Does Cash App Have Free ATMs? (Answer + Details)

Square Inc.’s peer-to-peer payment app Cash App has grown quickly over the years. Currently, it boasts more than 26 million active users. One of the many reasons why Cash App has managed to grow so quickly in a very short period of time is its bank-like features.

Number of Cash App Monthly Users


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One such bank-like feature is Cash App Cash Card. Once users sign up for Cash App, they have the option of requesting a Cash App debit card. Once received, Cash App users can use the card to access their money on any Visa accepted ATM. Cash App users who use this particular feature tend to have certain questions, one common one being does Cash App have free ATMs?

Cash App currently doesn’t have free ATMs, users will have to part ways with some small fee per withdrawal at any ATM using a Cash Card. However, they do offer reimbursement fees for a certain amount of withdrawals.   


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Cash App Debit Card Info

Cash App Debit Card

If there is one thing Square Inc. has managed to do so well ever since they launched Cash App is making it possible and easy for users to access their money or funds in their Cash App accounts.


The Cash App debit card is basically a customizable debit card where users have the option of receiving once they create an account with Cash App. Just in case anyone is wondering, any Cash App user (assuming they are over 18 years old) can get a Cash Card. To get one, they simply have to:

  • Sign In To Cash App Account
  • Tap On the "Cash Card" Tab (usually located on the home-screen)
  • Tap Get "Cash Card"
  • Tap "Continue"

With a Cash Card, Cash App users can easily access money from their Cash App account from pretty much anywhere in the country. Yes, Cash App users can now make payments when shopping at any given store using their Cash Card provided that the store where they are making payments accepts Visa.

At the same time, Cash App users can use their Cash Card to make withdrawals at any ATM. The amount of money withdrawn at an ATM is automatically deducted from a user’s account.

Cash App Withdrawal ATM Fees

Cash App as already pointed out allows Cash App users to withdraw money from their Cash App accounts at ATMs country-wide. When this feature was first introduced to a limited number of Cash App users (ATM withdrawals), withdrawals from ATMs were completely free. Fast forward a few months later and every Cash App user was able to make withdrawals thanks to Square Inc. making the feature available to everyone.

Once this feature was available to every Cash App user, Cash App introduced withdrawal ATM fees. Cash App users who use their Cash App Cash Card to withdraw at any given ATM are charged a fee of $2. There are instances where Cash App reimburses Cash App users when they withdraw at ATMs using their Cash Card. Cash App users who receive qualifying direct deposits that total up to $300 plus get reimbursed for every 3 ATM withdrawals per 31 days or a full month.

Equally important with matters ATM withdrawals with a Cash Card is that users will be charged extra fees per withdrawal. These fees are usually not by Cash App but by the bank that owns the ATM where a Cash App user decides to withdraw money from. This is very common even with regular cards. There are usually additional features for using a card that belongs to a different bank when making withdrawals.   

While it was free to make Cash App withdrawals at ATMs countrywide, users are now required to part ways with a small fee. Not to worry however as Cash App users can be reimbursed upon reaching a certain amount of money withdrawn.   

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