Why Did I Receive a Text From 55678? (Amera Mobile or Scam)

Random texts are a ton plenty nowadays. Ask just about anyone about random texts and they’ll tell you that they’ve received at least one random text if not this week then this month. In fact, some even end up receiving up to five random texts a week.

With such a high number of random texts, questions are bound to pop up. One such question is who is sending me these texts and how can I stop them from sending me these texts.


If you happen to have received a random text from 55678 and have similar questions then you’ve come to the right place. This post will get to answer all the questions you have with regards to this short SMS code 55678.

Amera Mobile Text From 55678

This short SMS code belongs to Amera Mobile. It is a code that individuals can use to participate in mobile campaigns that are supported by Amera Mobile.


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This 55678 SMS Code Belongs To?

Knowing who this short SMS code 55678 belongs to is very important to just about anyone who receives a text message from it. That said this shortcode belongs to Amera Mobile. Amera Mobile is basically a US-based company that’s located in Joplin, Missouri.

Amera Mobile provides many marketing services throughout the country including mobile marketing solutions that features mobile surveys, mobile trivia, texts alert and notification, and text to win campaigns.    


Is A Text From 55678 A Scam?

Another popular question many have when they receive a text from 55678 is whether or not it’s a scam. The answer to this question is no. text messages from 55678 are not scams. There is a legit company behind this short SMS code and the context of the texts they send are usually true.

For instance, if they are promoting a certain campaign then that campaign is legit. The same also applies if they are marketing a certain service or product to you.

Why Did I Receive a Text From 55678?

Amera Mobile as already pointed out offers a wide variety of mobile marketing solutions. So if you have received a text from 55678 then the reason why you did so varies from one person to the other.

You might have received a text from 55678 inviting you to take part in a campaign and someone else car receive a text from 55678 marketing a product or service.

Factor in the fact that other people can run their campaigns using Amera Mobile’s platform and the reason(s) why you actually received a text from 55678 increases significantly.   

To put it simply, it is not possible to say with certainty that the reason why you are receiving a text from 55678 is because of this and this reason.  

Is It Possible To Respond To A 55678 Text?

Given that Amera Mobile runs several campaigns that require some feedback or input, those who’ve received a text through this short SMS code can respond to them. However, what you can respond to is usually limited to one or two words.

For instance, if you received a text from 55678 and it’s a campaign-based text then you can only respond with a predefined response like let’s say “WIN."  

Can I Opt Out Of Texts From 55678?

Yes, it is possible to stop Amera Mobile from sending you messages using the code 55678. In fact, Amera Mobile has made it very easy to do so. To opt-out, simply send the word “STOP” to 55678. This will stop them from sending you any more texts regardless of the context.

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