Sweep Cleaner App - Make a Phone Faster Than Ever

As someone who uses numerous mobile apps, I sometimes experience issues with my phone’s performance. The apps tend to crash, or my phone sometimes lags.

Later on, I discovered that some apps and their caches caused these issues. I began to look for an app to help me resolve these issues when I discovered Sweep Cleaner, a popular third-party application manager.


Sweep Cleaner allows me to clear unnecessary data from my phone's storage space to optimize and improve it’s performance. Learn more about the app and its other features below.

  • Discover the Sweep Cleaner App
  • Optimize Phone’s Memory and Performance
  • Clear Junk and Unnecessary Data
  • Cool Down the Phone’s CPU
  • Browse Safely Through Secure Browser
  • Lock Other Apps for Privacy
Sweep Cleaner App - Make a Phone Faster Than Ever
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Discover the Sweep Cleaner App

Polina Dev released the Sweep Cleaner app in February 2021. The app has attracted over 5 million downloads because of its features and perks.

Sweep Cleaner App - Make a Phone Faster Than Ever
Image Source: Google Play Store

Sweep Cleaner describes itself as the “new modern cleaner for Android phones” as it provides a quick and easy solution to remove unnecessary APK files and other junk files.


The app also closes third-party programs with just one click. Aside from removing unnecessary files, it identifies apps that consume a lot of battery and storage space.

The app will close these apps to cool down the CPU and speed up the performance of my phone.

Downloading the Sweep Cleaner App

The Sweep Cleaner app is only available for Android users. I downloaded the app for free from the Google Play Store. There are, however, in-app purchases for premium items on the app, but most of the features can be used with no charge.


When I downloaded the app, it asked me to agree to its privacy policy and Terms and Conditions. The app explained that it needed to access my phone’s data, especially the installed applications.

Sweep Cleaner only stores data locally to provide me with tips on space optimization and improved phone functionality.

Optimize Phone’s Memory and Performance

Sweep Cleaner offers convenience and user-friendliness. The app’s user interface is simple and organized, wherein I can see and use all its functions and features on one page.

Sweep Cleaner App - Make a Phone Faster Than Ever
Image Source: Android Central

The app automatically provides a chart showing my phone’s memory or storage status. It tells me what feature I should use. For example, a lower memory percentage requires me to optimize my phone.

Sweep Cleaner has an optimization feature. After clicking the Optimize button, the app analyzes my phone and its applications. Then, it lists all the applications that can be put on standby because they consume so much memory and battery.

I can choose the apps I do not want to be on standby by unchecking them on the list. Once done, I had to click the Optimize button again. It will only take a few seconds to finish the optimization process.

Customizing the Notification Settings

There are several notification settings on the app to provide me a heads up on the things happening on my phone.

There are three categories of notifications - System Notifications, Resource Monitor, and Interactive Notifications. The System Notifications include device efficiency, battery charger, application security, and device surety.

Meanwhile, the Resource Monitor shows the performance, device battery status, process, and file system. The Interactive Notifications include the warnings that are dynamic alerts and the battery status.

Clear Junk and Unnecessary Data

Sweep Cleaner also offers the Clear feature, which I usually use to clear unnecessary data. Before I enjoyed this feature, the app asked me to grant permission to access my file system by clicking the Provide button.

Sweep Cleaner App - Make a Phone Faster Than Ever
Image Source: Google Play Store

Upon tapping the Clear icon, Sweep Cleaner scans the file storage, which usually takes a minute or two depending on the number of files on the local file storage. The app looks for unnecessary data like extra cache, advertising files, and log files.

After scanning, Sweep Cleaner provides a report on the amount of storage space that will be released or cleared. In addition, it shows the breakdown of the storage space to be freed from unnecessary data.

I can see which among the three occupies the most space on my phone’s storage with this information. Finally, I clicked the Clear button again to release this unnecessary data. In just a few seconds, the app cleared the unnecessary data.

Speeding Up the Phone

Another feature is speeding up the phone by putting some applications on standby, especially apps that are running in the background consuming battery and RAM. I can check out these apps on the Speed Up feature.

