Voghion - Discover This Online Shopping App

I discovered Voghion through its official website, wherein many customers enjoy online shopping. Eventually, the team decided to make the online store more accessible to the consumers by launching its corresponding mobile app. 

The Voghion mobile app has all the features and content of the website. I can check the popular products, latest offers, and discounts, check out items, and monitor my orders through the app.


Check out how I get the best deals on various products through the Voghion app. 

  • Discover Voghion
  • Starting with the Voghion App
  • Exploring Voghion App’s Home Page
  • Shopping Through the Category Tab
  • Adding Items to the Cart
  • Checking Out the Items
Voghion - Discover This Online Shopping App
Image Source: Voghion

Discover Voghion

Voghion has been making waves online as an online retail company since its foundation in 2021. The company made an immediate impact as they offer products which they deliver directly to the customers anywhere in the world.

Voghion - Discover This Online Shopping App


I would not miss out on this chance to enjoy a platform where I can online shop. Voghion has a wide selection of lifestyle products. At first, it is overwhelming to see thousands of amazing products at a friendly price.

The team behind Voghion is working hard to ensure their customers can get the best deals on the products. They find ways to have the best discounts available for the products on the site and app. 

Alongside these deals and discounts, Voghion provided platforms for an easy and fun online shopping experience. The company designed an online store wherein we can access high-quality products at budget-friendly prices.


Voghion App’s Availability and Compatibility

The Voghion app was released in late April 2021 on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. The Voghion app recorded more than 100,000 active users in just a few months, proving its popularity. 

I installed the app for free, and no in-app purchases are necessary. However, Voghion requires its customers to install the app on Android 5.0 and up and App iOS 10.0 or later to ensure a smooth experience that leads to enjoyable online shopping.

Starting with the Voghion App

When I installed the Voghion app, it asked me to indicate my gender. This will help the app to determine the recommendations based on my preferences. It explained that the recommendations would change eventually based on my activities and search on the app. 

Voghion - Discover This Online Shopping App
Image Source: Google Play Store

Aside from the discounts and deals I may get through the app, Voghion is generous with gifts and rewards. I got a total of €99 as a welcome gift. These gifts are vouchers that I can use within seven days and have conditions regarding the minimum amount of orders necessary.

To claim this gift, I have to click the Collect button. Since it is my first time on the app, Voghion will direct me to the page to sign up and register for an account. The app asked me to fill out my name, email, and preferred password. 

Those with accounts on Voghion already may sign in to view their orders made on the website and update their details, if necessary. Signing in on Voghion has three options: Facebook, Google, or email. 

My Coupon Tab

After successfully creating an account, the app led me to "My Coupon," wherein I can see the coupons or vouchers I received as a welcome gift. Voghion lists the coupons in three categories for easier access: Unused, Used, and Expired.

I often check the Unused coupons category to decide which can be used for my current purchase or order. The coupons here are also arranged according to which will expire in the nearest time. 

The Used and Expired categories display the vouchers I successfully redeemed and the ones I forgot to use, respectively. I can also enter an exclusive code if there are vouchers or discounts available for the product or if there are promos. There is also a search bar for this feature. 

Exploring Voghion App’s Home Page

Bringing the sleek and organized user interface from the website to the mobile app, Voghion ensured that users could easily navigate the app and have fun shopping. There is a search bar on the app's home page to manually type the product name or item I am looking to buy.

Voghion - Discover This Online Shopping App
Image Source: Voghion

Moreover, the home page of the Voghion app shows the popular items for customers at the moment. I can scroll through the list of these products, which gets updated from time to time. Every time I log in to the app, I see a different set of popular products.

One thing that is unique about the Voghion app is that it considers my preferences on items. The popular products are the recommended ones based on my activities within the app.

This means that Voghion shows the popular items of my recent searches or the ones that I spend time exploring the most. For example, I am fond of sneakers, so most recommendations are sneakers. The more I search for other items on the app, the more popular or recommended products will appear.

