Why Did I Receive Text Messages From 24273? (Scam or Not)

In the past, getting text messages from any number wasn’t such a big deal. Today, given the times we are living in, getting strange text messages from a strange number(s) raises a lot of questions. This is especially so when the text message(s) received contains sensitive information like bank details or digital wallet details. Many are quick to conclude that they’ve been hacked or someone is trying to scam them when they receive such text messages from numbers that they don’t know. It is with this that many ask, why did I receive a text message from so and so? 

That said this post gets to highlight text messages from 24273. In particular, it’ll get to answer who this short SMS code belongs to (who’s sending the text messages) and why they are sending certain people text messages using this shortcode.  


Text messages sent by or from 24273 are not scams. These are text messages from Chase Bank US. Here is why Chase Bank is sending some of its user’s messages using this SMS shortcode.

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Text From 24273

Before even getting deep into why some people are receiving text messages from 24273, it is good to point out what a text from 24273 really means or simply put who these texts are from. 24273 is currently an active shortcode that’s used by Chase Bank. Chase Bank uses this shortcode to text its clients or customers who’ve signed up for Chase Bank mobile banking. The number of text messages a Chase Bank account holder can receive from this 24273 SMS code depends on the number of transactions they perform with their Chase Bank account via their phone.

Why Am I Receiving Text Messages From 24273?

There are many reasons why Chase Bank texts its clients or customers using this SMS shortcode. Worth noting however is the fact that Chase Bank is only going to send someone a text message using this 24273 number if they’ve signed up for Chase Bank mobile banking. In other words, Chase Bank account users who’ve signed up for mobile thanking are the only ones who’ll receive messages from Chase Bank using this code.

For starters, they are bound to send a text message to their clients or customers using this code if they’ve requested for or they want to check the balance on their business savings or checking account. They are also bound to send a text using this SMS shortcode to their clients or customers who’ve signed up for mobile banking and want to inquire about or review a certain transaction.


Other reasons why Chase Bank texts account holders who’ve signed up for mobile banking using this SMS code number include retrieving payment as well as the amount on an account holder’s credit card bill. They also send text messages to help their customers manage their finances better and to notify them of any online activity that involves their account.

Do I Get Charged For Receiving Texts Messages From 24273?

Another question many have with regards to text messages from this 24273 number is whether or not they’ll be charged when they receive them. Chase Bank Account holders receiving messages from 24273 are not charged for the SMS they receive. To put it simply, Chase Bank US sends text messages to account holders using this SMS shortcode for free.

Can I Respond To Text Messages Sent By 24273?

Yes, account holders who’ve received text messages from 24273 can respond to the message they’ve received. In fact, Chase Bank account holders can use this short SMS code to check the balance on their account, see a list of their account nicknames, a list of commands they can use to text back as well as check the due date of their nicknamed credit card account payment.  

How Do I Stop 24273 From Sending Me Messages?

Chase Bank account holders who receive text messages from 24273 have the option of stopping Chase Bank from sending them such steps. To do this, simply text the word “STOP” to 24273. This will unsubscribe you from Chase Bank via text and as such, you’ll stop receiving texts from 24273.