Can You Use Venmo in Kenya? (Answer + Details!)

Peer-to-peer payment apps are used by many people nowadays. While this might be a plus when it comes to money transfer, it does make it difficult to point out ideal P2P apps. Luckily, there are a few P2P apps that really stand out from the rest. One such peer-to-peer app is Venmo. Ever since it was launched back in 2009, the app, thanks to its numerous features has ended up gaining a massive following many of whom have created Venmo accounts.  

With so many active users and many more signing up for accounts, lots of questions have popped up regarding Venmo and the services it offers. One really common question is whether or not Venmo users can use Venmo when they travel outside the United States. A perfect example is Kenya; many in the US want to know whether they can use their Venmo accounts in Kenya.


You cannot use Venmo in Kenya. There are however Venmo alternatives in Kenya that you can make use of while there. 

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Is Venmo In Kenya?

Currently, Venmo is not in Kenya. Simply put, there is no way you can use your Venmo account while in Kenya. In case you are wondering why, well, Venmo is yet to set up a framework in Kenya that allows users to send or receive money using it. In fact, such a framework is only in the US meaning it can only be used in the US alone.


Worth noting as well for those who are in Kenya and want to open a Venmo account, to have a Venmo account, you’ll need to be physically located in the US. Furthermore, you’ll need a valid US phone number that’s able to receive and send text messages. In other words, opening a Venmo account In Kenya is basically impossible.

Why Is Venmo Not In Kenya?

In addition to not having a framework yet that can support Venmo transactions, there are many reasons why Venmo is not in Kenya. For starters, Kenya has many peer-to-peer apps that basically do the same thing Venmo does.

These include the likes of Mpesa, Airtel Money, and T-Kash just to mention a few. In fact, one might argue that it is in Kenya where the whole concept of peer-to-peer apps that allow users to send or receive money using their phone came from.


Banking policies and regulations are another reason why Venmo is not in Kenya and probably won’t be any time soon. Kenya’s banking regulations and policies are slightly strict and even if Venmo was to meet them they’ll still be entering a market that’s dominated by one player despite the presence of so many P2P apps or platforms.  

Can You Send Money Using Venmo To Kenya?

Venmo users in the US who want to send money to Kenya cannot be able to do so. This is so even if the person you are planning on sending the money to is a US citizen with a valid Venmo account. The reason is what we’ve already pointed out and that’s the fact that Venmo is yet to set up a framework outside the US that supports its services. 

How Can I Send Someone Money In Kenya?

If you are in the US and want to send money to someone in Kenya, you are better off using Venmo alternatives. One such alternative that will not disappoint is PayPal. PayPal is international and allows users to send and receive money worldwide. Simply create an account to top it up and send the money you want to send to someone in Kenya.  

Venmo Alternatives In Kenya

While many Venmo alternatives around the world can be used in Kenya, we will only get to look at those that are based there. That said, Venmo alternatives in Kenya are Mpesa, T-Kash, Airtel Money, Mobi-Cash, and HFC Mobile Banking. All these apps or platforms allow those residing in Kenya to send and receive money using their mobile devices. 

Venom despite its great service is not available in Kenya. Venmo account holders traveling to Kenya should look for alternatives that’ll allow them to still send and receive money using their mobile phones. 

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