Cash App ATM Fee: Info For Withdrawal Fees (2023)

If there is one thing Square Inc. realized at a very early stage with their peer-to-peer payment platform system Cash App is that giving its users much more is the only way to not only retain them but also attract a new batch of users. This trick as am sure many can tell has worked out really well for Cash App as it’s managed to grow its active user numbers to over 26 million so far.

In line with its mission of giving users much more, Cash App introduced its debit card. Cash Cards make it possible for Cash App users to access money in their account from pretty much anywhere in the country. One place users can use Cash Cards to access their money is at an ATM. It is with this that many users ask; what are Cash App ATM fees.


Cash App users can use their Cash App Cash Cardsat any ATM in the country whenever they want to withdraw money from their Cash App account. Key to note here is that Cash App charges a $2 fee for every withdrawal request made at an ATM.   

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Cash App Cash Card

While it started as a company that allowed users to send and receive money through an app on their mobile phone, Cash App has gone further to become a de-facto bank for individuals who don’t want the hassle of going in and out of banks. For this to actually be a reality, they’ve introduced several bank-like features.


One such feature is the use of Cash Cards. This feature is without a doubt one of Cash App’s best feature yet. In fact, it has become very big with millennials and has placed Cash App ahead of its competitors. With Cash Cards, Cash App users can do several things both on and offline.

For instance, they can be able to make purchases off and online using the card. Important to note here is that the card will only work with businesses that accept Visa cards. Cash App users can as well use their Cash Cards to withdraw money at an ATM.

Cash App Cash Card ATM Fees

Now to the reason why you actually decided to click on this particular post Cash App’s Cash Card ATM fees. Currently, Cash App users who opt to withdraw money from their Cash App account will be charged a $2 fee. This ATM withdrawal fee is standard and applies to all Cash App account holders and all ATM withdrawals.


This however wasn’t the case when the Cash Card feature was first rolled out. Users were able to simply walk into any ATM, insert their Cash App card into the ATM, key in their Cash App PIN, and withdraw money free of charge.

While there is currently a fee when making withdrawals at an ATM using Cash App’s Cash Card, it is worth noting that they do not charge their cardholders with any maintenance fee as is the case with many banks. Furthermore, there are set up fees.

Cash App Cash Card ATM Withdrawal Limit

Equally important to highlight or touch on when talking about Cash App’s ATM fees is Cash App’s ATM withdrawal limit. In addition to having a $2 ATM fee, Cash App does have a withdrawal limit. Cash App users who would like to use their Cash Card to make withdrawals at an ATM can only withdraw a maximum of $250 per ATM per day or per-24 hour period.

As for weekly, the maximum amount of money Cash App users can withdraw using their Cash Card at an ATM is $1,000. The maximum amount of money Cash App users can withdraw per month at an ATM using their Cash Card is $1,250.


Despite offering the service for free when it first started, Cash App does charge a $2 fee per every ATM withdrawal transaction. The amount of money you can withdraw at an ATM is also limited. Given that Cash App is still a peer-to-peer platform, Cash App users can only withdraw small amounts of money even every month.