Find Free WiFi With This Easy App to Use

Have you ever been desperately searching for free internet to use? Whether you're working on some projects at home or trying to get things done on the road, there's nothing more frustrating than not having access to an internet connection.

The good news is you don't have to worry about that anymore! WiFi Finder by Etrality is just the right app for you. It's an excellent app for finding fast, free WiFi in nearby hotels, cafes, restaurants, and other places worldwide.

This article provides a comprehensive overview of the WiFi Finder app, how to use it, and its practical features. Let's get started!

  • About WiFi Finder - Free WiFi Worldwide
  • One Map, Thousands of WiFi Spots, All Over the World
  • How to Use WiFi Finder
  • Pros of Using WiFi Finder: You've Got Customers!
  • Free vs. Paid Subscriptions: Which Is Better?
Find Free WiFi With an Easy App to Use
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About WiFi Finder - Free WiFi Worldwide

WiFi Finder is a mobile application for Android and Apple devices that helps users find free WiFi in any country. With features such as online and offline maps and the ability to add a new, fast WiFi network, the app helps you travel anywhere, knowing what WiFi networks are available to you where you stay.

Find Free WiFi With an Easy App to Use
Image Source: Unsplash

Furthermore, WiFi Finder invites you in with few but powerful features like the WiFi map showing available networks and their signal strength.

It also boasts of an amazing user interface that gets straight to why you downloaded the app in the first place. From the start, it answers the question: "where can I find free WiFi?"

While you can download WiFi Finder for free, some features are only available in the paid version. By purchasing WiFi Finder Professional, you pay a one-time fee to unlock all premium features and can continue to use them with no additional costs.


Etrality: About the WiFi Finder Developers

WiFi Finder was developed by Etrality, a German company specializing in applications for testing internet speed and finding free WiFi. Counting WiFi Finder, they have three tech products in total, the others being Speedcheck and Hotel WiFi Experience Database.

Speedcheck tests cellular and WiFi internet connection speed for multiple networks, while the Hotel WiFi app provides information about the speed and performance of hotel WiFi networks worldwide.

The team at Etrality is all about making things easier for people, whether that be through their software or by working on portals to help people navigate the web.


One Map, Thousands of WiFi Spots, All Over the World

The WiFi Finder app lets you view free WiFi locations worldwide on your mobile phone. First, it'll show you a map with pop-up location pins indicating where those WiFi spots are located. Then, with one tap, you can see more details about each location, including ratings and comments from other app users.

Find Free WiFi With an Easy App to Use
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The location pins are represented by cute circles with an icon inside the circle representing the type of location. For example, a "person sleeping in bed" icon signifies a hotel, a "steaming teacup" represents a coffee shop and a "fork and knife" for a restaurant. Other icons show supermarkets, offices, bars, streets, etc.

Depending on what's available on the database, some locations will have more WiFi pins than others. As a result, you may see only a few free WiFi spots in one region but find thousands in another.

You can use this information to plan your next outing accordingly. This way, you don't have to drain the batteries on your devices while trying to find free WiFi.

How Fast Is the WiFi Speed?

Is the WiFi fast enough to send an email, stream a video, make an audio call, or send a quick social media message? These are essential questions that help narrow your search for free WiFi. Fortunately, Etrality's WiFi Finder has a WiFi speed feature that shows you the strength of the WiFi connections.

Using color-coded symbols, users can tell if a WiFi connection is strong enough to handle certain internet-based activities. Here's where the simple design shines through. Remember the location pins? The pins are encircled with three lines whose color changes from green to orange or red, depending on the strength of that WiFi connection.

Whenever I'm in haste, I quickly check for the strongest WiFi signals in my area. And it instantly connects so I don't have to waste time checking out just any WiFi spot. One glance at the WiFi Finder map and I'll know exactly where the best and strongest WiFi spot is.

How to Use WiFi Finder

Thanks to its minimalist user interface and seamless user experience, WiFi Finder is a pretty easy mobile application to use. Once you download it from your app store, open the app, and you'll be taken to the map in your area showing available WiFi networks.

Find Free WiFi With an Easy App to Use
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First of all, you have to make sure your GPS signal and location permission is turned on to show you your current location on the map automatically.

