Can You Use Venmo in the Philippines? (Answer + Info)

Are you trying to use Venmo in the Philippines? Before we get to that, here's a bit of information about this mobile payment app. Peer-to-peer payment apps are proving to be very useful and convenient especially for those who are not big fans of carrying money or credit cards around everywhere they go. With P2P apps, users can easily send and receive money using their mobile phones. They can as well use their phones to make payments when shopping online or at physical stores. One such P2P app that is really gaining popularity, as well as many users, is Venmo.

Given its popularity, many questions are popping up about Venmo. One such common question is whether or not Venmo is accessible outside the US. This is especially so with those planning on traveling outside the country and who doesn’t want to or plan on using or carrying physical money with them.


Having said that this post will look at whether or not it is possible to use Venmo in the Philippines.   

No, Venmo users cannot use Venmo in the Philippines. Here is what there is to know about this as well as Venmo alternatives that Venmo users can and should embrace while in the Philippines.   

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Venmo At A Glance

Venmo is a peer-to-peer money transferring app or digital wallet that makes it possible for users to send and receive money through their mobile phones. With a Venmo app installed, users don’t have to carry with them credit cards or money as they have it on their phone. Whenever they want to they can simply take out their phone, send and receive money as needed, or make payments.

To use Venmo, you’ll need a Venmo account. The process of creating a Venmo account is very easy. Simply take your phone, open Google Play Store or Apple Store depending on the mobile device you are using, and do a Venmo app search. Now download and install the app then follow the prompts. You’ll be required to share with Venmo your registered phone number as well as an email address to create an account. 

Where Can You Use Venmo?

To use Venmo, you’ll need a Venmo account. Unfortunately, not everyone can create or sign up for a Venmo account. One of the reasons why this is so is the country. Venmo currently doesn’t operate in all countries. In fact, Venmo only operates in the US. What this means is that only those residing in the US or US residents can sign up for or create a Venmo account. If you are outside the US, creating a Venmo account is impossible.


Worth noting as well is the fact that to create a Venmo account, you'll need to be 18 years and older. You’ll also need to have a registered US phone number that can send/receive text messages from shortcodes.

Can You Use Venmo In The Philippines?

Going by the information shared above, we can confidently conclude that there is no way you can create a Venmo account in the Philippines. The reason being, to create an account you have to be physically located in the US. What about using Venmo in the Philippines: can someone from the US with a valid Venmo account use it in the Philippines? The answer is no. Regardless of whether or not you have a verified Venmo account, you cannot use it in the Philippines. 

What Are Venmo Alternatives In The Philippines?

If you are planning on traveling to the Philippines and still don’t want to carry around with you a lot of money then there are several Venmo alternatives you can settle with. PayPal is arguably the best Venmo alternative you can and should go for when in the Philippines.

Not only does PayPal allow its users to send and receive money internationally, but it can also be used in many countries worldwide including the Philippines. Furthermore, there are many businesses in the Philippines that accept payments through PayPal. 

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