Traits Of A Successful Entrepreneur: 6 Things To Keep in Mind

When you have the mindset of an entrepreneur, sacrificing your valuable time and money can be a daunting decision. You have heaps of ideas but not sure about where to start. You have to constantly make decisions. You keep failing but continue trying. You run out of resources but continue scavenging. Your loved ones will constantly tell you to find a real career path, but you're already extremely positive that you're not going to retire at the age of 65. You lose your motivation halfway through your journey, yet you search for motivational videos to help you exceed your limits.

Being an entrepreneur doesn't necessarily mean that you made it. People have different perspectives when it comes to being an entrepreneur. In my perspective, I believe an entrepreneur besides taking large risks for success is an individual that doesn't give up to achieve their dreams. Every person in this world has their own complication and struggle but what they do to achieve it all depends on them.


The reason why most millionaires are millionaires today is that they kept trying. They battled through their complications to find solutions to their problems. With the knowledge they have, they use their money to make more money!

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Utilize Your Resources


When you're at the early stages of entrepreneurship before discovering that pot of gold, your biggest challenge could most likely be resources. You could run out of funds for your ad campaign(s) for dropshipping or getting leads. You could be working a full-time job with not enough time invested in your project(s). You could be a student that's extremely studious with hardly any time for yourself. There are many factors and reasons that can prevent you or slow you down from achieving success.

Eventually, your trial and error won't be the only thing adding up but also your knowledge from learning. Part of being an entrepreneur when you're low on funds is learning how to utilize your resources. While some projects require spendings, there are many free guides and tutorials out there and that is the beauty of the internet. Your greatest advantage to success is your motivation, time, resources, and consistency.

Motivation and Inspiration


There will be times where you will struggle and be completely stuck. I did. Your life problems can divert your emotions in a different direction. There will be gloomy days where you lack motivation and not sure about what to do with your life. There will be days where you're hype and continue. For those lacking motivation, my suggestion is to read up case studies on your projects. You can read about their journey to success. You can search for motivational and inspirational videos. Many entrepreneurs came from a difficult life, yet they made it to where they are because of that spark of fire in them. You want to carry that spark from beginning to end.

There was a time in my life where I lack motivation. I would watch this video about Allen Wong, a person around my age. When I'm at my lowest point in life, this video about Allen Wong being able to afford a Lamborghini from being extremely poor inspired me to continue and keep going.

You have to find the spark of your motivation and inspiration and it will do you more good than bad to achieving success. You have to mark down your small goals into achieving the bigger ones. I also find writing down my daily results helps me to figure out why I'm getting those results. Your motivation will become your best friend for success.

Being Doubt

The beginning stages of being an entrepreneur can be indigestible. You constantly take in negative comments about this career path that you chose. It becomes a regular thing for you and it's up to you whether you adapt to that environment or not. You can take these comments as your motivation to prove everyone wrong or you can take these comments and doubt yourself.

In 2017, I made a nice income from digital marketing thinking that people would believe in me. I was wrong. I was still doubtful. I eventually learned to adapt to my environment and take every comment as motivation whether it is good or bad. I learned to be optimistic and confident about my future. I learned it the hard way.

The Loneliest Journey

You are choosing this path because you want a greater future but this journey can really get lonely and depressing. You're sacrificing a lot of your time to improve your projects every day of your life and constantly canceling plans with your friends. You are sitting in your room, at the coffee shop, or in your school library planning your next move on the road to success every day. You become the black sheep in your life because you are willing to sacrifice while others are living a normal life.

Don't overwork yourself. Sometimes, reward yourself and go out with friends because it can be a great impact on your health. Be consistent but balance things out.

The Sacrifice

Unless you truly enjoy entrepreneurship as a hobby or a sport, being an entrepreneur requires many sacrifices in your life. You sacrifice the time to go out, you sacrifice money for advertising spends, or you sacrifice your time with your family and loved ones. How you choose to balance your life is all up to you but understand that there's a lot more sacrifice involve at the beginning stages of being an entrepreneur. Sometimes it can lead to negative emotions which is why I highly recommend balancing your life out.

Entrepreneur Struggles Infographic

Mission Accomplished

You finally made it and achieve your goals. You gained tons of knowledge from your project(s). Now what? Your group of circles will change as you advance to different levels of wealth. You have the freedom (if you earned a livable income from your project) to enhance your projects or create new ones with a similar process that helped your original one succeed. When my old boss made his first million, his goal was to be innovative and create different streamlines of income. He wanted to hit $10 million next.

After you succeed on your first project, the bus of opportunities should be waiting for you to get in. Enjoy this long difficult journey and continue to your success. Your money is your experience points in a game. You will learn many valuable lessons from your journey as you level up as an entrepreneur. Remember: Success is the sum of small efforts and let your success make the noise.

Enjoy the ride!