Why Did I Receive a Text From 60680? (York School District 1 or Scam)

With so much going on nowadays throughout the country many companies and even some institutions have embraced the use of text alert systems to alert and update their customers or just individuals in general on on-going events. One such institution that’s embraced text-based alert systems of late is York School District 1. They’ve been reaching out to parents using the SMS code 60680.

Yes, a text message from 60680 is not a scam neither is it a random text. In this post, you’ll get to see why York School District 1 is reaching out to individuals using this short SMS code. Furthermore, it’ll show you how to opt-out from their text-based alert system if that’s something you are keen on.


Text From 60680 York School District 1

Text messages from this short SMS code60680 come from York School District 1.

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Who Does 60680 Belong To?

As already pointed out in this post, this short SMS code 60680 belongs to York School District 1. York School District 1 uses this code to get in touch with its students, community, staff as well as parents of students enrolled in their institutions.  

Text Message From 60680?

A text message from 60680 basically means an alert or a notification from York School District 1. Worth pointing out, York School District 1 is among the first institutions in the country to embrace text-based alert systems. They do expect this text-based alert system to complement alert systems they have in place already such as phone calls and emails to make sure parents or any party involved in the institution know exactly what’s happening and when.

Why Did I Receive a Text From 60680?

There are many reasons why York School District 1 will send you a text using this short SMS code 60680. Assuming that you are a parent of a student at York School District 1, or you are a student, or a staff member, or simply part of York School District 1 community, you are likely to receive a text from 60680 for the following reasons;

  • You’ll receive a text communicating to you when schools will be closed and when they’ll be opened (in case of a change in date you’ll also be notified)
  • You’ll also receive text messages through this short SMS code 60680 to inform and update you on all things attendance.
  • Disruptions in school will also result in you receiving a text message alert from York School District 1 using the code 60680.

Should I Trust What A Text Message From 60680 Says?

Yes, you should trust the context of the message you receive from this short SMS code 60680. This also applies if you don’t have a child at York School District 1 or you are simply not part of the community.

It is always best to be cautious when dealing with information shared digitally given that hacks can happen and someone might actually gain control of this short SMS code and mislead parents, teachers, or members of the community.

Opt-Out Of Receiving Texts From 60680

Like any other text-based alert system, you have the option of opting out. In fact, the process is very simple. Just send the word “STOP” to 60680 and you’ll stop receiving texts from this shortcode. It is however advised not to do so given that you’ll miss out on important updates or alerts that might affect your child(s) who’s studying at York School District 1.

You can opt-out if your child(s) has left York School District 1 or if you can receive alerts from York School District 1 through other means like a phone call or email.

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