Tradeology Review: Price Prediction Scanner

Tradeology is an excellent company, which provides more than you expect when it comes to Forex trading. This is a Tradeology review of a Price Prediction Scanner, which is all about stock price prediction using machine learning and Forex trading. They have been around for about a decade and are well known amongst the forex traders as they make use of simple stock price prediction formulas. They have more than thirty different top quality and well-received trading systems available.

About Tradeology Services

Tradeology has been around for a while and is involved in the creation and release of systems for the forex traders. It is a web-based financial education company, which is located in South Africa.


The company has been successful in establishing itself as neither the most expensive nor the cheapest system providers and has a middle ground when it comes to pricing. This means it is quite affordable for whoever wants to give this company a shot with their forex trading skills. In a nutshell, it offers a range of products that are designed to improve the trading performance, and it includes an indicator-based signals service.

The Website

Their website, which is used by the subscribers, is designed very well. It is entirely professional, yet it is simple to navigate. It also has a support section where the users can seek help and support from the company via email, live chat, or Skype. This is not a very common feature in such websites, and it is quite a positive and useful one for the subscribers.


Emphasis on Financial Education

One of the best things about Tradeology is that they have a strong focus on education. They provide a great variety of educational and training materials. They include a detailed instruction manual that offers step-by-step trading examples and videos on their system and indicators for using the Forex trading platform.

It is due to their strong commitment to educating their customers, which brings in more repeat customers with each of their new system releases. These educational materials help the users to learn about stock price prediction machine learning techniques and forex trading techniques.

Products and Services

Tradeolgy is offering many different products and services. They have included more than thirty different investment predictions and education systems in the past. With the help of stock price prediction machine learning, it has been quite successful. Some of the more recent ones are mentioned below


Free Videos With Value

It is always good to have a company, which provides its customers or subscribers with free education or training materials. Currently, there are about fifteen YouTube videos, which are free. These are offered by the company to help its customers by educating them about forex. These are useful for everyone, whether they are at the beginner level or advanced.

Trade Predator System

Many systems are available with Tradeology for the subscribers, but some of the more recent ones are quite good and popular with the investors. These are both proprietary indicators that overlay on the MetaTrader 4 platform, and it can give accurate signals on the pairs of forex trading. One of these is the Trade Predator.

It is equipped with a welcome as well as installation videos, which can be easily downloaded from the proprietary indicator. The section also has some video tutorials through which the user can learn many techniques. This includes how to use the platform and about the stock price prediction formulas. There is also a cheat sheet, which gives references on how to utilize the proprietary indicator and gives detailed information for using the indicator for generating entry as well as exit signals while trading. A comprehensive user manual also exists, which contains trading examples. According to Tradeology, this is best for one hour or more extended trading period.

Forex Boost System

This is another system offered by the company. This also includes a welcome and setup video tutorial. It also gives the option to the customer to download two system indicators. One of these indicators is an internationally followed standard, which is popular with most traders all over the world. The other one is the proprietary indicator. There are also MT4 video tutorials, which ensure that you have utilized the most popular forex-trading platform successfully.

These two indicators are equipped with a cheat sheet, which is quite handy and can be downloaded for reference. There are also instructions on utilizing and generating entry and exit strategies. This forex profit boost is applicable to most forex currency pairs as well as for trading periods.

Forex Duality System

This is the latest from Tradeology in forex prediction and trading systems. It is equipped with the elements needed for training and trading to place real-time and successful trades. Thanks to this system, it provides the users easy stock price prediction formulas that help them to learn the tricks of the trade fast!

Tradeology Pros and Cons

There is a wide variety of price prediction systems and educational services that are useful for any forex trader. The pros and cons of this system are mentioned below.

Tradeology Pros

  • The Forex Duality has released systems for about a decade and has been able to improve and fine-tune over the years
  • The company has been successful in putting out more than thirty different systems so far
  • The systems offered by Tradeology are at a mid-tier price point, which is affordable by most people

Tradeology Cons

  • The new system has almost a flawless track record, but the users are unable to figure out exactly how successful the forex duality is

Tradeology is quite an impressive company, which is excellent for those people who want to learn and understand the stock price prediction. It is useful for both beginners as well as for advanced users. It offers excellent support to its subscribers and has a professional yet user-friendly website. They have been around for a long time, have established a strong and loyal customer base, and have managed to improve their services over a decade. It's up to you on whether you want to utilize this program for your day trading sessions.

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