Sweep Cleaner lists these apps running in the background. I can uncheck any apps that I do not want running on standby.

Then, I just need to tap on the Speed up button. The app reports the number of successfully removed applications from the background.

Cool Down the Phone’s CPU

One thing that I like the most about the app is its Cool feature. My phone's CPU sometimes heats up whenever I use apps for an extended period of time.

Sweep Cleaner App - Make a Phone Faster Than Ever

I use the Cool feature often because I'm concerned that the heat might also affect the other hardware of my phone. The Sweep Cleaner app automatically analyzes my phone to identify the apps that cause the CPU to heat up.

Among the other features of Sweep Cleaner, Cool requires more time to analyze the device when being used. Then, it lists all the apps that contribute to the heating up of my phone’s CPU. Then I click the Cool button, which will close apps to cool down the CPU.

Although I do not feel the effect immediately, it will be apparent that the heat is dying down after a few moments.

Accessing the App on the Home Screen and Notification Bar

Sweep Cleaner provides two ways to easily access its features without opening the app itself.

First, I can add several widgets of the app’s features to my phone’s home screen. With just one tap, the app will automatically run the features on my phone.

The second one is through the notification bar, with the Clear, Optimization, Game Booster, Speed Up, and Spam Blocker features as icons.

Browse Safely Through Secure Browser

Sweep Cleaner is more than a third-party application manager. It also offers a Secure Browser feature. The app allows me to surf the internet through a secure browser.

Sweep Cleaner App - Make a Phone Faster Than Ever

Secure Browser looks like any other in-phone browser or browser apps. I can enter any URL or search query on Secure Browser to explore the internet. There are also icons of the popular sites on the Secure Browser home page, such as Google, Youtube, or Facebook.

Moreover, I can add shortcuts to the sites that I usually use. It is also possible for me to bookmark sites and web pages for easier access in the future. All the shorts and bookmarks are organized through icons on the home page of Secure Browser.

I was excited to use the Secure Browser on Sweep Cleaner because of its security and privacy. There are no pop-up ads on Secure Browser. Also, the app does not save sign-in information as it automatically clears the session data.

Learning About the Other Features

Aside from the features on the home page of Sweep Cleaner, there are other features found on the Tiles icon tab. Some of these features are directly connected to other applications like Whatsapp Cleaner.

The other features are Spam Blocker, Duplicated Files, Similar Photos, Empty Folders, Big Files, Applications Manager, Apps Diary, Confidential Permissions, and Game Boosters.

Lock Other Apps for Privacy

Another security feature on the app is the Locker. To enjoy the added application protection, I had to grant Sweep Cleaner the permission to show on top of all windows and access application usage statistics.

Sweep Cleaner App - Make a Phone Faster Than Ever
Image Source: Krispitech

Then, I had to set a pattern that would serve as the lock for the apps. If I forget my pattern, the app will unlock the apps through security questions. Thus, I also had to set the security questions.

There are five options for the security questions, including the name of my first pet, the city I was born in, my childhood nickname, the names of my cousins, and the name of the first school I went to.

After setting up my security questions, the app asked me to select the application to install protection. Whenever someone tries to open the chosen app, it is necessary to provide the set pattern or answer the security question.

Subscribing to the Premium Version

Intrusive ads on the app affect my overall user experience using the Sweep Cleaner app. The ads usually appear after every feature used on the app, so I decided to avail its premium version.

This subscription costs $4.99, paid for as an in-app purchase through my Google Play Store account. Sweep Cleaner automatically renews the subscription, so users must cancel the subscription at least 24 hours before the end of the current period.

Sweep Cleaner gives a seven-day grace period to renew the subscription. During this grace period, the user will not lose the premium privileges and can renew at any time. Lastly, users can manage and cancel their premium subscription through the Google Play Store.


Sweep Cleaner is a modern Android phone cleaner that you can try for free if you are experiencing phone performance and storage issues.

It optimizes the storage by clearing unnecessary data, and it helps to cool down the CPU by removing apps running in the background that consume battery and space.