Watch TNT on the Go with the Mobile App

The entertainment industry in the United States has grown exponentially over the last year, about 22% in the previous 12 months. With the concept of streaming TV series and movies on mobile apps, there has been an influx of new services. 

One such service is the cable channel TNT, owned by Warner Brothers. The TNT app has gained fame because of its exclusive content partnership with sports bodies like the NBA. You can also screencast the app to watch content on your television.


In this article, I'm sharing with you all the information you need to decide if the TNT mobile app is worth adding to your arsenal of streaming services. 

  • About the TNT App
  • How to Download
  • How to Use the TNT App
  • Upsides of the TNT App
  • Downsides and Considerations
  • Permissions and Privacy
  • AT&T TV Integration
Watch TNT on the Go with the Mobile App
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About the TNT App

TNT stands for Turn on Network Television. It started as a TV and movies app primarily, however eventually ended up being more about originals, with a focus on drama. 

Watch TNT on the Go with the Mobile App
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Nail-biting live sports events like NBA and elite wrestling are part of the offering. As per the report, there are 89 million registered users of the app this year.


If you thought that only the NBA events bring the crowd to TNT, then think again. They also have content for the National Football League (NFL) as well as the National Hockey League (NHL). 

The app is popular not only with Americans, but with users from across Europe, Africa, and East Asia.


There are three main features of the TNT app. The first is the ability to watch movies, episodes, sports for free with a TV subscription provider on your cell phone. 


Second, its popular original content like the Alienist, American Race, Animal Kingdom, among others. The third feature is the ability to screencast content on popular devices. 

Apart from that, the app promises its users to deliver a flawless experience to the users. For people outside the United States, the VPN feature should help you gain access to the complete content from the app.

How to Download

To use the app for iPhone iPad and iPad Touch, you need versions 11.0 and above. If you are using Apple TV, then, you need 10.0 and above. The app is also available for Android devices on the Google Play Store and for Xbox at the Microsoft Store.

Watch TNT on the Go with the Mobile App
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To download for Android devices, visit the Google Play Store, go to the search bar, and type ‘Watch TNT’. Once you've located the correct app, select it to go to its app page and then press the ‘Install’ button to download to your device. 

To download for iOS device users, visit the Apple App Store and search for 'Watch TNT' in the search bar. Navigate to its app page and then click 'Get' to start the installation onto your device. 

During the download process, you could be asked to grant permissions and acknowledge the use of in-app purchases on the app. Once the download has completed, launch the app to begin streaming.

Subscription Options

You can watch content from the TNT app as long as you have a TV subscription

You can use the monthly entertainment package of $69 if you don't have a TV subscription. 

The app also supports a number of service providers, including AT&T, Spectrum, Time Warner Cable, Comcast XFINITY, Cox, DIRECTV, Dish, Optimum, Suddenlink, Verizon, and more.

How to Use the TNT App

Navigating the app is very simple. On the bottom, you see a bar that will help you with navigation across the app. Use the top navigation menu where you see the latest offerings in a form of a carousel. Simply browse through and watch your favorite shows whenever you want. 

Watch TNT on the Go with the Mobile App
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Use the search tool to look for specific content. The extreme right-hand side icon is for your account and user profile. 

You can also catch live events with one click of the live event session. Use screencast applications like Roku for Chromecast to watch from your smart TVs at home.

Troubleshooting and Customer Support

If you are stuck on your app and it crashes a lot, it is advisable to shut it down and re-install it. Clear the cache before you install the app again. 

You should also write to customer support where they can help you with your issue within 24 hours. 

Do not forget to share screenshots of your problems to make the conversation easier and get a faster response from the customer service team.

Upsides of the TNT App

The TNT app has a rating of 3.0 after 34,000 ratings on the Google Play Store and a rating of 3.7 on the App Store. It is advisable to look at what the customers have said to get a better idea of the app. 

Watch TNT on the Go with the Mobile App
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It is important to look at both the positive and negative reviews given by the current customers to decide if you want to install the app on your mobile phone. 

Many uses of this app have experienced smooth check-in and seamless user interface. They love the variety of sports that are available on the app. 

A good balance between sports, originals, movies, and other series is another reason users enjoy the app. Most users seem to be taken by the NBA frenzy on the TNT app. 

Wide Accessibility

There are plenty of users that are smitten by the ability to watch from anywhere. For example, people use this app while waiting at airports, on road trips, and while waiting when picking up kids from school. 

Working professionals like the fact that they can catch up on their shows and sports during breaks at work.

For cost-conscious users, the TNT app provides some content that does not require signing in to view. The app continuously updates itself on the movies database and turns out timeless content. 

Downsides and Considerations

Many users have complained about the TNT app integration with Chromecast. While some competitive apps work very well with them. 

Watch TNT on the Go with the Mobile App
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Even though TNT has great content, there is no use when it cannot connect with a popular device. The same is the case with Google TV, where people have found multiple glitches and have not been able to play content.

Connectivity of the TNT app with the TV sets has failed on many occasions. Users have had to connect the TV with the app and wait for 10 to 15 minutes, only to find out that the entire system has hung-up

Eventually, people just watch the content on their cell phones out of frustration. It is one of the top reasons for the app getting a one-star review from many users.

Crashing and Sudden Logging-Out

Some users have found buttons on the app not working and simply crashing with any clicks. 

Sometimes users simply get kicked out of whatever they are watching. This can be very frustrating, especially when you're watching a special game say during playoffs.

Permissions and Privacy

As with any app, the TNT app requires granted permissions and have a very robust privacy policy listed on their website. 

Watch TNT on the Go with the Mobile App

In it, it explains that the app may store information related to your name, phone number, postal address, email address, and certain payment information. 

It may also log technical information such as device type identifier, IP address, browser type, and operating system. 

Finally, it may collect and store usage information like how you use the app, and what content or advertisements you have been shown or you have clicked on. 

Collected but Not Linked

Data that is collected from you won't be linked to you, including identifying data, diagnostics, usage data, or location.

AT&T TV Integration

A special mention goes to the TNT app integration with AT&T TV. If you have a TNT subscription, you can watch TNT shows using a Hulu subscription. The good part is you can take your shows on phones and tablets alike.

Watch TNT on the Go with the Mobile App
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Plus, you get access to over 65 channels and ample storage on the cloud that helps you watch as many shows as possible seamlessly without any hassle. There are also 40,000 movies available in the library.

Opt for Contract-Less

If you do sign-up, make sure that you select a contract-less option. It allows you the flexibility to watch content freely. 

There are different packages available before you decide to sign up for TNT TV.


TNT app users are divided in their opinion of the service provided by the company. Having said that, most users seem to be pretty happy using the app to watch their shows, movies, and sports events. 

The TNT app is here to stay. Given the fact that it has the rights to the NBA games, it makes all the more sense to stick to the app and try different variations to play the content.