Item Details and Descriptions

Like any online shopping app, Voghion provides details of the products or items available for purchase. When I scroll through the home page, I can check the photos of the products, discounted prices, original prices, and the number of times the item has been sold. 

If something catches my attention, I can click on the product. The app will then provide the complete details of the item. I can check the brand's name, the product's specific name, the description, available variations (color, size, length), and more photos. 

Moreover, I can also check the buyer protection offered by the seller, like the refund conditions, warranty, and available customer services. Some sellers also offer specific coupons for the product, which I can redeem. Lastly, the app will estimate when I can receive the item upon buying it. 

Shopping Through the Category Tab

Voghion is a retail company for lifestyle products, so its products are clothing, toys, home supplies, automotive items, office and school supplies, and many more. Initially, it isn't easy to look for a product since thousands of available items are available on the Voghion app.

Voghion - Discover This Online Shopping App
Image Source: Google Play Store

This problem is sometimes caused when I do not have a specific item I am looking for. Sometimes, I want to explore the app and check if I will find interesting products worth buying. 

Fortunately, Voghion understands this problem of its customers, so they created the "Category" tab. They grouped the products according to their categories for easier exploration and online shopping. Some of the categories are Electronics, Sports & Outdoor, Health & Beauty, Pet Products, etc. 

I spend hours scrolling through the products under these categories: Mobiles & Accessories, Bags & Watches & Accessories, Smart Home, and Kids.

Offers, Promos, and Discounts

One of the main goals of Voghion is to provide the best deals and discounts to its customers. These discounts can be redeemed through vouchers and coupons. The team put all the redeemable coupons in one place—the "Offers'' tab. 

As I mentioned, the coupons can be found once I tap on the product and show its details. Thus, the "Offers" tab shows the items with redeemable coupons or discounts. 

These products are also categorized with pretty creative names such as New year, New you (women's new collection), All the Shoes,  New Year, New Style, and many more. The most popular tab is the list of items available for free shipping.

Adding Items to the Cart

Whenever I find products interesting but am not willing to buy them yet, I save them for future reference. Voghion supports this by providing two ways to save them: adding to the cart and adding to "My Favorites."

Voghion - Discover This Online Shopping App
Image Source: Voghion

When I check the details of the product, I have an option to click the "Add to Cart" button at the bottom of the screen. Like a typical shopping cart, my Voghion cart will save and collect everything I want to buy.

It will keep the products in the cart as long as I want them to be there. These items will only be removed if I check them out or remove them manually. As long as I do not do anything with the products placed on the cart, they will stay there and wait for me to buy them.

My Favorites Tab

The other option to save the products for future use is to add them to "My Favorites." I can find My Favorites on the "Me" tab in the lower-left corner of the home page.

I save products on My Favorites if I intend to buy them multiple times. If I only save the products on the cart, they will be deleted once I buy them. The app supports adding unlimited products to the My Favorites list. 

Checking Out the Items

Whenever I decide to purchase the items, I go to my virtual cart on the Voghion app. If there are multiple products there, I only need to select the products I want to buy for now. 

Voghion - Discover This Online Shopping App
Image Source: Apple App Store

After selecting them, the app will provide a total amount of the chosen products, which gives me an idea of whether they are within my budget. I then have to click the "Checkout" button. 

This will lead me to a form that asks for my details. The app requests me to provide my complete name, country, phone number, email address, complete address, and zip code. 

Then, I will need to choose which payment method I prefer. These are the multiple payment methods that Voghion supports: cash on delivery, PayPal, Visa, and other debit cards and credit cards. 

My Orders Tab

The Voghion app lets me monitor or track my order. On the "My Orders" feature, I can see where the product is currently. For example, I can check whether they are in the sorting center, picked up by the courier, or on the way to deliver to my address.

This feature also gives me an idea if my order is successful because it will reflect if the sellers are currently processing my purchase. Lastly, I can change the details of my order through this feature, like the shipping address.


The Voghion app provides convenient, easy, and fun online shopping. Customers can check the products available through the app and eventually purchase them. Moreover, customers can get the best deals by checking the promos and redeeming coupons.