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Sometimes, life takes a toll on you and leaves you stranded in the middle of nowhere. With whirlwinds of emotions surrounding your head, it feels as if there is no end to the misery that keeps beating you up.


In this scenario, professional help is always available to help overcome such feelings of depression and emotional helplessness. Psychologists and therapists are God’s helpers in humans' guise; they help other humans get back on track. They provide mental support through therapies and analyze your thoughts in depth to understand what is bothering you and weighing you down. This brings us to the services of Dr. Steve G. Jones.

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Certification and Life Coaching


Dr. Steve G. Jones

steve g. jones
Dr. Steve G. Jones

Dr. Steve is a well-known Master Life Coach and a Clinical Hypnotherapist; he is a member of the American Board of Hypnotherapy, National Guild of Hypnotists, and is also the American Alliance president of Hypnotists. He is a former member of the board of directors of the Los Angeles chapter of the American Lung Association. He travels around the globe, attends sessions and conferences held on life coaching, and gives his views.

Dr. Steve G. Jones conducts a Life Coaching program where the participants would receive a certificate of Life Coach after completing all the Life Coaching Program sessions. 

Dr. Steve G. Jones has written more than 20 books on hypnotherapy. He entertains clients, basically patients of diverse dilemmas related to psychology, including anxiety, phobias, anger, nail-biting, general wellness, weight loss, and many more. His life coaching also whirls around people with problems related to speaking skills, exams, and giving presentations.


He has also mastered the methods to enhance a salesperson's expertise, which results in subsequent enlargement of sales. 

He has worked with many people, including Hollywood stars. His intellectual powers have made him a very successful life coach. His life coaching revolves around encouraging the patient to live their life and extract the best results out of their life. His techniques involve scientific knowledge, making it easier for him to resolve whatever case he is dealing with. His treatments can transform a patient’s life.

Throughout his journey, he has held numerous courses for success and various sessions on Facebook, Steve Jones Facebook. In his course, he has provided insight on how he found an interest in coaching, his commitment towards it and gave an introductory preview of life coaching: what it is and how it benefits us, what is its value, how to be a coach, how to communicate with clients, how life coaching is not like any other therapies, how it can be effectively used in business, etc.

His life-coaching program is a huge hit, where he teaches various essential life lessons. Below are some of the studies Steve G. Jones included in his Life Coaching program to help one reach the stairs of success.  

What is Life Coaching

life coaching

Life coaching is a form of therapy. It has become widely popular despite being widely misconstrued. Some think of it as a modern therapy method, while others perceive it as straightforward advice from a costly professional. The truth is very different from what it is seen as. This profession is significantly dissimilar from other therapy forms, such as mentoring, consulting, counseling, therapy, and advice. The process highlights particular personal projects, general conditions, and transformations in a person’s life, business victories, etc. 

Ingredients of Life Coaching

Life coaching has a crucial ingredient, which is confidence. People who have low self-esteem and lack self-confidence usually look for a life coach to guide them back on track. His primary focus is to teach, empower and improve. These three ingredients help a person broaden their mindset and start believing in themselves, achieving a goal and regain their self-worth, which plummeted down for some reason. 

The last ingredient is an essential one, which helps a person improve and reach their goals. He encourages his clients to review their situation and see it from a different angle to find solutions to their problems and methods to improve their current situation.

Steve G. Jones Life Coaching Lessons

Here are some of Steve G Jones's Life Coaching Lessons.

  • Small Business Coaching and Entrepreneurship
  • Career and Development Coaching and Planning
  • Perfect Candidate
  • How To Set Goals
  • Communication Strategies
1. Small Business Coaching and Entrepreneurship 

He explains how a business should run and what new entrepreneurs should focus on and keep in mind while running their business to make it successful and earn maximum profit. 

2. Career and Development Coaching and Planning

Taking a career to the next level versus taking those who work to reach high levels for themselves are two contrasting things. He teaches how a life coach can help them achieve their profession's heights and what strategies they should use to reach the desired level of success in their work. 

3. Perfect Candidate 

For running a company or business, selecting an ideal candidate can be a difficult task. One should know what traits to look for in a candidate when picking one to coach them to excel. 

4. How to Set Goals

People usually make goals that are either difficult to achieve are not realistic, or the objectives that help achieve said goals are not suitable, hence failing to achieve their goal. 

5. Communication Strategies 

Every client is different. How one perceives information from a client would determine their success in helping the client. Because of this, the coach should have the ability to communicate with each client differently. 

Life Coaching Benefits by Steve G. Jones

It helps boost mental power and gives a person the ability to find solutions to problems in their mind and not to be dependent on anyone else but themselves. The client’s concentration is improved, and he can focus more on achieving their goals. Client’s come to understand what objectives they should pay more attention to reach their goals. When stuck in a strenuous situation, people sometimes panic or end up making impulsive decisions. This therapy teaches how to calm oneself down before making any decision in haste. 

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