MyScript Calculator App - Learn How to Download

Some students may find it difficult to self-study, even with notes and other resources. In my case, I was having a hard time reviewing and finishing homework for my mathematics class. It is because I always seek confirmation that my computation and solving process are correct.

I know that it's not possible to seek guidance from my teachers all the time, especially when working on my math assignments at home. I have to rely on my notes and understanding to check whether I did well on the worksheets. 


This was before I discovered the MyScript Calculator app. The MyScript Calculator checks my solutions and answers for various math problems. Learn more about the features of the MyScript Calculator app below.

  • The App that Makes Math Fun and Easy
  • An Interactive Piece of Paper
  • MyScript Calculator's Benefits and Features
  • MyScript Calculator in Math Classrooms
MyScript Calculator App - Learn How to Download
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The App that Makes Math Fun and Easy

While it is ideal to have a study buddy for subjects I find difficult, the MyScript Calculator mobile app has helped me through all my worksheets for quite some time now. The app has been a great companion for my academic studies. 

MyScript Calculator App - Learn How to Download
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The MyScript Calculator app has impressive features that can help anyone with mathematics problems they encounter. The MyScript Calculator app provides both the answer and the solution to a math problem. Because of this, I was able to check which part of the solution process I got lost.


MyScript Calculator is highly intuitive and interactive, which makes daily math fun and easy. The team's mission is to provide an app that can help solve math problems and one where kids and students can enjoy learning. 

Since its launch in February 2019, the MyScript Calculator app has helped over 100,000 users. At present, the team behind the app ensures to provide more quality service to the users by constantly updating the features and its supported mathematics operators.

Getting the MyScript Calculator App

As mentioned, the app targets students who need help with their math problems by allowing users to solve them instantly. 


Although the MyScript Calculator app is not free to download, the one-time purchase price is still student-friendly. I was able to buy the app for $0.99. 

With that amount, users can enjoy the app in an unlimited capacity. MyScript Calculator can be downloaded on both Google Play Store and iOS App Store. Upon installation, users may opt to create a profile or simply proceed using the features of MyScript Calculator.

An Interactive Piece of Paper

When I discovered MyScript Calculator, it immediately piqued my interest because of its excellent usability. It was my first time encountering a digital calculator that lets me type the equations complete with numbers and symbols. 

MyScript Calculator App - Learn How to Download
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MyScript Calculator turns our devices into interactive pieces of paper. Yes, think of your phone as your notebook or solution pad because we can directly write the equation on our phones. The app recognizes human handwriting, and that is why the app can produce the answer and solution.

The MyScript Calculator app is based on MyScript Interactive Ink, famous for being the next step for digital ink. With the integration of digital ink technology, the MyScript company could produce a highly interactive calculator app. 

The current version of MyScript Calculator is a successor of the award-winning first handwriting calculator. No more struggling to find the math symbols on a phone's keyboard or calculator app. For students, the familiarity of solving math problems on our devices like a notebook helps a lot.

Writing Math Problems on Our Phones

When writing the math problems in the MyScript Calculator app, we can use numbers, mathematical symbols, and operators as the app recognizes all of them. Moreover, it will provide the answers in an instant once it has read what we have written.

Our fingers serve as pens or pencils as we write calculations intuitively and naturally on the app. Also, MyScript Calculator made it easy for us to erase the writing by using scratch-out gestures. It truly feels like I am just writing and erasing on my solution pad on the app.

The app offers another way to write math problems with the drag-and-drop feature wherein numbers can be moved from and to the canvas, the memory bar, or an external app. Lastly, it also allows us to paste problems, equations, or numbers to the canvas from other apps.

MyScript Calculator's Benefits and Features

The MyScript Calculator app is proud of its features as it provides enormous benefits to its users. Aside from giving the solution and answer to the various math problems, the app offers more to make our learning experience fruitful. The first one is sharing the results with an external app. 

MyScript Calculator App - Learn How to Download
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Since the app recognizes that students may need the results or answers for another app, it allows us to export the result and provide an avenue to share it to other external apps such as messaging apps. Further, I can copy the result to my clipboard to paste it on the worksheet or document file.

Some people might wonder how the app is an ideal solution pad, given that our devices are relatively small. This is not a problem for the app as it recognizes multi-line equations. It means that we can continue the same calculation on the following line or write calculations on multiple lines.

Another thing I liked about the app is that I can retrieve my past calculations to reuse or save through the History tab. The Memory feature allows us to save the results of our calculations to the app's memory, which we can retrieve whenever we need them or for future reference.

Supported Operators on MyScript Calculator

Every student has different levels of math understanding. The MyScript Calculator app ensures that it has all the needed operators of the various math levels of its users so that more people can benefit from the app's features. 

The supported operators on the app include the basic operations: addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Also, the app can solve problems involving fractions, powers, roots, exponentials, and other miscellaneous operations like percentage, absolute value, and factorial.

For complex math problems, the app offers solutions to problems in trigonometry, inverse trigonometry, and logarithms. Constants like pi (?) and phi (?ͤ) are also present on the app. There is also an option to display ]results using decimals, fractions, or mixed numbers, depending on my needs.

MyScript Calculator in Math Classrooms

Given the range of the math operations that MyScript Calculator can do, the scope of its uses also expands. I have encountered other people across ages and grade levels who utilize the app for their academics since it can perform basic to moderately complex math problems.

MyScript Calculator App - Learn How to Download
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The app is not limited to individual use only like the typical study companion when doing math homework and worksheets at home. I have seen some teachers who use the MyScript Calculator app in their respective mathematics classrooms as a tool for learning.

They use the app during classroom discussion and also during the enrichment part of the class. The teachers' goal is not to teach the kids how to solve the problem using the app only but to introduce the use of technology in their classrooms. 

It is mainly used for the self-assessment part during classroom math study, meaning that students can only use the app once they have tried to solve the problems on their own first. By checking their solution using MyScript Calculator students can see where they need to improve.

Some Things to Keep in Mind when Using MyScript Calculator

They say all good things have bad sides, and it is also applicable to this reliable calculator app. Here are some things that users need to keep in mind when using the MyScript Calculator based on my experiences. 

There are times that the app does not recognize my handwriting and does not follow what I wanted to be written on the canvas, so I have to reload the app constantly. Also, the erase gesture sometimes does not work, or the app erases the wrong part of the canvas. But, this is a rare case.  

One of the most common issues I found is that I need to have clear handwriting so that the app will recognize the complete equation. It has a hard time remembering some numbers and symbols like the figures of nine, division, brackets, etc. So writing them clearly and legibly is key.


The MyScript Calculator app is a great companion in studying mathematics as it has features that automatically provide answers and solutions to various math problems. Also, it transformed our phones into a digital solution pad as we can directly write the equation on the app with its Interactive Ink technology. 

Improve your understanding of mathematics at all levels by using the study aid MyScript Calculator app.