Why Did I Receive a Text From 88811? (Legit or Scam)

We are living in a time where pretty much everything is done digitally. From handling money to the way we communicate with friends, loved ones, or family members, everything is digital nowadays. It is with this that it comes as no surprise that many people are constantly receiving calls or sometimes text messages from numbers or SMS codes they are not familiar with.

In fact, as of writing this post, many people have been receiving text messages from 88811. As expected, many have no idea who the text is from. Even worse, some of the texts sent using this short SMS code contain sensitive information like Tax and this has resulted in many wondering whether these texts are from a scammer trying to scam them?


If you’ve received a text from 88811 and also wondering who it’s from this post was written with you in mind. Below you’ll see who this 88811 code belongs to, why they are texting you, and better yet how you can opt-out.

88811 is a short SMS code that belongs to Mobile Marketing Group Ltd. They use this number to text many US-based residents on promotions, sales, events, and or anything they are paid to.

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What Is A Text From 88811?

One might argue that the answer to this question is the main reason why you decided to click on this post and as such will get straight to it. This short SMS code 88811 belongs to a company in the U.S. called Mobile Marketing Group Ltd.

This company as many might know simply by their name specialize in digital marketing and this includes marketing via texts. They are contracted or should I say paid by companies throughout the country to help spread the word about sales, promotion, simply put anything that needs marketing via text hence the reason why are receiving text messages from them via 88811.

Why Did I Receive Text From 88811?

Texts messages from 88811 as already pointed out are texts from Mobile Marketing Group Ltd. This company’s main goal is to offer digital marketing services for many companies in the U.S. digitally including marketing via texts. If you are receiving a text from them through 88811 then chances are they are trying to sell, market, or showcase a product or service to you.


There are instances where individuals have claimed receiving text messages from this short SMS code 88811 promoting TurboTax and as such, that’s something they also do and you might just get a text informing you of all things TurboTax.   

Is It a Scam?

Despite the message being unsolicited and from a company that you probably didn’t have an idea existed, the text message or the message that they send to individuals through 88811 is true.

Whether it’s a sale or a promotion they are sending to you about a product or a service, it is completely true and the company they are marketing is also very real and it exists in the U.S.

These in mind, messages from 88811 are not a scam. However, it is always good to be very careful when it comes to interacting with contacts you don’t know. As such, don’t send any personal information to this number including things like your full names, contact details, or even your SNN to avoid any potential scam-related attacks.

How Can You Find Out Who Sent You A Text Using 88811?

If you want to find out who this shortcode belongs to, you can do so in a very simple way. Simply get in touch with your network provider and ask them to tell you who this code belongs to as they are selling or marketing something to you and simply want to tell whether or not it is true. They should be able to give you the details of the person or company behind 88811 and in this case, it belongs to Mobile Marketing Group Ltd.

How Do I Stop 88811 From Texting Me?

If you’d like to stop 88811 from sending you texts, simply get in touch with Mobile Marketing Group Ltd using their contact details and ask the person you speak with that you want them to stop sending you texts. The process is straightforward, fast, and easy. You’ll be removed from their text alert system ASAP.

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