Why Did I Receive a Text From 89361? (NOAA or Scam)

If you’ve received a text message from 89361 then chances are you are not really sure what’s going on. This is more so the case if you were to factor in the content of the message in the text that you received. It is with this that many wonder or ask whether they are being scammed. If this is you (wondering whether a text from 89361 is a scam), then this post is going to be very ideal as it gets to focus on this particular short SMS code.

In particular, this post will look at who owns this short SMS code 89361, why they are sending messages using this code, and whether or not it’s a scam.


Text messages from this short SMS code 89361 are not a scam. There are messages from National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and are sent out as emergency notifications or alerts to any NOAA staff member.  

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Who Owns This Short SMS Code – 89361?

To a question am sure a number of you asked immediately you received a text from 89361, who is texting me, or better yet who owns this short SMS code? Well, going by information by the information shared by Everbridge, Inc., this short SMS code belongs to the National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration or NOAA in short.


For those who are not aware, NOAA is an American based organization that monitors and alerts NOAA staff of any emergency in the country. Those bound to be sent alerts (NOAA staff) include federal employees, NOAA contractors, employees, or any other associate.    

Why Am I Receiving Text Messages From 89361?

This short SMS code 89361 as already mentioned belongs to NOAA. They usually send text messages using this code to individuals to warn them or update them of any emergency(s). For those who are after a direct answer, the reason why you are receiving a text from 89361 (or from NOAA) is to warn you of any emergency that might be developing.

Worth pointing out, the emergencies NOAA sends alerts for using 89361 varies from climate to burst sewer pipes that are causing major disruption. Also important to note, they might use your other personal contact information to contact you and this includes things like email or a phone call.


Can I Trust Texts From 89361?

Yes, you can trust messages from 89361. The messages you receive on your phone through this short SMS code are from NOAA, a government-based organization. However, it is always good to be mindful of the information you receive, always confirm with a friend or the news to see whether what’s conveyed through the message is true. Also, never share personal information through this code. NOAA will never as for such and as such, you should never do so.

Will 89361 Share My Contact Details?

Given that NOAA is a government-based organization, many wonder whether they’ll share their contact details and the answer is no. NOAA will never share your personal contact information; they only use it for alert purposes when there is an emergency.  

If I Respond To A Text From 89361, Will I Get Scammed?

Responding to a text message from 89361 will not result in you being scammed. And just in case you are wondering why, well, the messages are from NOAA, a government-based organization and they only send messages relating to emergencies with regards to your surroundings.

How Can I Stop 89361 From Sending Me Texts?

If you don’t want to continue receiving text messages from 89361, you’ll need to get in touch with one of NOAA’s representatives and inform them of your request. The process is straightforward and fast -- they should be able to unsubscribe you from their emergency text alert system.

You also have the option of instructing NOAA to not send you alerts by phone or text. You can have them send you alerts via email or through a phone call. Simply get in touch with them and voice your request.

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