Why Did I Receive a Text Message From 32665? (Scam or Not)

If you happen to have a Facebook account that’s active then chances are you’ve been receiving lots of text messages about Facebook and your account from 32665. This, as am sure you are aware of, is not a common occurrence, and given that we are living in a time when being hacked or scammed is a daily norm, many are quick to jump to the conclusion that they’ve been hacked or are being scammed. But is this really the case?

If you’ve been receiving text messages from 32665, do not be alarmed regardless of how many they are as it’s not a scam and no one has hacked you. The text messages you are receiving are from Facebook.


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What Is A Text From 32665?

To understand why you shouldn't be alarmed by text messages from 32665, it is important to know who the code belongs to. That said this 32665 code belongs to Facebook. This popular social media platform uses this shortcode (32665) to communicate with its users' notifications about their Facebook account(s).

Why Did I Receive a Text Message From 32665?

Now that we are clear on who is behind this 32665 code or simply put who sends messages using this 32665 code, it’s time to focus our attention on why. To be more exact, why would Facebook communicate with Facebook users using this code. 


There are many reasons why Facebook uses this code to communicate with its users. For starters, Facebook will send users a message using 32665 to inform them about notifications in their accounts. This includes account notifications like someone commenting on a post they’ve posted or liking a post they’ve posted.

Facebook also uses this code to inform users of changes to their account security-wise. For example, let’s say a password change was requested for an account. Facebook will use this code to inform the account holder of the same. If they did make such a request then they'll have to key in the code shared in the message to the password change process.

The same also goes with sign-ins. If someone or maybe an account holder tries to sign in to an account in a location Facebook is not familiar with they’ll block the attempt and send a message to the account holder informing them of the sign-in attempt.     


What If I Respond To The Text Messages From 32665?

Interestingly enough, Facebook users can as well use this 32665 code to post something on their Facebook account in response to the message that Facebook shared. For instance, let’s say Facebook sends a message using this code to inform a user that someone has a birthday. Users can respond to this message and the response they send across will be posted on the timeline of the person who’s having a birthday.

The same also applies to Facebook comments. When replying to a message sent using this 32665 code by Facebook about a certain comment on Facebook someone made on a post you posted, what you type or send as your reply or response will be uploaded as your official response to the initial comment.    

How Do I Stop Text Messages From 32665?

While it is not bad to receive such texts from Facebook, they can sometimes be a bother. This was the case recently when a bug affected the frequency in which users received Facebook text messages using this 32665 code. It is with this that some want to stop receiving text messages from 32665.

If this is something you’ve wanted to do for some time, then you’ll be happy to note that it is straightforward to stop text messages from 32665. This can actually be attributed to the fact that the texts actually come from a reputable company, Facebook.

To stop Facebook from sending you texts using 32665 simply text the word “STOP” to 32665 and you’ll stop receiving text messages or notifications by Facebook regarding your account.  

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