Legit or Scam? Everything You Should Know! 2023

If you don't have a job and stumbled upon, then you might be interested in this article, " Legit or Scam." Before we get started, I would like to offer you freebies about the digital marketing world:

    Millions of people around the world are searching for new ways to make money in the online industry. There are tons of ways in fact. At the growth rate of usage for the internet, new opportunities are created.


    Even the search results for "make money online" on Google speaks volume.

    make money online
    The screenshot was taken on 11/14/2019, stats may change. Legit or Scam

    During the time of this screenshot, there have been over 6 billion results for this term and 201,000 monthly searches alone. Can you imagine that? 201,000 monthly searches from people around the world wanting to earn money on the internet!

    I'm sure you're interested in this platform because you want to make money from it as stated on their webpage, and you also want to know whether is legit or scam. I have put my time and research into this article for you so you can find it all in one place.


    If you believe that you're ready to sign up for, feel free to access it here. legit or scam
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    Now it's time to showcase you this platform.

    What is

    In the digital world, thousands of individuals are looking to offer their services online in hopes of finding business. Every person has their own set of skills that they can provide, but not sure where. With, they claim to provide you the information and help you earn decent income ranging from $25-$30 an hour.

    ADVERTISEMENT is an information platform for people that want to exchange their skills and work as a way to earn side income. The central problem with this site is that it doesn't show you the available jobs on the main page, leaving a negative impression for you. I did my research and explored the job possibilities.

    Some of these jobs include:

    • Product Testing
    • Mystery Shopping
    • Completing Surveys
    • Marketing
    • Conducting Research
    • Filling Envelopes
    • Social Media Management
    • Admin and Secretarial
    • Data Entry

    If you believe that you're a good fit for this job, then you might be looking at the right platform. This platform will provide you with all the necessary information in regards to these jobs. Legitimacy: Website Info

    Upon my visitation of the website, I notice that the headline mentioned "online assistant." and shows you a list of what kind of freelancing jobs that you should expect. legit or scam
    Is Legit?

    Now that this webpage left a great impression on you, you decided to register by entering your email wondering's legitimacy.

    Registering for

    Once you fill in your name and email, will redirect you to a different page. They will be asking questions to provide what you need.

    After you're done with the quick survey, they will bring you to a page where you'll have to make a payment before getting full access to the site. It seems expensive to be a member especially when they promise you $25-$30 an hour. Well, it's not as expensive as you think. There's even a 60-day back money guarantee if you're not satisfied with what they're providing. They have two types of membership:

    • Lifetime Access $57
    • 12 Months Access $27

    Hey! If you risk $27 and it works out perfectly for you, I say why not? Opportunities can be created. I'm not sure if they're going to add anything after a while, but these are the current options.

    Here's a short video of a YouTuber signing up for to give you a better feel and what to expect:


    If you scrolled to the bottom of the webpage, you can see that they have a disclaimer saying that is a product by ClickBank. If you didn't know, ClickBank is a notable company that works as a middleman providing affiliate programs for its users. They provide trustworthy products to tons of affiliate marketers every day.

    One of my bad impression is that the site doesn't provide much information or details about the company nor owner. You might be skeptical because there aren't many reviews and information on the web regarding this company. As a product part of ClickBank, you shouldn't have to worry!  It's owned by a huge company after all. Help Page

    You got curious or needed more information, so you decided to head to the "Help Page." On the help page, it stated that any members can get hired for the jobs stated with promises of $25-$30 an hour. As good as it may sound, these numbers aren't realistic for a newbie with the information provided.

    You might be asking yourself if is worth it especially for a person with skills? Not a newbie or a beginner, but a person that has experienced these listed skills on the webpage will definitely have a better understanding of the information. Legit or Scam?

    Old Barber Shop's Opinion

    Is Legit? As a long-time individual that's constantly in search of ways to make money online, has indicated to provide valuable information. I believe this business can provide a lot of great knowledge to people who are trying to make money online. The only negative impression that it made on me is the surprise sales page. It's not as costly, but it gave me the idea that being a member is free of cost.

    While there are negative impressions on this product, there are also good. With the knowledge available on their platform, you can be successful depending on how you utilize their information. It's all about sticking to one project, self-disciplined, and being consistent.

    I've been a member of ClickBank for years. There are professional affiliate marketers using ClickBank and it's trusted worldwide. With being a product of ClickBank, I would definitely say it's more leaned towards the legit side. If you believe you can better your skills with the information he can provide, then I would pay for the knowledge. While it doesn't make sense to pay for a job, also don't expect to become a member and be spoon-fed.

    If you're expecting to be spoon-fed and expecting easy money, sorry to burst your bubble, money isn't easy. It's hard work.