Can You Use Venmo in Korea? (Answer + Info)

If you want to use Venmo in Korea, this guide should provide you with all the information you need. Companies worldwide are coming up with a number of innovative methods designed to make the process of money transfer simple, reliable, fast, and most importantly hassle-free. One such innovative method is the introduction of peer-to-peer apps. With P2P apps, users are able to send money using their phone in just a matter of minutes. One P2P app that’s really causing a buzz is Venmo.

Given its popularity, Venmo users have increased significantly over the years in the country. With this increase, many are curious about all things Venmo and this as many would expect has resulted in a number of questions popping up. One such question is whether or not Venmo is international. In other words, is it possible to use Venmo if you are in another country let’s say, Korea?


You cannot use Venmo in Korea. This P2P app is not yet international and transactions are only limited to those residing in the US.  

Why Would You Use Venmo?

Before delving deep into whether you can or cannot use Venmo in Korea, let’s first look at why you would use Venmo in the first place. There are a number of reasons why you would use Venmo. Worth noting is that all of these reasons touch on matters of money.

For instance, if you would like to send or receive money in a manner that’s not only fast but also reliable, hassle-free, and more importantly convenient then Venmo is an ideal choice.


Another reason why you should embrace Venmo is freedom. With it, you can forget about carrying things like a wallet, your credit cards, or simply just physical money because, with Venmo, users can make payments at various stores or shopping outlets in the country.

Even better, using Venmo to make payments, regardless of the store or item purchased, comes with a number of rewards or benefits that include free cash.  

Can You Use Venmo In Korea?

Now to the reason why many of you decided to click on this particular post and that is, is it possible to use Venmo in Korea if I happen to travel there? The answer to this question is no. Venmo is not yet international and as such, users cannot use it in Korea.


In fact, Venmo users are very limited when it comes to where they can actually use their Venmo account. Currently, users can only use their Venmo accounts in the US given that it’s the only country where it operates.

Worth noting as well is the fact that in order to use Venmo you’ll need to have a Venmo account. In Korea, a majority or better yet no one has a Venmo account given the fact that in order to have or create one, you’ll need to be physically located in the US and share with Venmo a working US phone number that can be able to send and receive short code messages something that many residing in Korea don’t have or can’t do.

What If I Want To Send Money To Korea?

Sending money to Korea, even if you were to do so to someone with a valid Venmo account holder (it might be a friend from the US or a family member) is not possible. Keep in mind that Venmo is not yet international, its use is only limited to the US where they’ve set up shop.

In Korea, the framework needed for Venmo to work properly is simply not there, and as such, sending money to Korea using a Venmo account is not possible.

If you are thinking of sending money to Korea, your best bet is to use a Venmo alternative. One such alternative is PayPal. With it, you’ll be able to easily send money to someone who is in Korea. You can as well use PayPal while in Korea given that some businesses including restaurants and hotels accept payment through PayPal.   

There is no way you can use Venmo in Korea. There are however alternative apps that you can make use of whether you are thinking about sending money to Korea or simply using them while in Korea. One such app is PayPal.

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