In the absence of those two features, the map will only offer you a random place, and you'll have to manually scroll to find your location.

After permissions are sorted out, take some time to explore the map and the minimalist pages on the app. Studying the app would help you know what WiFi connections are available near you and which offline maps you need to download for future use.

Secure Data Handling

The app developers only collect analytic data for crash logs, diagnostics, and other app performance data. This data helps them identify any potential bugs in the application that may negatively impact your user experience. With it, they fan optimize the app's performance.

On top of that, you can use WiFi Finder without needing to fill in any preliminary information. You don't need to fill in your name, phone number, email address, date of birth, or any other personal information. Your app store account is all that's required to start using WiFi Finder.

In fact, you don't need to input your payment information into the app directly to subscribe for paid features. That's because your app store account contains your payment methods, and that's how you pay for the app's subscription. This way, your financial information is kept safe and secure.

Pros of Using WiFi Finder: You've Got Customers!

Having used the app myself, WiFi Finder stays true to its name, and I can attest to its accuracy in locating nearby WiFi spots. So whenever I'm traveling or visiting a new location, I don't need to worry much about WiFi because I can usually locate a signal near where I am.

Find Free WiFi With an Easy App to Use
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Also, if you run a business with free WiFi, WiFi Finder offers a new customer acquisition method that your corporation can explore. The app lets you register your free WiFi, and anyone with WiFi Finder can find your business location and use the WiFi hassle-free.

The app first tests your internet speed for quality checks using Etrality's Speedcheck app. Once your WiFi is listed, you stand the chance of getting free publicity because your WiFi and business will appear when users search for free WiFi in the area.

WiFi Finder does the easy job of bringing you customers, and then you take the next step by inviting them in and retaining them to make the purchase or get the services that you offer. This brings in new income from those customers visit your business.

Cons: It's Not 100% Reliable

While the app's marketing might suggest otherwise, at times bugs and network glitches may cause available WiFi spots to disappear from the map. Even worse, you might be in an unfamiliar area and wouldn't know if all the available WiFi spots in that area are showing on the app.

Let's say you're stranded and need quick internet access, but the app isn't showing the closest Wifi spot. So you'll spend more time making your way to a farther WiFi location instead of going to a closer one that the app might not show you.

In my opinion, this reduces the app's reliability, especially if you are paying for the app's usage.

Free vs. Paid Subscriptions: Which Is Better?

With a three or 12 months subscription, the Offline Maps feature allows users to download regional maps they can use anytime and anywhere without internet coverage. On the other hand, the free version doesn't let you use the maps without an internet connection.

Find Free WiFi With an Easy App to Use
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In addition to offline maps, another paid feature on WiFi Finder is advert removal. The only way to rid yourself of ads is to purchase the Remove Ads feature for a one-time fee. If you appreciate these features, then the paid version is the better option.

You may want to consider the payment as a contribution or show of support for the continuous improvement and development of the app. Alternatively, envision it as just you paying to receive the premium service you deserve.

The Effortless Downloading Experience

You'll be stoked to find that you need less than 50MB of app size storage space to download the app, which makes for a quick and seamless download. For example, I could download and start using the app in less than a minute, making it perfect for cases of emergency.

The WiFi Finder app can be downloaded from the Apple App and Google Play Store. That said, I must tell you that both platforms do not currently have the same app versions. The Apple version is at version 2.1.3 and was last updated in 2019, while the Android version was last updated in 2020 with version 1.1.4.

Lastly, it's accessible to speakers of the following languages: English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Thai, and Turkish. Please note that a translation app will translate the text if you're unfamiliar with any of these languages.

Find Free WiFi With an Easy App to Use
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WiFi Finder by Etrality is a mobile app for Apple and Android devices that shows you free WiFi available worldwide. It boasts a minimalist user interface with simple features such as worldwide offline and online maps and internet speed indicators.

While it has paid features, it's still a suitable companion whenever you go somewhere with slow internet or travel out of your familiar territory. Try WiFi Finder and download offline maps beforehand to locate the best WiFi spots while offline. It is one of the many great free app available to mobile users.