Uptime: The App with 5-Minute Knowledge Hacks

In the past, it often happened that I needed information to include in a document and just had to leave it out as I didn’t have the time to look for it. Sometimes I even knew in what book or document I could find the information. I just didn’t have the time to search for it. 

If you have the same problem, don’t despair. I’ve found an app that is now solving this problem for me. The Uptime app presents me with five-minute summaries of books, documents, and other sources. 


To find out more about this fantastic app, read on. I’ll share details about the app and some of my experiences with you. 

  • About the Uptime App
  • Content Format
  • Main Features of the Uptime App
  • Benefits for Creators
  • How to Download
Uptime: The App with 5-Minute Knowledge Hacks
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About the Uptime App

The best way for me to describe the app is to call it a “micro-learning” platform. It provides five-minute “knowledge hacks” from books, documentaries, and courses. 

Uptime: The App with 5-Minute Knowledge Hacks
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It is meant for people like me who need a summary of a document and who don't have the time to read the whole document. 


The aim of the app is to give us as users the opportunity to find information in a condensed form. But it must be given in such a way that we are able to quickly grasp the ideas and insights set out in the document or book without spending too much time on it. 

But it also works the other way round. I, for instance, love books and if I have the time I read a lot. If I’ve listened to a new book’s five-minute summary, and I like the content, I will likely purchase the book to read the complete content. 

Anybody Can Benefit

Uptime’s founders have said the platform is aimed at anyone who wants to learn about interesting things. I think you’ll agree that most of us don't have the time and energy to research all the things we are interested in. Many also have limited resources to do so.


By using the app, I’m filling my spare time with uplifting content. The app is perfect for Gen Z, Millennials, and anyone who wants to enhance their general knowledge. The short summaries are ideal and in line with our full days where everything has to be done instantly and quickly.

Uptime has created an app that is a one-stop shop for knowledge. Instead of working through numerous sites, books, courses, etc., we can get the best content from trusted experts and sources. All I have to do is select the topics I’m interested in and then get my five minutes of access to the key elements.

Content Format

It will interest you to know that it is also fun to work with the app. I can learn the content from a variety of formats, making it more interesting to do so. The short info pieces, called “hacks” are presented in a unique visual story format.

Uptime: The App with 5-Minute Knowledge Hacks
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It is designed to be inspirational and to make learning effective, but the process must still be fun, engaging, and shareable. I can read through a hack if I want to, but I can also choose to listen to an audio recording. 

To watch it in Instagram-story-style animation is another option and can be fun. At the end of each hack, I’m given the option to buy the book, watch the full documentary or sign up for the course from the original source.

Uptime Saves Time

To create the hacks, Uptime takes popular non-fiction books, documentary films, and e-learning courses, and breaks them down into 5-minute “knowledge hacks.” 

This enables me to get the most important message, knowledge, and essence of the book or course without having to read through it myself. 

The app is really nicely designed. It offers well-organized topics and great themed collections. The knowledge hacks are serious but presented light-hearted for easy digestion. 

Main Features of the Uptime App

With this app, I have access to new ideas and insights from more than 1,500 books, educational courses, and documentaries. Every week dozens of hacks are added. 

Uptime: The App with 5-Minute Knowledge Hacks
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I have the privilege to get insight hacks from the world’s best books, courses, and documentaries. I listen to the latest hacks to stay up-to-date with developments in my field.

The app is designed to provide three key insights to inspire me in every five-minute knowledge hack. Currently, the hacks cover more than 18 different topics including money, fitness, business, health, and more.

As all the hacks are also audible I often listen on the go saving me valuable time. If I have to read the book I can’t do it while on the move, say when I’m jogging. I can even re-listen to summaries that I’ve stored on the app.    

Knowledge Is Power

The app offers productive learning at its best. The app’s expert team and the technology they use scan through millions of courses, books, and documentaries to provide me with the best and most relevant educational hacks. The five minutes are structured in such a way that I really receive smart and relevant insights and ideas.

Apart from giving me the information instantly, Uptime allows me to keep the knowledge and reuse it. If I love a hack and want more depth, I get a link in the app to purchase the book, linking me to the clever ideas and knowledge of thousands of leading authors.

You will agree that knowledge is power. With this app, I experience that I am a step ahead of my colleagues regarding the newest trends and information in our work field. Many of my friends and colleagues are now also using the app!

Benefits for Creators

When I started to use the app there were moments that I worried about the rights of the authors and other creators of the content. I wondered how they felt about the fact that their knowledge, insights, and ideas were used by me and other users of the app free of charge. 

Uptime: The App with 5-Minute Knowledge Hacks
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But as I’ve read more about the app and seen comments of content writers online, it seems that authors and creators are actually excited to be invited to be part of Uptime. 

They see the five-minute summaries as an advertisement of their books and some have said that they have an increase in sales after their book summary was uploaded to Uptime. 

I realize now that as the app provides a link to enable one to purchase the book, the authors get more exposure and in the end more book sales. Both users and content creators benefit from Uptime.

The Future of Uptime

Although there is already plenty of content and topics on the app to keep me busy for a long time, they are working on an ever-expanding library of hacks. I’ve seen online that the developers want to expand beyond the current themes and topics.

The current content includes popular science books like The Selfish Gene and self-help “old-timers” like How to Win Friends and Influence People. They are working on more fields for hacking than the already available hacks on cooking, fitness, anxiety, space, business, and a few biographies.

But I must warn you, even with their planned expansion the app will not magically transform you into a mega-brain with the world’s knowledge overnight. The hacks have their limits and therefore it always links through to the original source material so you can read it if you want to.

How to Download

The Uptime app is free to download and use. This is in line with the developers’ motto that knowledge has to be available for everyone as a free service. There are also no ads or subscriptions in the free version.

Uptime: The App with 5-Minute Knowledge Hacks
Image Source: Google Play Store

I downloaded the app onto my Android phone from the Google Play Store

I searched for ‘Uptime: Discover 5-min Knowledge Insights & Hacks’ and clicked ‘Install’ from the app's page to download to my device. 

The app offers in-app purchases, so be sure to grant any requested permissions.

Download for iOS

The app is also available for iOS. If you have an iPhone you can get the app in the Apple App Store

Search for ‘Uptime: 5-min Knowledge Hacks’ and click ‘Get’ from the app's page to being installing it to your device.

Though the app is free, it does offer in-app purchases, so be sure to grant any requested permissions during the download process.


I find the Uptime app very interesting and handy. I use it whenever I need information or insights on a topic in the fields currently covered in their app. And I don't just use the app for work and assignments, but often just to broaden my knowledge

With expert authors like Lily Cole, Oobah Butler, and Dr. Tara Swart, I strongly recommend that you download and try out this free app.