VotTak - Find the Funniest and the Most Interesting Content

The accessibility of devices and the programs necessary to create content has allowed millions of people across the globe to create different types of content. With just a smartphone, which almost everyone has nowadays, and an Internet connection, I can churn out a blog, a short video, and an audio clip with little effort.

Of course, the quality of these pieces of content largely depends on my talent, skills, and tools. Still, almost anyone can become content creators and get thousands, if not millions, of followers engaging with every post. With the right platform, of course.


One platform that is ready to take off is VotTak. This video content app is a great way to find and upload short video content. It will also help you get lots and lots of followers. Learn  more about it this up-and-coming app here. 

  • What Is VotTak?
  • How to Download VotTak
  • Easy to Digest Content
  • Smart Content Filter
  • Superb User Experience
VotTak - Find the Funniest and the Most Interesting Content
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What Is VotTak?

Quick content is all the rage today with the popularity of apps that let me scroll through thousands upon thousands of photos and videos. These apps can be real-time-killers, which means that they are fun, engaging, and filled with content.

VotTak - Find the Funniest and the Most Interesting Content
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VotTak is a new mobile application with this same principle. It lets users connect with other users by watching short videos and liking, commenting, or sharing them. I find this pretty straightforward to understand, making the app extremely user-friendly.


This app is designed to carry a whole lot of short clips that can be exciting, funny, and stimulating, as long as you follow the right users. It comes in a single-page format, which allows me to simply swipe up or down to view to new content.

The interesting part about VotTak is that there is no need to create an account on the app. So, I can easily view some of the available videos on the app with minimal effort. I can even do so by going to the website–also without an account.

A Fairly New App

One thing I find great about this application is it is fairly new. This is a good thing because joining now means that I can be one of the first ones on the app. While registration is still disabled, I can still upload videos by downloading the app.


How to Download VotTak

This application is available only on Android devices, so it can only be downloaded via the Google Play Store. I just need to go to the app, then look for VotTak by Om Newgen Technologies. It currently has 69,527 reviews with a rating of 4 stars. It has been installed more than 10 million times. 

VotTak - Find the Funniest and the Most Interesting Content
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Once it finishes downloading, I need to provide it permission to access my data, such as videos and photos, my storage, my location, and the like.

This app is  is 55 megabytes in size and is currently on version 1.1.48. While this size may be small, I find that keeping ample space on my device helps it to run smoothly. In addition, then I am ready for any updates that may be given by the developer. 

Cost of Downloading VotTak

The VotTak app is free to use and download. I find this quite enticing and exciting since I do not necessarily have to pay anything to be able to use the app. Instead, I can readily upload and watch quality videos at my fingertips. 

I want to emphasize that although the VotTak app is available on the Google Play Store, it has a rating of 17+, meaning it is only designed for mature individuals. This is because there may be strong language and or sexual themes that are not appropriate for children. 

As such, I believe that children and teens who are interested in using this may have to steer clear of the app for now or they may have to seek parental supervision when using this. 

Easy to Digest Content

This application is dedicated to providing easy content. I do not have to be a genius to find the content that I want. In fact, going onto the app directly brings me to a stream of numerous videos. The best part is, the clips are easy to go through because they are meant to be short.

VotTak - Find the Funniest and the Most Interesting Content
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This app is effortless to use because I am not bombarded with videos that last more than a few minutes long. 

The main attraction of this app for me is that its content is not complicated. That is, the content is designed to let my brain rest. Most of the videos on the app are purely fun-filled, making it a great way to unwind and relax. 

It is important to remember, though, that the quality and type of content available on the app will depend on what the users upload.

Categories Available 

I find that VotTak provides an extensive range of categories designed to help me expand my horizons. 

I can watch trending videos as well as videos about life hacks, sports, food, cute and funny animals, travel, exciting games, and more. These are just some categories that VotTak has to offer. 

By clicking on any of these categories, I am sure to get content that captures my attention. Another great thing about this app is that it gives users the chance to optimize their exploration not only through categories but also through other advanced features. 

Smart Content Filter

I have to be honest. There’s nothing more annoying than watching videos and clips that do not exactly cater to my taste and this is where VotTak comes in and makes everything better. 

VotTak - Find the Funniest and the Most Interesting Content
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It’s amazing to know that this app is smart enough to adapt to my interests and suggest content based on what I have watched. 

Instead of asking me to filter out the videos based on my preferences, the VotTak app filters the content I want and need automatically. This is a welcome feature that I have yet to see on other apps, so this is something I definitely appreciate. 

By adapting to my interests and preferences, I can continue watching everything I like and enjoy my time finding content that speaks to me

Get the Right Content

Since the VotTak app takes what I watch into consideration, it almost always tends to find the right content for me. 

This may be because the algorithm also produces and releases the latest videos from around the world in real-time, giving me the chance to expand my interests and cater to existing ones. 

The viral and trending content also works the same way. While VotTak may provide a variety of trending videos for my viewing pleasure, watching any of these videos will help it further determine and customize what works for me. 

Superb User Experience

The content is not the only thing that makes this app a great one. I find that the app developer has chosen to go the simple route with its interface. Instead of getting out of my way to look for users that I want to follow, I can simply go to the homepage to start watching.

VotTak - Find the Funniest and the Most Interesting Content
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While scrolling, I can start liking posts, commenting on videos, and sharing them. I can also visit the poster’s profile and follow them to get their content directly to my feed. 

The best part is, I can follow a lot of users and curate my experience.

This is a great thing because I always have the option to explore and look for users that post content I am interested in. Moreover, this guarantees an endless stream of videos, giving me a plenty of them to go through during my breaks. 

Sharing Is Caring

As this app is fairly new, the best way to use it is to share my discoveries with my friends and family. Luckily, this app makes it easy to do so. I can simply tap on the Share button to start sharing. Then, I just need to choose which platform I want to use.

I can choose between three of the most popular social media platforms such as WhatsApp, Facebook, and Twitter. This makes it easier for me to connect with my current social network and give them a taste of what VotTak has to offer.

I can also send it using any messaging app by clicking on the Embed video option. This way, I can simply paste the code containing the link to the video and send it to my contacts via message. 

Final Thoughts 

VotTak is a great contender to some of the most popular video clip stream applications today. This new app is sure to have a lot of videos I can like and share.

If you are looking for an entertaining app to use to unwind, I suggest checking out the VotTak app today! If you are an Android user, you can download it now.


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