3 Best Apple Stores in Arkansas! (2023)

If you're searching for the best Apple stores in Arkansas, then you've come to the right place. Apple usually goes through great lengths in just about any of its stores worldwide to make sure that they offer all their products and reflect their fun, hip, and calm nature. This has resulted in many stores spotting great interior and exterior designs that feature unique architecture. Some of their stores have ended up receiving a few awards due to their design.

With this, many Apple product lovers want to shop at the best Apple stores regardless of where they are in the world. For your enjoyment (more so if you are living in Arkansas), we’ve put together in this post a list of the best Apple stores in Arkansas.


The Apple stores in Arkansas this pot gets to highlight are:

  • Simply Mac
  • Apple The Promenade At Chenal
  • Neha Wireless

1. Simply Mac

Simply Mac

Simply Mac is a certified Apple store that does two things very well. It offers a wide range of Apple products and does Apple repairs on just about any Apple product. The Apple repair services they offer include battery replacement, iPhone screen repair, and data recovery. If you plan to take your Apple device for repair at Simply Mac, do note that you’ll need to schedule an appointment. This process is straightforward: in fact, they’ll guide you on how to do so. To find out how you can set an appointment to have your Apple device repaired, click on this Simply Mac page.    


In terms of products, Simply Mac stocks a wide range of Apple products, including the latest Mac computers and MacBooks. Simply Mac also offers a trade-in option. If you are ready for a new Apple product, you can trade-in your old Apple device with Simply Mac and earn points you can use to get the latest Apple product. You can check how valuable your device is by using Simply Mac’s online evaluator (you will find this evaluator on their site).

N/B: Timings might differ given the on-going Covid-19 pandemic.

Simply Mac Details

  • Name: Simply Mac
  • Location: Tuscany Square
  • Address: 2603 W Pleasant Grove Rd #103, Rogers, AR 72758, United States
  • Website: Simply Mac
  • Phone Number: (479) 335-1500

2. Apple The Promenade At Chenal

Apple The Promenade At Chenal


An inviting atmosphere with plenty of knowledgeable staff ready to assist you is what you get with Apple The Promenade At Chenal. This particular Apple store is located at the Promenade at Chenal. Despite spotting a relatively small size, it is very spacious inside thanks to its unique design that embraces Apple’s white brand color and lighting. Most importantly, you will find anything you are looking for at this particular Apple store. Add this to the fact you’ll be dealing with a customer service that knows pretty much everything about Apple products (new and old), and shopping for that ideal Apple product will be a breeze.  

Apple The Promenade At Chenal also offers repair services. If you have a defective Apple device, feel free to get in touch with them, and they’ll assist. However, you will be required to make an appointment to have your Apple device repaired by this store. You can do this either through their official site or their repair number.

Apple The Promenade At Chenal Details

3. Neha Wireless

Neha Wireless

Neha Wireless is another Apple store that boasts having just about all Apple products under its roof. When shopping for any Apple product at Neha Wireless, best believe that you’ll find it. They guarantee low prices on all their Apple products and fast and free delivery for any Apple product purchased at their store.

Worth noting with this Apple store is that they do have a lease-to-own option with their Apple products, including iPhone 11 Pro Max and iPhone SE (2020), and there is no credit needed for this option. You can apply for this lease-to-own option on their website by following four simple steps.

They also do offer repairs on Apple products, and this includes Macs as well. In terms of repair, they guarantee a speedy repair (most of their repairs are usually done within 24 hours), the use of grade A Apple parts, a 30-day warranty, and fast and free delivery after a repair is done.

N/B: In-store shopping might not be allowed given the on-going Covid-19 pandemic. We suggest visiting their site to confirm.   

Neha Wireless Details

Conclusion For The Best Apple Stores in Arkansas

Finding the best locations for Apple products and services can sometimes be challenging for people. We hope this guide will help you find a store that's most suitable for you. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to comment down below.

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