Can You Use Cash App For Apple Watch? (Answer + Details!)

Is it possible to use Cash App for Apple watch? For many, the ability to send or receive money in a manner that is not only fast but also very easy and hassle-free is important. It is with this that many companies have developed peer-to-peer payment platforms that allow users to easily send and receive money. Some have even taken it a step further by making it possible to make payments both offline and online. One such P2P app is Square Inc.’s Cash App.

With Cash App, users are able to send, receive or make payments to merchants using their mobile phone. The app also boasts a number of features like the Cash App credit card that gives users the ability to access their money in just about any ATM in the country. A big plus with Cash App however is the fact that it is available for users using Android or iOS devices. But what about other devices or gadgets like an Apple watch?


Yes, Cash App users can use Cash App for Apple Watch to send or receive money. They can as well use it to make payments to merchants or businesses online that accept payments through Cash App.  

Using Cash App For Apple Watch

Cash App is a peer-to-peer payment platform by Square Inc. that allows users to easily send and receive money through their mobile devices. Taking note of the fact there are a number of different devices running on different operating systems, Square Inc. made the app available to both Apple and Android users. While this is a big plus, there are some that felt excluded. For instance, those that love doing everything using their Apple Watch since they don’t want to take their phones out of their pocket or bag.

Luckily, Square Inc. took note of this and introduced Square Cash for Apple. Simply put, they introduced a Cash App that is compatible with Apple Watch. With this new and updated Cash App app, users can be able to send, receive or accept money to or from friends and family members by a simple tap on their Apple Watch.


Keeping in mind that it’s a watch and not a mobile device, Square Inc. made changes to the app to allow users to exchange virtual bills off $1, $10, $20, $50, or even $100. So let’s say a Cash App user wants to use their Apple Watch to send $74 to a friend or family member, they’ll need to first tap on the $50 bill, then the $20 bill than the $1 bill four times.  

What You Need To Know

Cash App users planning on using their Apple Watch with Cash App ought to know certain things. For starters, in order to use Cash App on an Apple Watch, they’ll need to first download the new Cash App app. The older version will not work as it’s not designed to work with an Apple Watch. Similar to the initial Cash App download, it is free to download, and setting up doesn’t attract any charges.

With the new Cash App for Apple Watch, users will be able to send money to friends, family members, or merchants with a simple tap on their watch. Pay attention to the virtual bills as those are the ones users use to get the right amount.


While it was not possible at first, users who prefer using Apple Watch to make payments using Cash App can now do so thanks to an update that Square Inc. recently introduced. To use it, however, users are required to either update their Cash App app or install a new one altogether.

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