Where Can I Load My PayPal Card? (8 Locations + Details!)

In terms of online payment platforms that make it possible for users to make payments to many merchants online as well as at physical stores while at the same making it possible for users to send and receive money then PayPal is without a doubt a leader of them all. Founded back in 1998, PayPal has grown to be a worldwide leader when it comes to all things money transfer.

While many people are familiar with PayPal, its features, and what they can do with it, not many are aware of the fact that PayPal has a card that they can use. At the same time a number of those that actually know that PayPal has a card usually struggle when it comes to where to top up or load their PayPal card.



That said this post seeks to answer both these questions as well as share additional information worth noting with regards to PayPal cards.  

Loading a PayPal card is easy by partnering with many retail stores throughout the country. Simply put, you can load your PayPal at many retail stores like Wal-Mart and Walgreens.   


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Understanding PayPal Card: What Is It?

As already pointed out earlier, some are hearing of PayPal cards for the first time despite knowing about PayPal and thus the need to first clarify what a PayPal card is. Going by information shared by PayPal on their page, a PayPal card is basically a debit card issued out by PayPal to users with a PayPal Cash Plus account.

With a PayPal card, users are in a position to access their money instantly when in need. Even better, PayPal users with a PayPal card can use funds in their account to make purchases online to just about any merchant provided that they accept payment through MasterCard.  


How Does PayPal Card Work?

With some slight understanding of what a PayPal card is, it is now time to look at how it works. PayPal card makes it possible for PayPal Plus Account holders to make purchases online using the balance on their accounts. They can as well make withdrawals with their PayPal card at any ATM countrywide that accepts MasterCard.

While this is without a doubt a pro, the fact that PayPal Plus account holders can be able to use the PayPal card without any monthly fees, credit card check or minimum balance is a big plus that I am sure many with a PayPal card will be happy to tell you.

Am I Eligible For A PayPal Card?

One of the many reasons why some people don’t know about PayPal cards is the fact that it is not available to everyone. It is with this that many wonder whether they are eligible for a PayPal card.

To be eligible for a PayPal card, you have to have at least $500 in your personal account or have a Premier or Business account in the US. PayPal account holders who have been a PayPal member for more than 60 days or have linked a credit card to their PayPal account that its monthly statement is sent to a street address and not a P.O.Box in the US also qualify for or to receive a PayPal card.  

If you have any of these then chances are you are eligible for a PayPal card. In other words, PayPal will send you a PayPal card if you applied for one.

Where Can I Get A PayPal Card?

There are two ways in which you can get a PayPal card. Provided that you are eligible for a PayPal card you can either get one by login-in into your PayPal Plus account, click on the “Get The Card” and follow the on-screen prompts or you could end up purchasing one at specific pharmacies or discount stores across the country and this includes CVS, Dollar General and Fred’s just to mention a few.

Even when making a purchase you’ll need to be eligible for it to work. Furthermore, your account has to be clean, simply put you shouldn’t have any issues open in your PayPal’s Resolution Centre.

Is PayPal Cash Card Free?

Yes, as long as you are eligible to get a PayPal card you can do so for free. PayPal does not charge any fees to get a PayPal card. Even better, PayPal does not charge account holders with PayPal cards a monthly fee and does not require one to have a certain minimum balance. Furthermore, they don’t charge or have fees for any account or card inactivity.

How Do I Activate My PayPal Card?

If you’ve ended up purchasing a PayPal card from a pharmacy or at a discount, you’ll need to activate it for it to be active and for you to use it. The process of activating it is very simple. Simply;

  • Launch your PayPal mobile app
  • Sign-in to your PayPal account
  • Click on the settings cog
  • Select PayPal Cash Card
  • Fill in the required information as per the on-screen prompts
  • Click on “Activate Card” to finish the process

Where Can I Load My PayPal Card?

One thing that PayPal has made super easy is loading a PayPal card. If you happen to have one, you’ll be happy to know that you can load or top it up at more than 85,000 retail locations countrywide. These include the likes of:

  • Dollar Tree
  • CVS
  • Family Dollar
  • Dollar General
  • Rite Aid
  • Wal-Mart
  • Walgreens
  • 7-Eleven.

Worth pointing out when loading a PayPal card at any of these stores is that PayPal does not charge users every time they load up their card. This however doesn’t mean it is free. Depending on the store you decide to top up your card at given they are the ones that’ll charge you, there is a fee of up to $3.95 that you’ll have to pay per every transaction that involves loading your PayPal card. 

Can I Use My PayPal Card Anywhere?

One of the many benefits associated with having a PayPal card is being able to use it just about anywhere. Furthermore, PayPal Plus account holders who happen to have a PayPal card can access money in their account instantly.

They can as well use the balance that’s in their PayPal account to make a purchase online in case they see something that they want to purchase and make payments using their card provided the merchant accepts MasterCard.

What If I Lose My PayPal Card?

The first thing you need to do if you lose your PayPal card is to report it with PayPal as lost/stolen. This is something you can easily do on your profile. Simply, log-in, go to your profile, click on PayPal debit card then select the “Report a lost or stolen card” option and then deactivate it. Once you’ve done this, you want to now request a new PayPal card. You can initiate the process by clicking on the “Request Additional Card” option.

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Conclusion For "Where Can I Load My PayPal Card"

Where Can I Load My PayPal Card

PayPal card is without a doubt a plus for anyone using PayPal service. Not only does it make using your money easier when you want to shop online, but it also makes it possible to access your money easier and in just about any country so long as they have an ATM that accepts MasterCard.

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