in touch with your provider.

The assumption is usually that phone providers cannot give out such information but in the real sense, they can especially with contact details of other companies.

As such, it is best to get in touch with your provider, share your concerns about the text you received, and ask them to share with you details of the company that sent you a text using that code.


Who Owns This SMS Code 51789?

If you were able to convince or charm your provider into giving you details about the company that owns this short SMS code then chances are you are well aware that it belongs to Microsoft. In other words, Microsoft owns 51789. This simply means that every time you receive a message from this short SMS code it's Microsoft reaching out to you.  

Why Did I Receive A Text By Microsoft Using 51789?

Now that we know that Microsoft is the company behind this short SMS code, am sure a question many of you have is why. Why would Microsoft send me a text and do they even send texts in the first place? Well, Microsoft, although not as often does send text messages to people that use their services.

For instance, when you sign in to your windows phone for the first time they’ll send you a text message using this 51789 code. They’ll also do the same if someone tries to use one of their features that require identity verification. Microsoft will also text you if you sign in to your account from a device that they are not familiar with.

Is This From a Hacker?

A text message from Microsoft doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ve been hacked. As you’ve seen from the information shared above, there are many reasons why Microsoft will send you a text many of which do not touch on someone being hacked.

It is good to note however that a text from Microsoft that’s asking you to input a certain code to complete a transaction you didn’t initiate might mean that someone is trying to hack your account. This can as well mean that someone is trying to change the password to your account hence someone is trying to hack you.

Can I Stop Microsoft From Sending me Texts Using 51798?

Like with many text alert based systems, you have the option of opting out. With this particular code 51798, the process is very simple. Just end the word “STOP” to 51798 and you’ll automatically stop receiving text messages from this code.

You can as well get in touch with Microsoft and inform them that you want to be removed from their text-based alerts system and they’ll happily do it for you.

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